Love in full bloom

Chapter 170: Do You Lack These Kind of Women?

If he'd like to let go her, she would be willing to.

She would leave with the kid quietly. She would rise the kid alone and she would not let him know
about the kid forever so she would not worry about that he would take the kid away.

She would lose the kid if she was going to leave after she gave the birth to the kid. Mo Mengshan
would hate the kid and treat him as a threat. She would try her best to kill the kid. Qinyu would not let
that happens.

Qinyu lowered her head and said in a low voice," I will leave right now if you want me to. I will not
hesitate. It will be not easy in the future. You must obey the family law no matter who you are. You can't
just divorce me unceremoniously. Therefore, unless you kill me, or I will stay here forever."

Qin Yichen's black cold eyes twinkled with a cold light," If you leave now, you can find another
husband, but you can't after you are getting old. Am I right?"

Qinyu pursed her lips and raised her eyes.

She was a totally bitch that filled her mind with finding the next husband in his mind. However, she did
not explain since the prejudice was already made for a long time. It would not help at all no matter how
she explained.

" Just let it be if you think so. It doesn't matter."

A sneer showed on Yichen's face," You are honest anyway. And you are more realistic. Such a
scheming bitch."

She shrugged her shoulders and a more biting sneer showed on her face," I'm always a honest person.
But I know that I'm not your kind. You prefer a woman who is better in acting, crying and gaining
sympathies. You prefer a green tea bitch."

His pretty brows frowned and the color between his brows turned scarlet. He raised his hand and
reached out a finger putting it on her face. His movement was a little evil and licentious," At least she is
attentive. She knows how to glad me."

She laughed, like she heard a funny joke," Do you lack these kinds of women?"

She words hit the point straightly.

The corner of Qin Yichen's lips trembled.

He did not lack of those.

All the women around him were the same, pretending and begging, playing dirty and scheming. They
did all those to glad him even a little.

If Mo Mengshan did not glad him that night, he would not even glance at her.

His finger moved downward," How about you?" He asked willfully.

She took a step back unconsciously," Even though I'm not sure what kinds of women you dated, I'm not
one of them. Because I'm the one you hate. You won't pick me."

" Indeed." He said coldly without hesitation. But it was undeniable that he lacked the kind like her!

It was afraid that she was the only one who dared to challenge him. She dared not to put him in her
concern. That stimulated the will of vanquishing of him and she was the woman who let him to know
the feeling of failure.

After a while of silence, she said again," Be quick if you want to divorce me. You will lose the chance if
you don't take it. And at that time, you will not divorce me easily. I will hold my position rigidly."

A mischievous smile showed on his face," Show me your capacity then."

The meaning of his words was obvious. She could only die in the battlefield and she had no route of

She got into the quilt," You still get the time to consider. Be quick if you want to divorce me or you will
lose the chance."

That was a kindly remind. She knew his character well, alternating, changing.

Even though he said that he would let her stay in the hell forever, maybe someday, he would kick her
from the hell.

Therefore, variate was always there.

Qin Yichen glanced at her and his eyes grew darker. It seemed that her eyes were dyed by the color of
night, unpredictable.


On the next day, Mo Qinyu cooked soup and went to visit the older Mrs. Qin.

" Grandma, you look better and better. I cooked bamboo fungus and squab soup for you today. I think
you can be recovered and back home if you have my soup for a few more times." She smiled gently
showing two cute fossettes on her face.

" I think so, too." The older Mrs. Qin laughed. After she had the soup, she said," I heard that you are
not in a good health recently. Let me feel your pulse to see if there is a derangement of Qi and blood."

Mo Qinyu waved her hand instantly," Grandma, I did the second check yesterday. It was a
misdiagnosing. I'm in a good health and capable to give the birth to a kid. I will bring you a grand
grandson next year."

She could nt let the older Mrs. Qin feel her pulse since the older Mrs. Qin was said that she was expert
in chinese traditional medicine. She might know that Qinyu was pregnant if she feels her pulse.

The older Mrs. Qin was relieved when she heard that," That's good."

When she had the soup, Qinyu asked carefully," Grandma, is Yichen still going to marry a girl from Mo
family if we divorce?"

The older Mrs. Qin sighed and meditated. She did not answer the question but patted Qinyu's hand,"
Qinyu, bear Yichen more time. He will figure out. Don't give him up like this."

Qinyu lowered her eyes. A shadow was made on her face by her eyelash.

The answer was yes since the older Mrs. Qin did not answer the question directly.

Qin Yichen could only marry a girl from Mo family. Mo Mengshan was going to be promoted if she

" Grandma, I will not divorce. I will not even though Yichen is going to divorce me."

Qinyu could not get any hope from Qin Yichen and he would not give her any. No matter how she tried,
she could only get hopeless.

From that time on, she lived for the kid. She would protect her position so the kid would be protected.
Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman could hurt the kid no more then.

The older Mrs. Qin did not understand what Qinyu said means. She just thought that Qinyu figured it
out, so she laughed," Great. I'm relieved by your words. Yichen cannot do you wrong since I'm here
backing you up."

In the evening, when Qinyu went back, she put the hands on her belly and looked feeling bad.

A Jun went to her and helped her keep standing," Young Mistress, what's going on? Are you having a

" I'm in a menstruation and bleed a lot today. Having a dysmenorrhea." Qinyu groaned and she used a
higher voice designedly. Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman could hear that easily.

Lights like supernovae was shining in their eyes. They were so excited in their minds that they were
nearly jumped up.

" Qinyu, are you in a menstruation?" Qin Yiman nearly rushed to the lobby.

" Yes, I am. I'm fine. Just having an endocrine dyscrasia." Qinyu said leisurely.

Mo Mengshan tried her best to hide her excitement since she did not want Qinyu to find the clue. She
just said," That nice since you don't have to worry anymore."

She did not have to worry, either. Finally, she was relieved.

Qinyu looked at her with her arrow liked sight. It seemed that it had pass through the cover of
Mengshan and reached her mind.

They were looking forward Qinyu to have a menstruation.