Love in full bloom

Chapter 168 Four Ways of Induced Abortion

Mo Qinyu ate a piece of fish and spoke slowly, “I went to see a doctor today. I want to announce
something to you.”

Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman, sitting opposite her, almost twitched at the same time.

Qin Yiman’s hand shook violently and knocked down the soup, but she did not react. She sat still and
let the soup flow to her skirt.

Mo Mengshan’s spoon fell to the ground, but she did not care to pick up. She asked quickly, “Sister,
what did you see?”

Mo Qinyu looked at them and sneered twice, “Sister, I said I went to see a doctor. How can you be so
scared like seeing a ghost? Are you afraid that I find some secret that can’t be told?”

Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman looked at each other and their hearts all clicked to their throats, “Sister,
what are you talking about? How can we be nervous?”

“That’s it. Your eyes are dazzled.” Qin Yiman did not give her a good look.

Before the words came to an end, she heard the servant said, “Ma’am, the soup has spilled on your

Qin Yiman jumped from the seat and hurriedly ran out of the dining room. It seemed that Qin Yiman
was afraid if Mo Qinyu happen to tell the truth.

Mo Qinyu scoffed at the servant, “Miss Mo’s spoon has dropped. Change it for her.”

A muscle on Mo Mengshan’s face was beating uncontrollably and the palms were all sweaty.

“Sister, what did you see? Was it infertility?”

“Yes.” Mo Qinyu nodded and slowly drank the soup. She deliberately did not say it. She scared the
woman who were guilty of it.

Mo Mengshan was worried. If she knew about the pregnancy, all was over.

“Qinyu, what did the doctor say?”

Mo Qinyu continued to drink the soup as if she did not hear it. After she finished, she glanced at the
table, “I can’t eat many dishes today. I mean dishes like crabs, turtles, melon, and osmanthus soup.”

Mo Mengshan’s back was soaked by cold sweat. These dishes to cause induce abortion were
prepared by Qin Yiman were all pointed out by Mo Qinyu, she must have known the truth.

Mo Qinyu deliberately did not say it. Obviously, she wanted to torture them, to make them anxious and

She was revenging.

She could not panic nor rush. She needed to calm down.

These things were all done by Qin Yiman and had nothing to do with her. At that time, she would bite to
death and refuse to admit it. Mo Qinyu had no evidence. There was no way to take them down.

Qin Yiman changed her clothes and came down. She changed her position and sat next to Mrs. Qin. If
Qin Yichen would strangle her later, her mother would stop her.

Mo Qinyu turned her eyes to Aunt Mei, “Aunt Mei, if someone in this family is murdering the kids, will
he be whipped 24 times?”

“It’s one of the most serious crimes.” Aunt Mei replied, “30 lashes for murder kids and 48 lashes for
murder future heirs and then drive him out of the family.”

Although Qin Yiman was a little afraid, she tried to keep calm. The family rules were like this. However,
the rules were dead and people were lived. She believed that even if she did, her mother would find a
way to let her escape the crime.

“Mo Qinyu, what do you want to say?”

“I did not want to say anything, but I'm thinking, if one day I’m pregnant, how can I kill someone who
wants to murder my children!” said Mo Qinyu light in the front, but heavy at the end.

Qin Yiman never paid attention to her, but her performance today made her feel cold, “Who can you
kill? Don’t look up to yourself too much.”

“I can’t die. I’d like to say that if any woman dares to murder heir, I will throw her for the dog to eat.”
said Mo Qinyu with a smile.

This smile looked very dark to Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman, just like a little white rabbit who suddenly
had a poisonous teeth.

Qin Yichen glanced at the people beside him. His eyes were deep and sharp. He saw that today she
was a little unusual, different in a way or two.

However, what she said coincided with his idea.

“All his organs must be cut, woman.” his cold words made Mo Mengshan almost crazy.

Qin Yiman’s mouth was covered and her fine hair stood up, “Now, I’m eating. Can you not say that?
Isn’t it about seeing a doctor? It’s not a gynecologist, is it?”

“Yes, the doctor said it was misdiagnosed last time. I don’t have infertility. It’s just a little inflammation in
gynecology. It will be cured in a month.” Mo Qinyu said hurriedly.

Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman looked at each other. They were relieved secretly.

“Which doctor did you go to?” asked Qin Yiman.

“It was the doctor you introduced me before, Doctor Hu.” Mo Qinyu said lightly.

Qin Yiman and Mo Mengshan were at ease now. Fortunately, she was stupid. She was still looking for
Doctor Hu. Otherwise it would all be over.

“Sister, it's good that you don’t have infertility. You made me worry about you every day before.” Mo
Mengshan showed a gentle smile.

Mo Qinyu uncovered her politely, “Yes, Sister. You must worry about my pregnancy every day. So that,
you don’t have the chance to be superior.”

Mo Mengshan sniffed and tears came out, “Sister, how can you think of me like this? We are sisters,
with the blood of Mo family flowing on our bodies. I’m willing to give you my position. I don’t fight with
you, why are you targeting me all the time?”

“This position is mine, how did you pass it on to me exactly? What’s more, if you argue with me, it’s an
offence to me. How dare you argue with me?” Mo Qinyu gave a low hum.

She would not be polite to these two anymore.

People’s hearts were full of flesh, but their hearts were made of stone. They could even kill their own
nephew. They did not care about their kinship at all.

She would not give in. she would not be weak.

Mo Mengshan dropped her head and wept. She was sad and miserable, “Yichen, look, Qinyu always
doesn't like me. She always regards me as her enemy. She never believes me, what should I do?”

Qin Yichen hooked her lips and said with a smile, “That's easy, you can draw up an agreement for a
lawyer to notarize. If you give up being my legal in this life, she can rest assured.”

Mo Mengshan shook her severely. Were they testing her again? If she agreed, what if he did call a

She could not lift a stone and hit her foot.

“If my sister can accept my child as her own son, and let him not live as a illegitimate child all the time, I
will sign it.”

This was a very clear answer, because she knew that Mo Qinyu would never want that.

If she took him as her own son, her child would become her eldest son and would be the heir in the