Love in full bloom

Chapter 156 A Robber Was Acting Like a Cop

"Mengshan is pure and innocent as a piece of white paper.I've been strict with her from childhood,and I
am sure she hasn't even touched any other boy's hand.This child must be Yichen's and can't be
someone else's.I think there is no necessity to do paternity test."The elder aunt curled her lips.

"This is the rule of Qin family.Even Yichen's wife's baby has to be tested,not to mention that from other
people."Said Yichen's mother.

Mo Mengshan lowered her head,pulled her mother's sleeve and looked pitiful."Mom,I've given up the
position of Yichen's wife for a long time,and I don't want to compete with Qinyu.Now I just want to be a
concubine.Qinyu and I are sisters after all.If we fight like this,it will hurt our relationship.In fact,as long
as Yichen loves me and our baby,it doesn't matter what my status is."

"But I am afraid that Mo Qinyu doesn't think so.Has she ever thought that you are her sister?Has she
ever thought about giving your place back to you?"The elder aunt took her daughter's hand and
said,"You are so kind that you will be bullied.Mo Qinyu has been jealous of you since she was a
child.She wants to fight with you for everything.You always humour her,which makes her become more
and more arrogant no longer respect you.You can't do that anymore."

Mo Qinyu was speechless,"Why are you two always acting?Is it necessary?When the parent-child
identification comes out,Qin family will naturally give Mo Mengshan an account.Before the parent-child
identification,it's useless for you to act."

Mo Mengshan wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes,"Qinyu,I just want to make my identity
steady so that you can be at ease and you don't always want to fight for it.Everyone can live in peace."

Mo Qinyu felt that she was listening to the biggest cold joke of this century.Was she playing the trick of
a thief crying,"Stop thief!"

"Mo Mengshan,it's you,not me,who are always fighting."

"You see.You say that again.You are sure in your heart that I will fight with you and want to take my
place back.Can't you rest assured that I just want you to feel at ease?"

Mo Mengshan looked so aggrieved.After that,she walked to Qin Yichen and leaned her head on his
arm,as if seeking comfort.

There was no expression on Qin Yichen's face,as if he was wearing a mask and didn't say a word,but
he gave her a quiet look,"Do you really want to be a concubine?"

"Yes."Mo Mengshan nodded.

"Well,I promise you."Qin Yichen said in a low voice.

A little starlight came into her eyes.

"That's great.I succeeded.Qin Yichen agrees."Mo Mengshan thought.She knew that as long as she
worked hard and didn't give up,she would achieve her goal.

"I love you!Yichen!"She jumped into his arms excitedly.

Mo Qinyu's heart seemed to be hit hard and hurt.

Without a doubt,Mo Mengshan was a beloved woman.For her sake,Qin Yichen could go against family

"This has to come after the paternity test."Mrs.Qin reminded.

"It doesn't matter.If there's something wrong with the result of the paternity test,she will just jump down
from the rooftop of century building as she said!"Qin Yichen's dark eyes flashed a very sinister cold

Mo Mengshan shivered and sweated on her back.She tried her best to keep calm,pretending to be
calmer and calmer."Well,if it is not your baby,I'll kill myself."

Qin Yichen smiled slightly and said,"Tomorrow,I'll give you a contract."With that,he went straight

Mo Mengshan and her mother looked at each other,and both of them showed a smile that was not easy
to detect.

This was just the first step.The second step was to drive away Mo Qinyu and took the position of young

Mo Qinyu thought that she should be calm.No matter whether he had the contract or not,Mo Mengshan
would always stay by Qin Yichen's side and would not leave.After all,they had had children.

But she still felt like being stabbed by something,which made her so sad.

She didn't know why she was upset.Since all had been settle and she had no right to change
them,Why did she have to think so much?

Getting back in the room,she curled up on the sofa,took a nap,emptied her mind and drove all the
troubles out."

Qin Yichen came in,"You are very so brave today."

"So what?I'm still defeated.I'm just a puppet.You and she are true love.I'll always be the loser."She said
so as if she had a piece of lemon in her mouth and the extreme acerbity spread from the tip of her
tongue to the viscera.

Qin Yichen held the tip of her chin,glanced across her face,with the attitude and eyes of judgment,"Are
you jealous?"

"I dare not and I will not.This is not what a puppet should do."She shook off his hand,grabbed the pillow
and covered her head like an ostrich trying to hide.

But Qin Yichen refused to let her escape.He pulled out the pillow and threw it meters away.

"Are you familiar with the family rules?"

"All is remembered in my brain."She turned her head away from him.

"Article 56!"He ordered,in a very domineering tone.

She thought for a moment and said in a low voice,"If a family member needs to take a concubine,the
wife can hold a family meeting and put forward a veto..."

"It is good that you remember."He went to the desk,got a glass of whiskey and added some ice,gently

Mo Qinyu looked at him with bewilderment.

What was the meaning of this?

Why let her recite this one?

Did it mean that he want her to have a family meeting?

She thought,and immediately rejected.

It seemed impossible.He obviously wanted to let Mo Mengshan be a member of Qin family.How could
he do so?

"I'll sleep for a while,and you can help yourself."With that she closed her eyes.

Qin Yichen's face was a little gloomy.He took a big gulp of wine,put the glass on the table and walked

In the following time,Mo Mengshan was so happy and celebrating her victory.

She believed that in the future,she would have more victories.She wanted Mo Qinyu to retreat one step
after another.In the end,Mo Qinyu would have to yield to her.

Mo Qinyu tried to stop thinking about it.It was not under her control.She was just a puppet.Everything
could only be decided by Qin Yichen.

She had no right to refuse but to obey.

After supper,she went for a walk in the garden,went back to bath at eight o'clock and then went to

Recently her appetite became much better,but she was so often sleepy that she even wanted to sleep
in most of time of every day.

When Qin Yichen came in,his face was full of dissatisfation.When he saw the woman on the floor,his
eyes immediately caught fire.

Sleeping again?

Was this woman a pig?

This evening,she had eated three bowls of rice.Her appetite seemed surprisingly good.

And now she slept like a pig.

There seemed no abnormal state.

Not at all.

His teeth were clenched,then he reached out and pinched her face.

He wanted to see if she really slept or pretended to sleep.

She was pinched and hurt.She then rubbed her face in her sleep,turned over and stopped moving.

Obviously,she really fell asleep.

Damn woman,damn pig!

Since she could both eat and sleep,her body must have been recovered.So she should not keep on

He opened her quilt and said rudely,"Get up,Pig Queen,don't sleep!"