Love in full bloom

Chapter 169 Take Away Her Child

Mo Qinyu smiled lightly: " I am a threat to you, because you want to be superior. You have to drive me
away. But you don't really threaten me. You don't even be a formal concubine. The child you have is
illegitimate. What kind of threat can you pose to me? "

Qin Yiman interposed, "after the paternity test, she can become a formal concubine."

"As long as I don't agree, she can't." Mo Qinyu shrugged. "I can decide."

They argued with each other aggressively.

Mrs. Qin, the mistress, has been very silent. She did not interfere.

She can see that Mo Qinyu was a little abnormal today. She has always been a little white rabbit, but
today she wanted to fight back. There must be a reason.

She just said that the doctor was misdiagnosed. It was estimated that this matter was related to Qin
Yiman who told the doctor to lie that Mo Qinyu had infertility.

Today, when she went back to see the doctor, she may have found out the truth, so she was very

Just let her vent for a while, lest she tell Qin Yuhan and Qin Yiman get scolded again.

"Yiman, no matter what your relationship with Mo Mengshan is, you can't participate in this matter any
more. It's a family matter of Yichen. Don't involved in this."

Qin Yiman pouted. She was not for Mo Mengshan, but for herself. "Mom, I have treated Mo Mengshan
as my sister, and her business is my business."

She did not finish, and Qin Yichen looked at her coldly, "if you still make troubles, it is not three whips."

She shuddered, and unconsciously she leaned on Mrs. Qin, as if seeking protection.

Mrs. Qin sighed.

She was worried about her daughter, because her son won't be merciful if she annoyed him.

His character was not like her, like Qin Yuhan, but more ruthless than Qin Yuhan.

Since childhood, Qin Yuhan has sent him abroad to keep him away from her.

He did it on purpose. She indirectly caused Sima Yuer to miscarry, and he took her son to revenge her.

He succeeded. His son was not closed to her at all, nor Yiman.

The reason why she doted on Qin Yiman was that she has been her only spiritual support for so many

"You two are siblings. You can't be enemies. If something happened, you should bear more with each

"It depends on whether she knows or not. The meddler is always the fastest to die." Qin Yichen snorted

"I will guide her slowly."Mrs. Qin said.

After dinner, Mo Qinyu went back to the room, poured a glass of juice and sat on the sofa to drink.

At the thought of a small life in her stomach, she felt warmth in her heart, as if someone who was dying
of thirst without water in the desert has got a clear spring.

She thought her marriage was endless darkness, only despair and coldness. Now it came in like a ray
of sunshine, giving her hope, light and color.

Qin Yichen sat beside her. "Little hedgehog, did the doctor say anything else when you went to the
hospital today? Did Qin Yiman have something to do with your last misdiagnosis?”

His intuition was sharp and his eyes are sharp. The little hedgehog must have something to hide from

"Nothing. I don't want to pursue any more. Anyway, I don't have infertility."

Her voice was very low, but it was clear that this was a disguised proof of Qin Yiman.

Qin Yichen's face was covered with a fierce air, "jumping up and down, like a cockroach."

"Last time you taught her a lesson. She's been more restrained recently. There's nothing else but some

She smiled lightly and raised her hand to cover her belly.

She didn't know if Qin Yichen would like her child. She hoped he didn’t hate it.

However, he would prefer to like the child of Mo Mengshan. After all, Mo Mengshan was the woman he

Qin Yichen looked at her, with a sneer on his face. "You don't have any children in your stomach. What
do you feel?"

"I'm caressing, promoting digestion." She spitted out her tongue and answered wittily.

Qin Yichen's beautiful face came close to her and almost on her. The hot breath beat was on her face
as if it was an indirect kiss. "Do you want to have a baby for me?"

She subconsciously moved back. "If I want, will you let me have?"

He knocked her on the head, and his expression became domineering and dictatorial. "It's your duty.
Yous should start making next month, so as not to be infertile again one day!"

She choked and swallowed her saliva fiercely. She wanted to say something but stopped again. After a
while, she mumbled, "who do you like more about my baby and Mo Mengshan's?"

"There is no comparability." He said it lightly, coldly and the words was very simple and direct.

She felt as if she had been kicked into the ice hole. She was cold from top to bottom, from inside to

She knew it would be.

How can the child of a puppet who was not to be liked could compare with the child of a beloved

However, it didn't matter that he didn't like it. It was good for her child to have her care and love.

She thinking, his voice came again: "you don't think that you will not be a puppet if you have child in the
future. The child is not yours, it's mine. If you don't perform well, I'll take it away at any time. "

This was a very frightening threat, which made her shiver with fear.

She understood. In his eyes, she was just a tool for him to have children, and he could take her
children away at any time. She had no right to bring up her children.

"If so, it's better not to have a baby."

"It's not up to you." He glanced at her contemptuously, like she was a canary in a cage.

If he wanted, she had to give, both the body and the child.

She had no freedom, no choice, and everything was within his permission.

"No matter what you do, my child can't call other women mother, especially Mo Mengshan."

"It depends on you." His thin lips curved up the treacherous cold arc.

Mo Qinyu almost subconsciously protected her stomach, hoping that the child would stay in her
stomach longer and be born later. Her stomach was the safest, and no one can take it away.

As soon as he was born, the great devil would come and take it.

"You... Will you do the same to Mo Mengshan? "

He raised the tip of her chin and stroked her face with his fingers. "It's your treat."

So only she was a tool for giving birth, not Mo Mengshan.

Mo Mengshan was a woman he liked. She can be given all the privileges and amnesties, but she even
didn’t have no right to raise her own children!

"You like Mo Mengshan so much. Will you drive me away one day and let her become your wife?”

"Do you wish?" He asked in reply.