Love in full bloom

Chapter 167 Reevaluation

Auntie’s pancakes!

The big pancake with blueberry sauce was specially prepared for her.

It was the pancake that caused Jane to have miscarriage.

The reason why the police did not find out the problem was because only that piece had problems.

She stood up from her chair. As long as one thing was verified, everything else was verified.

She asked the director to leave and went to the hospital for a blood test.

“You’re pregnant, almost two months.” said the doctor.

“Thank you.” Mo Qinyu picked up the test sheet and raised her hand to touch her belly.

Tears fell from her eyes.

It turned out that God did not take her away from being a mother.

It turned out that a little life had come into her body quietly.

In less than two months, she had survived countless deaths.

If Jane didn't like blueberry jam, she would have eaten it. At that time, she would have miscarried.

Her child was very strong. She would protect the child.

Those two women were related to him by blood. However, they did not care about their family
relationship and constantly trying to kill him.

She would not make them feel better. They had to pay for everything they did.

No one could hurt her children.

It was better to be a mother. A mother could do best to protect her children.

From the consulting room, she went upstairs, where there were expert clinic, in which the doctor had
seen her before.

When the doctor saw her, a muscle on her face twitched violently, “Mrs. Qin, it’s you.”

“It seems that you still remember me. I just went to have an examination. Have a look.” she put the list
of tests in front of her.

There was a cold sweat on the doctor’s forehead, “Last time... the last time you just got pregnant, it
was not checked out.” he explained.

“You did not check it out? Then how did Qin Yiman know? She stewed safflower carthamus soup for
me every day!” Mo Qinyu gave a low hum.

The doctor knew that he could not hide it. He sighed, “I don’t want to do it. Miss Qin threatened me. I
had no other choice.”

“Then, aren’t you afraid of me? I’m Mrs. Qin. My child is Qin’s grandson. If something happens to him,
you will done!"

Mo Qinyu slammed the table and the doctor shook all over, “I know. I have given you pills to prevent
miscarriages. The didroxyprogresterone tablet you take is an imported medicine with good effect.”

She knew that was the truth. The doctor checked for her just now also said that the pills were for
prevent miscarriages.

In her silence, the doctor’s voice changed again, “Your HCG and progesterone values are very high,
indicating that the child is normal. You don’t need to worry.”

She pursed her lips and a little cunning smile flashed from the bottom of her eyes, “You’re going to do
something for me.”

Back to Qin’s house, she heard that Qin Yichen came back. In the study, she went to knock the door.

Qin Yichen leaned on the chair and the cold smile appeared in his face, “So hurried to find me? Are
you too happy to be a slave yesterday and would like to continue to serve today?”

“I went to the hospital for an examination today and I want to talk about it with you.” she rubbed her
belly and said in a very low voice.

He sat up and seemed to be attracted, “What does the doctor say?”

“She said that my cold womb was much better and that I did not have to worry about pregnancy.”

Qin Yichen’s beautiful thin lips set off a charming smile, “I knew you were a rough and fleshy girl and
there would be no problem.”

“No, the doctor said that I have some gynecological inflammation, which needs to be treated for a
month, but—” she stopped on purpose.

“Say it.” he ordered, showing a bit of impatience, the most annoying way to talk.

She blinked and said cautiously, “During the treatment, we can’t have sex. Otherwise, the condition will
get worse.”

He gave a strange look, “You can go out.”

It was not a problem for him. If that place could not be used then there were other places.

Mo Qinyu went out and breathed in her heart.

Doctors said that the first three months of pregnancy were the most dangerous. The children were
prone to miscarriage.

She did not know what would happen if she exposed that Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman wanted to drug

Mo Mengshan was pregnant, this was her talisman. Qin Yichen might be able to protect her.

And Qin Yiman, if she was driven out according to the family rules, Mrs. Qin would beg for her and
finally leave her in Qin Family.

The most important thing was that Qin family needed to do parent-child identification. Doctors said it
was better to wait three months to do it. The accuracy was relatively high.

Without parent-children identification, the child could not be identified as the offspring of the Qin family,
nor could Qin Yiman be convicted.

Mrs. Qin might take advantage of this vacancy. She had a strong mentality of protecting her child and
would be desperate to protect her daughter.

As long as the two remained at home, her children would not be safe.

Things would happen again.

She wanted to pass the three month danger period first, then she could do parent-child identification
and then found Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman to settle accounts.

When she entered the room, she took out the medicine prescribed by the doctor, which was traditional
Chinese medicine. When she came, she took the box apart and tore the label on it, so that others

would not know what medicine she was taking.

After taking both kind of pills, she went downstairs.

Today’s dinner menu was crab. Qin Yiman heard that she had a better appetite and began to start her
tricks again.

He ordered the kitchen to do the four treasures of abortion.

Before returning, Mo Qinyu had read all the taboos of pregnancy on internet to avoid being tricked

She decided to eat what Mo Mengshan ate.

Qin Yiman took one of the biggest crab to give it to her, “I know that you like eating crabs best. You
should enjoy one at least, I asked the cook to make it for you specially. ”

“Thank you. But, I can’t eat crabs now. It will make my ill more serious.” Mo Qinyu smiled and put the
crab back on the plate.

“Do you despise on me?” Qin Yiman was annoyed. It was so difficult to let the woman eat what she

“My body was more important.” Mo Qinyu took a sip chicken soup, the sharp light was hidden in her

“You can’t give birth no matter how well you are. I don’t think you can give birth your whole life.”

Qin Yichen threw the spoon on the plate and the crisp sound came from the dining table, which
frightened her. She almost jumped up from the chair, “I’m just kidding.”

"Shut up your damn mouth.” Qin Yichen snorted. The sharp eyes turned to Qin Yiman.

“It's a truth anyway.” Qin Yiman murmured.