Love in full bloom

Chapter 166 Stay away from Mr. Demon

“Mr. Qin , can you stop?”

“Call me master!” he ordered her overbearlingly, he was her master, not only now but also for the rest
of life.

She took several deep breaths and called, “Master!”

“Good job.” He smiled coldly and pressed on her shoulder.

She just felt it was so hard and singing the national anthem in silence.

She wanted to bring down slave owners, evil forces and capitalists!

After an hour……

She thought she was free but it just started, “Virgin Mary, please take me to heaven when I die. Stay
away from hell, stay away from Qin Yichen who was like a devil!”


She pinched her face when she woke up the next day. She still alive, it was not easy to escape from
the death.

She made an appointment with Guo Lulu on that day, they ordered three dishes and one soup.

“Qinyu, what do you think of the thing about Jane?

“I don’t know and I don’t think there are such bad people in our department and everyone is nice, there
is no vicious competition.” Mo Qinyu said.

“A fair face may hide a foul heart.” Guo Lulu sighed.

Mo Qinyu had a sip of the fish soup and suddenly felt that the fishy smell was especially heavy, and
retched with her mouth covered.

Guo Lulu looked at her and said, “Qinyu, you’ve been retching lately, aren’t you pregnant?” she knew
that Mo Qinyu had boyfriend and was normally pregnant.

The simple words were like a sharp knife poked into Mo Qinyu’ s wound.

If only she were pregnant, but she was infertile and couldn’t get pregnant at all.

Retching was the side effect of taking medicine, the biggest side effect of that drug was the
gastrointestinal reaction.

"Don't be kidding. I'm taking my medicine to have my period.”

“Don’t you have it?” Guo Lulu asked.

"No, it's two weeks late. But still not coming and it’s almost done with my medicine. I don't know if it's
never coming", she lifted her hand to support her forehead.

She was going into menopause early in her twenties, was she?

Guo Lulu asked, “I think you met a quack.”

“I don’t think so.” She said casually because she never thought about it, the doctor of Qin Yiman would
must be an excellent doctor.

Guo Lulu meditated for a while, “Didn't you go to the hospital for a test?”

She nodded and the doctor didn’t ask her to do anything else, "I tested with a pregnancy test,

Guo Lulu shocked and said, “You are too careless, it’s not necessarily accurate, the test was negative
when my sister was pregnant, and then she went to the hospital to check the blood, only to find that
she was pregnant. You’d better stop your medicine and go to the hospital for a blood test.”

Hearing this, Mo Qinyu felt a twitching in her belly and a little worried.

Fortunately, it was because she still had the possibility of getting pregnant. And what she worried was
that she took so much medicine, if she was really pregnant, it maybe have an impact on the child.

She had been thinking about it when she returned the office.

What did Guo Lulu said gave her a glimmer of hope that she seemed to have seen the first light in the
early morning, as if she were the desperate person who struggled in the boundless darkness.

At that time, her mom called, “ Qinyu, your friend has helped to call a doctor from abroad and will begin
to examine Xiao Wu tomorrow.”

“That’s great, mom, if everything goes well, Xiao Wu can go abroad for surgery.” Mo Qinyu said

Mrs. Mo sighed, “let’s see if Xiao Wu can awake, but what I worry most is you, what the hell’s going
on? If I knew Mengshan and Yichen were together, I would not agree you marry him.”

“Mom, it’s ok, I can handle it, isn’t that what the son of rich family are like? There are many woman
around him and he will be with other woman even if there is no Mo Mengshan.” She smiled sadly.

“ Well, if only Cong were still here and you wouldn’t have stepped into the bad marriage.” Mrs. Mo was
worried and she didn’t expect to play up to people of power and influence, but hope that her daughter
would be happy in marriage.

Mo Qinyu didn’t want her mom to worry about her and said, “Mom, aunt gave me the pancakes you
brought me.”

"Pancakes? I didn't ask her to bring you pancakes. But I'll send it to you if you want to eat." When it
came to the eldest aunt, Mrs. Mo was angry.

"You didn't make blueberry jam, either?"

“No, why do I make it when you are not here?” Mrs. Mo said and asked, “what happened?”

“My aunt gave me a box of pancakes and said you made it.” Mo Qinyu said slowly.

“Qinyu, you’d better be aware of her, in case she made poison. She is insane now and she can do
anything for her daughter.” Mrs. Mo anxiously ordered.

“I didn’t eat.” She said slowly, what her mom said shocked her. All of a sudden, it seemed that
everything that didn’t work out could be figured out.

Qin Yiman stewed safflower chicken soup and prepared a table dishes that pregnant women couldn't
eat for her.