Love in full bloom

Chapter 165 You Are Also Very Lovely

Hearing this,Pang Xiaofan felt overjoyed.

"I knew that Yichen wouldn't hate me."

Mo Qinyu secretly glanced at Qin Yichen and thought that it was really more and more difficult to
understand this unemotional and scheming man.Just like the stars in the sky,he was a mystery.He was
even beyond the ability of human beings to explore.

Mo Mengshan's heart twisted.She felt uneasy,tangled and nervous.

There were too many rivals in love.

There were always people coming out to make trouble.

Although they are not qualified to be Qin Yichen's right wife,there would be more than enough to deal
with her if they cooperated with each other.

It was her fault that she hadn't signed the contract for a while.Otherwise,the position would have been
determined,and she wouldn't have to worry about these little b**ch.

"Miss Pang,of course we welcome you as a guest.But you are the guest,and Yiman is the host.At least
there should be some respect."

Pang Xiaofan glared at her fiercely,"Your sister is the madam of Qin family.You are the guest of the
family.Why didn't I see you respect your sister?All I have seen is that you hook up with her husband
and even get pregnant?"

Mo Mengshan's face was full of embarrassment.She tried to keep calm and said in her usual soft
voice,"I didn't do anything wrong,but I just love Yichen,and he was my fiance.But these are the past

things.My sister and I have a good relationship now.I will do my sister's duty,take care of her and love

Mo Qinyu murmured in her heart.She had fully recognized Mo Mengshan's hypocrisy.Ever since they
were child,Mo Mengshan had been skilled at having a lot of artful talk.She always lied to Mo Qinyu.So
at this moment,she would never believe her again.

"Elder sister,I dare not ask you to take care of me.I just ask you to let me go.Recently,Anyway we are
sisters.Don't always take advantages of me and try to frame me."

"It's very appropriate.When you are needed,she pleased you and wanted you to marry on your behalf
for her.When she regretted,she also tried to drive you away.She only treats you as a chess piece for
use,but doesn't treat you as a sister."Pang Xiaofan helped her to continue to say.

Mo Mengshan was downwind,which made her so angry and tearful.

She hoped Qin Yichen would stand by her side and protect her.As long as he said a word or take an
action,she could turn over in an instant and vanquish Mo Qinyu and Pang Xiaofan in a second.

Unfortunately,Qin Yichen did not say a single word.He just got a glass of wine and sat on the
sofa,looking at them,a gesture of watching a play.

.At this time there were four women,which must be a good play.He definitely wouldn't miss it.

If he got involved and broke the balance,it was no fun.

Seeing Qin Yichen's indifference,Mo Mengshan simply tried to take the initiative.

She was smart,and it was clear that there was no point in endless tug of war.

The man in front was the key to success.

"Yichen,I don't want to quarrel here.I just want to go back to my room and be quiet.Please accompany
me back."

Pang Xiaofan had a fire in her eyes.

She was just acting poorly and trying to take away her Qin Yichen.

"Don't you have a servant?Why should Yichen accompany you?He will accompany us."

Qin Yichen liked to stay out of the business,so it was no fun to be involved.

He spread out his hands,"I also want to be quiet.You can help yourself."Then he got up and went
upstairs alone.

Mo Mengshan was so depressed that her face that had always pretended to be calm at this moment
was full of anger.

Pang Xiaofan smiled proudly,"Mo Mengshan,how do I feel that you are going to fall out of favor?Yichen
must have found my good and no longer like you."

"How can it be,Miss Pang?You have too much imagination.In his heart,I will always be his favorite
woman and nobody else."Mo Mengshan said,stood up and walked out.

Qin Yiman left with her.

Mo Qinyu sighed.Nobody knew how many wars like this there would be.


In Jane's abortion case the police had not found the source of misoprostone,and there was no problem
with several items sent for inspection.

Although he was the president of the company,this kind of thing,for Qin Yichen,was a small thing that
didn't need to be concerned at all.

This day,he was only thinking about one thing.That was how to let Mo Qinyu serve him in the evening.

After supper,Mo Qinyu walked back from the garden.As soon as she pushed the door,she saw the
special things on the bed and was completely in disorder.

Qin Yichen had such a bad taste.

"Change clothes."He gave an order.

She really wanted to find a rope to hang in front of him.

This was a maid's dress.

She didn't want to change.She didn't have such an interest,but Qin Yichen's face was overbearing.She
had no right to resist.

She picked up her clothes and wanted to go into the bathroom to change them.He made a mockery of
it from the back,"No need.You just do it here."

She took a deep breath,turned around and put on the maid's clothes under his hot eyes.

This one was custom-made.It had been improved into a sling style.

The skirt was also very short.

She looked a bit playful in it,and all the wildness seemed to be tied up.

Qin Yichen stared at her for a moment.This suit suited her identity very well.

She was his maid,his slave and his property.

A gloomy cold light flashed through his eyes,"Come here."He hooked his fingers.

She walked by unwillingly.

He grabbed her by the wrist and yanked her into his arms.

Picking up the handcuffs next to her,Qin Yichen handcuffed her hands behind her.

"What are you doing?"She was so frightened that he even handcuffed her hands,"How can I serve you
like this?"