Love in full bloom

Chapter 164 Jane had a miscarriage.

"Maybe the baby will die. The first three months are the most dangerous. It's most likely that she will
have a miscarriage because she is bleeding." said an older colleague with regret.

Mo Qinyu hugged her arms. She was still in shock. Jane was crying on the stretcher, worried that the
child would hurt which made her feel so sad.

"Let's go to the hospital to see Jane at noon," she suggested.

Other colleagues agreed.

At noon, they drove to Jin City Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

In the ward, they saw Jane lying on her husband crying. Her husband sighing beside her.

Jane had a miscarriage.

"Jane, don't be too sad. Take care of your health. You will have another baby in the future." The older
colleague comforted her.

"Have a good rest. You will have your baby again." Said another colleague.

The doctor came in with the examination report.

"After our examination, she had a miscarriage due to a medicine. We found a large dose of
mifepristone in her blood," said the doctor.

"What is mifepristone?" Mo Qinyu asked.

"It's a medicine that performs a medical abortion," the doctor explained.

"It's an abortion pill, and pregnant women will have a miscarriage if they take it." Pang Xiaofan said.
She had studied and had been thinking about when to feed Mo Mengshan the pills.

Jane was stunned. "I haven't taken Mifepristone. Why would I take this medicine?"

"Maybe someone wanted to hurt you. And he secretly gave you abortion medicine in your food or
water." Pang Xiaofan said.

"Who is so vicious?" The colleague next to her was startled.

"Jane, what did you eat this morning?" Mo Qinyu asked.

Jane recalled carefully: "I ate the breakfast I bought at KFC and the pancake and milk tea you brought.
I drank a few glasses of water.”

Jane's husband dialed 110 to call the police. Since someone was poisoned, it was committed a crime.
He thought that it should be handed over to the police.

The matter quickly spread through the company.

Everyone talked in the company's WeChat group.

"It's terrible. The murderer is with us."

"How much he hates Jane?"

"It's not necessarily our company. It’s possible that he isn’t in our company. He can put the medicine in
milk tea so he can revenge on society."

"Yes, wasn't someone injecting rat poison in milk tea before. It killed several people. Now there are
more and more bad people."


Everyone was guessing. The company's WeChat group were very lively.

The police took the evidence, and the remaining piece of pancakes from Mo Qinyu was also taken
away by police.

Because the garbage was cleared by the cleaners at noon, some of the evidence could not be

Colleagues in the design department were called by policemen to ask questions. The people in the
same department would naturally be listed as key suspects.

At night, when Mo Qinyu returned, she was still shocked.

Mo Mengshan saw Mo Qinyu intact. She was so depressed.

"Qinyu, have you eaten the pancakes?" Mo Qinyu asked tentatively.

"I ate one, and another was taken away by the police." Mo Qinyu said calmly.

Mo Mengshan was a little surprised, "Police? What did the police take away your pancakes?"

Mo Qinyu was about to speak. When she saw Qin Yichen coming back, she quickly ran over, "The
person in our design department has been hurt by medicine, do you know?"

Qin Yichen was expressionless. Every day his assistant would report to him about the company. How
could he not know?

"The police will investigate."

"I always feel that some people are targeting Jane. Mifepristone is a miscarriage medicine. Only
pregnant women can be hurt. Others will not be hurt." Mo Qinyu thoughtfully analyzed.

"He dares to cause trouble in my company. He will die." There was a cold light flashed in his eyes.

"Catch this person and let him be in the prison until he dies." Mo Qinyu said angrily.

A horror flashed across Mo Mengshan's face, but it only maintained for a second. She quickly hid the
horror, leaving only calmness.

Mo Qinyu, the son of bitch, she was so lucky. She made such a meticulous plan. However, the baby of
Mo Qinyu was still alive.!

Fortunately, she was clever. She let her mother only put the medicine in the largest pancake, and there
was no medicine in other pancakes, so the police could not detect it.

Mo Mengshan patted her chest with a look of horror. "In fact, I am scared. I always worry that someone
hates me, and wants to hurt my child. Every night I have nightmares, dreaming that someone kicks my
belly and gives me medicine and torture me. I'm so worried that I can't give birth to the baby smoothly. "

This remark was attacked Mo Qinyu by insinuation. Who could hurt her in this family besides Mo

Mo Qinyu was a little annoyed, and deliberately said, "In fact, these days, I also have nightmares. I
always dream that I was framed. I dreamed that someone gets rough PS photos to frame me, and then
someone falls into the water and said it was me pushed her. In fact, I think we should live separately.
For the safety, we shouldn’t live together.” "

Mo Mengshan was a little angry. It was impossible for Mo Qinyu to move out because she was real wife
of Qin Yichen. The result was only her who needed to move out.

Qin Yichen touched his chin and thought for a while. "This is not a problem. In the future, you are not
allowed to go to the annex buliding. Mo Mengshan is not allowed to come to the main building. You are
all separated."

Mo Mengshan shook violently. She wouldn’t see Qin Yichen if she didn't come to the main building.
Over time, she must be abandoned.

"Yichen, you have misunderstood what I said. I said it was the past but I don't think so now. Qinyu is my
sister. I neither fight with her nor quarrel with her. I just want to be peace to stay with you. She would
never mind me again. "

"Ok." Qin Yichen said with a faint expression and a faint tone.

As soon as they had dinner, Pang Xiaofan came over.

When she saw Qin Yichen, she smiled sweetly, "Yichen Brother, I feel like I haven't seen you for a long
time. I miss you so much."

"Yichen doesn't want to see you. It's better for him not to see you in his rest life." Qin Yiman rolled her
eyes at Pang Xiaofan angrily.

Pang Xiaofan sighed deliberately. "Yiman Sister, in this case, I have the same fate as you."

Qin Yiman frowned, "What do you mean?"

"Ru Chen doesn't want to see you, either. He has become the same as before. Maybe he restored his
memory. In the past, he claimed that he would rather marry a Teddy than marry you in front of the
celebrity circle." Pang Xiaofan covered her mouth and laughed.

Mo Qinyu sighed in her heart. The friendship between women was so fragile. Before that, Qin Yiman
and Pang Xiaofan were best friends. They dealt with her together. Now, they turned against each other.

Qin Yiman was so angry. "Yichen, drive this woman away. She is annoying."

Qin Yichen glanced at the women quietly and slowly said a few words, "Actually Xiaofan is also very