Love in full bloom

Chapter 163: The Little Pekingese

The room in the annex building.

Mo Mengshan went to the bathroom to dress up and dressed herself as a pink bunny girl.

After coming out, she gathered up her cheeks and acted like a spoiled child to him.

"Yichen, I'm a little bunny, come to love me."

Qin Yichen gave her a slight glance, "This is your good thing?"

"I still have this." She took out the furry handcuffs, and the furry rabbit tail whip.

Qin Yichen took the handcuffs and looked at it. She was quite attentive and prepared so many props
to please him, she was smarter than that stupid woman.

"Yichen, come here, shackle me." She held out her hand.

Qin Yichen didn't refuse, he cuffed her hands, "You are very experienced."

She was shocked a little, lest he noticed the clue, and quickly said: "I just fear that I have no
experience and will not know anything. I can't please you like Qinyu. She is a woman with rich
experience. I can't compare with her. I learnt from an AV actress for a few days. "

Qin Yichen reached out with a big hand and touched her head. "You are a good student."

"Yichen, I will make you happy." She knelt at his feet, using her hands to loosen his belt.

When the image of a little pekingese appeared in his head, his deep cleanliness would start. working.
There was no way to react, let alone proceed.

This kind of cleanliness can only be suppressed by a strong sense of conquest, and only Mo Qinyu
can bring him a sense of conquest.

Psychological apathy was caused by many reasons, and Qin Yichen's internal psychological factors,
not external blows, but were intractable diseases and it's difficult to cure.

Mo Mengshan was speechless, "Yichen, it's okay, the child is very strong, and it won't cause problems
because of this little thing."

Qin Yichen rubbed the bunny ears on her head, "Go to bed early and be obedient."

When she heard this, she didn't dare to stick again. "After three months of danger, I will accompany
you well."

Qin Yichen nodded slightly and went out.

Looking at his back, she bit her lips depressed, how much she hoped to flirt with him.

However, after thinking about it, he didn't touch her to show that he cared about the child and didn't
want to hurt her, which was also a good thing.

Qin Yichen returned to the room, and Mo Qinyu was making a bed on the floor.

Looking at her, there was a picture in his mind suddenly. If this little hedgehog put on furry clothes and
put on handcuffs, it would be very interesting.

In fact, he had done this kind of thing once, but half way through, she couldn't stand the stimulus and
passed out.

He should be compensated!

Seeing him, she was like a mouse and quickly got into the quilt.

"I'm asleep, Lord Devil."

"Pig." He grinned.

She showed her head half and looked at him. "How comfortable the pig is. They only sleep and eat.
They don't have to worry about anything."

His dark black ice eyes flickered, revealing a little special meaning. "The pigs in the slaughterhouse
also think so?"

She spit out her tongue. The pigs in the slaughterhouse should envy the people. They didn't have to
be slaughtered to eat meat.

"I said wild boar, not domestic pig."

"So you are a wild boar?" Qin Yichen's mockery deepened.

"What are you talking about? Okay. I have to get up early to work tomorrow." She pulled the quilt and
covered her entire head.

Qin Yichen looked at her, she was covering her head every day and sleeping, and sooner or later she
would be suffocated.

The next day, Mo Qinyu went to the company and bought a cup of milk tea by the way.

She took a copy to Guo Lulu of the administrative department, and then returned to the design

"I bring the pancakes which were made by my mom, and I bought milk tea. I will treat you these

Colleagues came happily. Since she and Pang Xiaofan "reconciled", the relationship between
colleagues had been harmonious.

They didn't need to belong to camp.

Jane was a pregnant woman. She liked to eat blueberry sauce. "Qinyu, if you have blueberry sauce,
give me one."

Mo Qinyu had originally planned to leave the blueberry sauce for herself. She hadn't tasted the
blueberry sauce made by her mother.

But pregnant women would be the priority, and the baby in the belly was the most important.

"Here, the biggest one is blueberry sauce. My mother made blueberry sauce by herself." She smiled.

Ever since she knew she had infertility, she was particularly envious of pregnant women.

It's nice to be a mother.

A child was the treasure that God gave to the mother.

Did she destroy the galaxy in her last life, so she was punished by God and could not have children.

When she thought of it, she felt sad.

There were two pieces left in the box.

She had a piece of pineapple sauce.

After taking a bite, she felt something was wrong.

Hey, how did it taste different from mom? It's pretty much like that auntie cooked.

The craft of making crepes at home was passed on by her grandmother to her two daughters-in-law.

No matter how auntie cooked it, she couldn't make it more delicious than mom.

Her mother baked it smell good and crispy.

Auntie always cooked it softly.

She compressed her lips and didn't think too much, just ate it.

With the last one left, she decided to set it for afternoon tea.

At ten o'clock, there was a meeting to discuss the design of jewelry for the new quarter.

Mo Qinyu was responsible for the design of the wedding diamond ring.

Her eyes fell on her bare fingers unconsciously.

She married Qin Yichen, no wedding rings, no wedding photos, even the photos on the marriage
certificate were synthetic.

Because she's a puppet.

She was not eligible for the treatment as his wife.

As she was preparing the slide, Jane covered her belly and groaned in pain, "I'm not good."

The colleague sitting next to her screamed, "Jane, you're bleeding!"

The most taboo for pregnant women was bleeding, which was a sign of miscarriage.

Everyone helped Jane to lie down on the sofa and called the ambulance.

The doctor arrived soon and took Jane to the hospital.

A man from the administrative department called her husband.

"She's good in the morning, so why would she suddenly bleeding?" A colleague said.

"She bleeds a lot of blood. Will she have an abortion?" Pang Xiaofan said.