Love in full bloom

Chapter 162 Destroying Good Atmosphere

However,after she had waited for so long,she still did not hear the sound of crying and shouting,only
the sound of heavy breathing,and the sound of table creaking and shaking.

She could not help unscrewing the door lock,pushing the door very slightly,and looked in.

At one glance,she was like hit by a thunderbolt.She was really shocked and speechless.

She felt that she was about to spit blood and die.

Qin Yichen's so-called punishment was not to beat her up!

Her fingernails scratched on the wall,and the slight creak made the nerves all over the body

Her nerves were twisted together.She was so mad with jealousy and anger that she wanted to
shout,scream and even rush in and break them.

But she knew she couldn't.She was a very experienced woman.

Qin Yichen was uncertain.If she went in here,he might kick her out of the window.

Moreover,he had been annoyed by her in the morning,so she should be careful in the future,and
couldn't do anything that went against regulations any more.

Qin Yichen liked her gentleness,obedience and cleverness,so she should give full play to her

She closed the door quietly.It was so dazzling that she couldn't see any more.Otherwise,she would be
out of control.

In the library.

No matter how stubborn the hedgehog was,she could only give in at this time.

"Although your body is not clean,it is much better and more honest than your lying heart."

"It is good that you are satisfied."She turned her head away with shame and annoyance,and returned a
sentence,just like a disguised provocation.

His eyes became cold.

This unsophisticated woman is capable of destroying good atmosphere.Every time,his sense of
Conquest could not last long,and eventually it would become a sense of frustration.

This feeling was very annoying,he really wanted to rob her all the time,so that she had no time,energy
and thought to retort him.

"Far from satisfaction.Don't you know that you are stupid and foolish.How can I be satisfied?"

Her fist was still tightly clenched,hiding all her stubbornness and unruly in it,"I'm sorry to disappoint

"You should learn more from Mo Mengshan."His voice was soft and light,as if on purpose.

After wearing his clothes,Qin Yichen went out and didn't look at her any more,so as not to form the
thought to punish her again.

Mo Qinyu sat up and put on her clothes in silence.

He let her learn Mo Mengshan!

She would certainly disappoint him.

She couldn't learn from Mo Mengshan and didn't want to.

She had no ability to hook up with men.

Mo Mengshan must be as flexible as a snake on the bed.So had attractive enough breast and was
skilled in doing that with man on the bed.

Since Mo Qinyu was not as skilled as Mo Mengshan,she was willing to surrender.

In the evening,the elder aunt came again with two boxes of snacks.

"Qinyu,this is the pancake your mother asked me to bring.I forgot to give it to you yesterday.Peanut
flavor is for Mengshan,and jam is yours.Your mother knows you like jam,and she specializes in different
flavors.The biggest one in the middle is your favorite blueberry sauce.Your mother has learned to make
blueberry sauce.She makes the sauce herself.You must have a good taste. "

The elder aunt smiled very kindly today,which made Mo Qinyu's heart bristle.

She had never been kind to her.

"Thank you,aunt."She picked up the jam pancake.

The pancakes made by mon was the best in the world.

She hadn't eaten for a long time.She missed it so much.

Once upon a time,when mom was making snacks,she and Xiao Wu would stand at the kitchen
door,smelling the fragrance and staring at each other.

When pancakes was out of the pot,regardless of whether it was hot or not,they directly put it into

A Cong also liked to eat the pancakes made by her mother.

When she went to school,she would put a big box in her schoolbag and take it to him.

How beautiful and happy the teenagers lifes were!It was a pity that they could never go back.

When the elder aunt left,she saw Qin Yichen coming.She put the dessert in front of him."Do you want
to try one of my mom's snacks?"

"No interest."He was indifferent.He didn't like pancakes.

"My mother's pancakes are the best in the world,"She said

"Have you ever seen me eat pancakes?"Qin Yichen took a look at her.She must have no idea what he
liked or disliked.

"That's all."She closed the box,carefully placed it on the table and decided to bring it to the company to
eat with her colleagues tomorrow.

Mo Mengshan came in,holding a pancake box in her hand,"Yichen,do you want to eat pancakes?This
is peanut flavor.It's delicious."

She was intentional.She was sure that Qin Yichen would not eat Mo Qinyu's food,but he would eat

Qin Yichen's dark ice eyes flickered,then he nodded slightly,"Just a little."

Mo Mengshan immediately looked like a rose bathing in the sun,blooming beautifully and laughing.

She knew that Qin Yichen would eat it.She won.

She broke a bit and fed it into his mouth.They were very affectionate.

"Any more?"

"No more."

A hurt expression was showed on Mo Qinyu's face.

She looked out of the window,and felt a flash of lightning coming from the clear blue sky.It was just right
on her head and burned her hair.

Double standard!

What a serious double standard!

Just after saying that he would not eat pancakes,he ate them given by Mo Mengshan.

It seemed wrong that he didn't eat pancakes.He just didn't eat the pancakes given by her.

She picked up the snacks on the table,turned around,and walked upstairs.Her weak self-esteem was
hit greatly,and was crushed into cinders,which could not be put together again.

Entering the room,she had a little self mockery.

"Why are you sad?"

"Aren't you still used to it?"

She kept telling herself in her heart.

When had the tyrant eaten her food?When had he given her a good face?When had he been gentle
with her?



She was a dirty and vulgar puppet,unworthy of his pity.

The pure and elegant Mo Mengshan had the right to stand by his side.

Downstairs,Mo Mengshan was proud and happy.This was the pleasure coming after she gave a hard

"Do you want to go to my room?I have something good to show you."

She had prepared a lot of tools,

Tonight,she was determined to let Qin Yichen know that she was more enchanted and experienced
than Mo Qinyu when doing that.