Love in full bloom

Chapter 161 She Was Really Stubborn

It seemed that she had done something wrong again,which made Mr.Demon angry.

She quickly searched in her mind,but couldn't think of it.

She had been very well behaved recently.

It was probably her existence that made him uncomfortable.

If a person hated another person,even if she didn't do anything and just stood there,he would still be
upset,because her presence might pollute his air and his vision.

She pretended to keep reading,shielding her features.

Qin Yichen's face was more gloomy,which seemed a prelude to the coming storm.

Mo Mengshan was flattering him by his side.She wanted to show their love to Mo Qinyu to make her

She picked up a cherry from the fruit plate and handed it to Qin Yichen's mouth,"Yichen,eat this."

When Qin Yichen finished eating,she reached over and asked him to spit out the nucleus on her hand.

"That's lovely."Qin Yichen was very satisfied with her performance,"Only a woman who is considerate
and obedient like you can be liked."

"Yichen."Mo Mengshan was so happy and put her head on his shoulder.

He seemed to have forgotten the morning thing,and was not affected by that,which made Mo
Mengshan finally relieved.

Mo Qinyu tried hard to shield her hearing system.Every word of them was noise to her.

No listening,no listening.

But she couldn't read the book,and the lines of words on it seemed to be all transformed into
ants,crawling into her heart,biting her heart desperately in it and making her greatly uncomfortable.

However,in Qin Yichen's view,she was still very calm.

It seemed that she hadn't sensed what they were doing and only focused on her reading.

The corners of her mouth were tightened and her body also was tightened.

The more she ignored him,the more she aroused his desire.

He wanted to lift her up,press her on the table and do that with her on the spot!

Thinking about it,he said,"You can go out."

Mo Mengshan naturally thought that he was saying to Mo Qinyu,and she smiled happily,"Sister,you
should go."

This woman was really calm,sitting there motionless as a light bulb,to illuminate them and darken

Mo Qinyu also thought that Qin Yichen was talking about himself.They must be going to do that thing
next,so they did't want her to stay there.

Then she closed the book,stood up and walked to the door.Then she heard Qin Yichen's gloomy voice
saying,"Did I ask you to move?Go back there."

She stood still and dared not move any more as if she got an electric shock,"Who are you talking to?"

She was a little dizzy.There were two women here.How could she know who he was talking to if he
didn't say the name.

Qin Yichen turned his eyes to Mo Mengshan.

Mo Mengshan was like being hit by a mug stick.Tears came out immediately.How could it be her?The
one who should get out should be Mo Qinyu.

Qin Yichen stroked her head as if to comfort her "I will teach that hateful woman."

Every word he said was very light,but very clear,full of the ferocity.

Mo Qinyu was terrified,almost subconsciously retreated two steps and ran into the bookcase at the
back,"I I'm just reading.What's wrong?"

Qin Yichen's expression was more gloomy.Her biggest mistake was that she hadn't done anything!

Since she had seen him coming,how could she didn't come here to serve?She just sat there as if
nothing happened.She looked like a wooden woman.She was really stubborn!

Mo Mengshan was happy now.Seeing Mo Qinyu's pale face,she guessed that Qin Yichen's lesson
must be terrible.Maybe she would be beaten all over,crying and howling,just like Qin Yiman who had
been whipped last time.

"Since my sister has done something wrong,I dare not plead for her.I will not hinder you from punishing
her."She pretended to be sympathetic,but she was excited.

After she left,Qin Yichen closed the door so hard,which showed that he was in great anger at this

Mo Qinyu wanted to drill hard to the corner of the wall,and wanted to hide,but there was no hole in the
wall,so she couldn't hide.

Qin Yichen picked her up and threw her on the table.

"I didn't do anything wrong."She shivered,struggling to sit up,and he pushed her back.

He tore her shirt violently,and his eyes flickered wildly.

"I I haven't recovered yet. "Her cheeks were so white that even her lips lost their color.He plundered
every day.Maybe her body was hollowed out,so the kidney deficiency made her menstrual disorder.

Now it was not easy to get a little appetite.It was necessary to replenish energy.She couldn't do such
things any more.

Qin Yichen snorted,"Don't fool me.Since you can eat and sleep,it's all right."

"I haven't had menstruation.I guess I am still not well.Maybe it's kidney deficiency."She stammered.

"I'll make it up for you myself."He said coldly and evilly.

"Be light,and just once,will you?When I get well,I promise I can do whatever you want."She was not as
rigid as before like a dead fish that was motionless and silent.

She didn't want her infertility to be more and more serious.Or she really couldn't have children in the

Qin Yichen's dark eyes flickered,his thin lips slightly opened,and he spewed out a word coldly and
gently,"OK,but you have to beg me."

It was his compromise.

She clenched her lips and said nothing,as if struggling.

His breath was so hot that Mo Qinyu felt that she was going to be burned.

She was like a soldier who bent without fighting.

Her fist was clenched in secret,"Please."She said in a very low voice.

Surrender was to protect hersekf,not to really yield to him.

He frowned,dissatisfied,"I can't hear you."

"Please."She raised her voice.

His brow was slightly raised,showing the arrogant and domineering expression as if he was a real devil
disdaining the weak and humble creatures under him.

She took a deep breath and said in a clear voice,"Please,be light,just once.I am begging you."

"Very good."His charming thin lips moved.Although it was clear that she was not willing,but there was
still a trace of conquering pleasure in his heart.

He raised her chin and kissed her deeply

Outside the door,Mo Mengshan did not leave.She listened closely to the movements inside.

She wanted to hear Mo Qinyu being whipped,to hear her crying and howling,which was greatly
miserable and terrifying.

When she came out,her nose should be blue and her face swollen.The best thing was that the bastard
in her stomach was beaten and aborted directly.