Love in full bloom

Chapter 150: She Was Willing to Leave the Family Without Anything.

"Who said that?" He was slightly shocked.

"Someone in the friends circle said that." She stuck her tongue out.

"I have to teach Qin Yiman a good lesson for you." He shrugged, and gave a cunning smile to her.

She laughed, too. "She's a vinegar jar. I'm sure she'll have a big fight with you then."

He suddenly vanished his smile and became very serious. "I didn't intend to marry her. The reason why
I didn't break up i s that I was afraid that I couldn't go to Qin family at any time to protect you."

His words shocked her, "If she knew it, she would go mad."

"If I stay with some ladies all day along, sooner or later she will not be able to stand it and will
automatically propose to cancel the engagement." Ru Chen squinted his eyes, and a cold light passed
quietly from his eyes.

Mo Qinyu understood that he wanted to force Qin Yiman to withdraw the marriage, but she didn't think
he could achieve it. "According to Qin Yiman's character, she will not give up. Unless you get married,
she will rely on you till her dead."

"Don't worry, I'll dump her, she's just a stupid woman." Ru Chen's expression became extremely cold.
He hated Qin Yiman when he thought of her.

Mo Qinyu took a deep sigh. It was difficult for her to get rid of Qin Yichen.

Maybe before she could divorce, she had been shut up in a nunnery without anyone, and she would
live there in her whole life.

Fortunately, Xu Ruochen was willing to help her save Xiaowu. At least she had no worries.

In fact, she just wanted to live in peace in Qin family, but there was no way to meet this small demand.

With Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman, she would not live a peaceful life.

At this time, Qin Yichen sent a wechat massage to her. Maybe he had went back to Qin family now and
was annoyed to see that she was not at home.

She really wanted to pull him into blacklist, but when she thought of his sullen and terrifying face after
being provoked, her back felt cold, and she stopped thinking of it.

"I'm leaving. Qin Yichen urges me to go back."

"There's a party tonight. Will you come?" He said.

She shrugged her shoulders. She heard Qin Yiman mention it. She and Mo Mengshan seemed to
attend there.

She didn’t want to go. She had been to two parties and made fool show of herself twice, which had
become a big joke in the celebrity circle. She was afraid of parties.

Moreover, Qin Yichen would not take her with him. He might take Mo Mengshan with him.

She could only made him feel shame.

"I won’t go there. Qin Yichen won't want me to go."

"I will pick you up. Tonight, I'm going to officially announce to everyone that we are going to make
relationship as brother and sister. In the future, I can take care of you aboveboard. Qin Yichen and Qin
Yiman can't control it." He said solemnly and seriously.

She opened her eyes and looked at him. She was not a person who could accept other people's help
casually and reasonably, because she could not pay off all the things, and she would probably owe for

a lifetime.

She didn't want to die with a heavy debt of affection.

The reason why she would accept Xu Ruochen's help was that he was different. He was the first man
in her life.

Although he was similar to Shi Cong, he was not him after all. She must be clear and not always

"A Chen, you don't need to be so nice to me, because I don't have the ability to be so nice to you."

Ru Chen's deep eyes flickered, "It's not that I want to treat you well, it's that A Cong let me take care of
you. If he didn't give me the sense, how could I dream about the past of you? "

There was a sad smile on the corner of her mouth. "A Cong has gone. How could he give you the
sense? The reason why you dream about those things is because you have been there."

Ru Chen seemed to think of something. He took out a pen and a piece of paper from his bag. "Wait a
minute, I'll draw something to you."

His pen rustled on the white paper, and in a moment, he finished a picture.

The picture showed a yard with a big tree in the center.

"These days, I always dream about this place. Do you know it?"

She glanced at it, and her whole body shocked with violent convulsion. "It's the yard of A Cong's family.
Our family also used to live here, and we were neighbors. This tree is loquat tree. When loquat was
mature, a Cong and I would pick loquat there. I'm short and I couldn't pick it. A Cong always helped me
pick it. He always left the sweetest and the biggest for me to eat... "

She choked, and tears fell down again, "How could you dream about his yard?"

"I said, I have his soul in me. If I have been to the banian tree in South Lake, how about A Cong’s
family? Would I run to his family? " He took her hand. "Qinyu, A Cong sensed you, so he entrusted a
dream to me. He let me to take care of you. You're his favorite person, and he doesn't want you to be
hurt. "

His tone was so sincere and persistent that her whole heart was shaken and she could not help crying.

Apart from A Cong, she would never fall in love with others. A Cong was dead, so was her love.

"Qinyu." He gently hugged her into his arms. "A Cong didn't leave you, he's still by your side. I'll do
everything he wants me to do for him. Don't refuse me, OK?"

"A Cong…”

There were innumerable grievances, innumerable pains and innumerable sorrows in her heart, which
almost crushed her to death.

His words, like a warm spring of life into her body, let her have hope and strength again.

If A Cong was still there, if his soul was really integrated with Ru Chen, then she had the courage to
continue to live.

At Qin family.

Qin Yichen was pacing back and forth in the yard furiously.

As soon as he came out of the elevator, he didn't see the stupid woman.

She dared to run away alone, and did not go home, so bold this woman now.

When Mo Qinyu came in, his face was covered with dark clouds, and there seemed to be a strong
momentum of storm to come.

His patience was so intense that if she came in a minute late, he would have rushed out like a tornado
and found her all over the street.

"Where have you been?" He squeezed a few words out of his teeth.

"I'm in a bad mood and was hanging outside." She said lightly and went straight upstairs.

"In the future, as long as I am here, you are not allowed to leave without permission." His domineering,
ruthless, dictatorial voice came from behind.

She did not respond, just appeared a sad smile, and walked quickly. In his eyes, she was a puppet that
could be manipulated at will.

But he forgot that puppets were also human beings and had dignity.

When she entered the room, Qin Yichen came with her.

Her indifference made him extremely dissatisfied.

He grabbed her arm roughly, pulled her body over, and resisted her on the wall. "Are you ignoring me
on purpose?"

She pursed her lips and looked at him with a wistful look, as if ice had frozen all the hope in her heart.

"Qin Yichen, you said before that if I want to divorce, I should leave the family without anything, right?”