Love in full bloom

Chapter 160 How to Win in Love

"Sister, there must be some misunderstandings between us. I have done something for you. You know
Qin's family rules. As a wife, I can apply for a family meeting to reject our husband's proposal to let you
in. But I didn't. I agree with him to accept you. Last night, he flew into a rage with me, accusing me of
not holding a family meeting and rejecting the proposal. He forbidded me to sleep last night and
punished me by copying this rule a thousand times. Yesterday, he just said it casually. Without paternity
test, he would violate the family rules and would not be able to explain to his elders. The paternity test
of Qin's family is very strict. It should be done in his own hospital and other two other authoritative
hospitals. No one can try to take loopholes and make little tricks. "

Mo Qinyu observed her when she said. She was deliberately frightening Mo Mengshan. She wanted to
see if her baby was Qin Yichen's.

Mo Mengshan frightened and her hands were shaking.

Worried about being found by Mo Qinyu, she quickly hid her hand in her pocket and pretended to be
immersed in a book to hide her slightly flustered expression.

"I'm not worried at all. Unlike you who had other boyfriends, I had only Yichen. Baby is certainly his."

"Also, you swore, if the child is not his, you would fell from the roof, a corpse, two lives. He has always
done what he said. If the baby is not his, auntie would have to bury your dead.“ Mo Qinyu’s words
aroused waves in her heart and made her frightened.

She had indeed known Qin Yichen heartless, even his elder sister Qin Yiman was also tied up by him
to enforce the law.

Even if he forced her to jump, outsiders would think that she was pregnant with bastards, and
committed suicide.

She tried her best to keep calm. Mo Qinyu must be testing her, so she couldn’t give the show away.

She was about to speak when she glanced at the wall out of the corner of her eyes and saw the
shadow of Qin Yichen.

She quickly raised her voice and said, "I have been kept my integrity since I was young. I never closed
to any boys or played with them. I want to leave my cleanest, purest and best self to Yichen. I'm not like
you. You and Shi Cong were always together. Kiss, hug and... You did all what the lovers did before."

This was specifically for Qin Yichen, she spit out every word clearly to let him hear clearly that Mo
Qinyu was not pure.

This matter was indeed a thorn in Qin Yichen’s heart. Once he thought it, it would arouse his anger
inside. He hated Mo Qinyu’s dirty body.

He not only had serious cleanliness, but also had a strong possessive desire. If he wanted a woman,
he wanted her everything. Her body, her heart and her soul must belong to him completely.

However, none of Mo Qinyu belonged to him, the body was used by others, the heart was filled with
others, and the soul had long been dedicated. What was given to him was only an empty shell, was he
a recycling bin?

Mo Qinyu did not know Qin Yichen’s occurrence at all and smiled at Mo Mengshan. "You used to be
integrity and pure, but when you found that Qin Yichen was ugly, you didn't. You cried at home every
day and said you wanted to find another rich. It is really uncertain whether you have found another one
after you disappeared for so many days. "

Mo Mengshan twitched slightly, lest Qin Yichen doubt her pure. She immediately said: "Don't talk
nonsense. During that time, I have been hiding in the Jen Hotel, and never contacting any men."

Jen hotel.

Hearing this name, Mo Qinyu's heart shivered. Xu Ruochen raped her there...

She bit her lower lip and hurriedly withdrew her thoughts.

This was her secret and she couldn't say it in any cases.

"Didn't you go abroad?"

"I went there for a few days to create an illusion, and then I sneaked back." Mo Mengshan pretended to
be extremely calm. She must dispel his doubts to let him believe her and that the child was his.

Mo Qinyu shrugged her shoulders, "it doesn't matter, even if there is, you won't admit it, after all, it is a
matter of death for you and your children. Whether it is Yichen’s baby will naturally be decided when
paternity tests are conducted. "

Mo Mengshan grinned, pulling her mouth wide, pretending to be calm and not worried, "A woman must
know who is her child's father. I have long known that Qin’s family must do paternity testing, how dare I
cheat them? I have a clear conscience and a magnanimous heart. So I dare to go to Qin Yichen and
dare to swear."

Mo Qinyu did not speak again, and her doubts were gradually dispelled.

Mo Mengshan would’t have the courage to do such absurd things.

Qin Yichen must make love with her before. If they didn't, there wouldn’t be a child at all.

Qin Yichen was indeed scheming. She thought Qin Yichen was really indifferent when he treated Mo
Mengshan like that before. But she never expected that they had slept together secretly.

It was miserable to marry to this kind of man. A woman with a big belly would come to you one day,
and it was not expected that a bastard will come to you one day.

Qin Yichen coughed and came in.

Pretending to be amazed, Mo Mengshan stood up and greeted him. "Yichen, do you want to read here

"Emmm…" Qin Yichen shrugged his shoulders. He was actually looking for Mo Qinyu and was going to
punish her, but he was not in the mood now.

He took a faint glance at Mo Qinyu, her eyes fell back to the book, completely ignoring his existence,
so he was inexplicably agitated.

This woman was a dark cloud in the clear sky, and a mouse excrement in porridge, she could always
bring him negative energy and bad mood.

Mo Mengshan took his arm and sat down on the sofa together. "Yichen, let's read together."

Qin Yichen poured a cup of coffee and asked casually, "What are you looking at?"

Mo Mengshan smiled shyly and showed him the cover of the book.

"How to Win in Love." He nodded slightly, caressed her head, "I like this kind of woman with ambition,
like you. Those negative and useless fools can only be eliminated. "

As he said, he glanced darkly at Mo Qinyu.

Mo Qinyu felt vaguely that he was talking about her. He often commented her like this. She
subconsciously turned to look at him, facing his sharp eyes like a knife. She turned back her head in
horror, and her heart filled with fear and trembling.