Love in full bloom

Chapter 159 She Was Deceived

When Mo Qinyu went to the garden,she met Qin Yichen.

"Copying is finished?"He slightly raised his thick eyebrows.

"It's all finished,Mr.Demon."Mo Qinyu spat out her tongue,indignation on her face.She hadn't done
anything wrong,but she had to copy the useless family rule.It was an unexpected calamities.

"If you do something wrong that violates any family rule in the future,copy it."Qin Yichen's dark eyes
flashed a threatening cold light in the sun.

She couldn't help but shiver.Her back felt slightly cold.The demon was so terrible that she could not live
a good day with him.

"I haven't congratulated Mr.Demon yet.I'm happy that you got a concubine.Congratulations.I wish you a
long life together."She closed her hands and made three bows in a row.

Qin Yichen flicked her forehead without any politeness,"I'm not dead yet,so I don't need to be bowed to
three times."

"I am blessing you."She gave a smile.

"You will hardly keep my position.How can you still laugh."Qin Yichen's disliked her heartless
expression most.

She shrugged her shoulders,and a sad smile came from the corner of her mouth,"I never had any
position.I am just a puppet.There is no point in having any position."

"It depends on you whether you are a fish on the chopping block waiting to be killed or the kitchen knife
that can kill fish."He gave a low snort.

She shook her head."I want to be neither a knife or a fish.I just want to live in peace,OK?"

"It's up to you to fight for a good day."Qin Yichen said slowly and leisurely,in an implicit and meaningful

Her damned,obnoxious and negative attitude made her easy to be eliminated.

Mo Qinyu was very confused.She could not understand his expression or his meaning.

It seemed impossible that he would expect a puppet to fight for something that didn't belong to her.All
she could get from him was disgust.No matter what she did,it wouldn't change.So why did she have to
waste time and find herself more trouble.

"Qin Yichen,do you like to see women fighting for you?"

"I hate useless things because they always let me clean up the mess."His eyes were cold and
gloomy.What he wanted was to conquer the stubborn little hedgehog.

It was purely a challenge,not because he would have some special feelings for her.

If there was any feeling for her,that was disgust!

In Mo Qinyu's view,because he didn't like her,everything she did was wrong.

Back in the house,she wanted to see if Mo Mengshan had moved back to the third floor,but she didn't
see the servant cleaning the room.

She still lived in the auxiliary building,and lived in the upper and lower floors with Qin Yiman.

Qin Yiman didn't move back to the main building.It was safe to hide here.Her father wouldn't know that
she didn't work at all.

Mo Qinyu was confused a little and ran to ask Aunt Mei secretly.

"Isn't today when Mo Mengshan will be officially admitted?Why hasn't she move back?"

"No,she didn't sign the contract,"Aunt Mei said with a shrug and understatement.Specifically,she didn't
know.In short,all she knew was that Mo Mengshan hadn't signed the contract.

Mo Qinyu was shocked.No wonder she was so quiet and didn't move the room.

What the hell was Mo Mengshan doing?She really couldn't understand this woman.

When she was immersed in her thoughts,Aunt Mei's voice came again,"I knew she couldn't sign."

"Why?"Mo Qinyu raised eyebrows.

Aunt Mei smiled and said,"Young Madam,do you really think that the young master will violate the
family rules to invite Miss Mo in?"

Actually this was really what Mo Qinyu had thought,so she asked with curiosity,"Why not?"

Qin Yichen loved Mo Mengshan.Naturally,he should be willing to make an exception for her.

"If young madam doesn't see the paternity test,he won't be do so."Aunt Mei left with a smile.The men of
Qin family were all powerful.No woman could control them with a child.

Mo Qinyu's eyes showed a dazzling color.

All of a sudden,she thought of Qin Yichen's outrage and punishment on her for copying the family rules.

"OMG,he really expected me to hold a family meeting and put forward a veto?"Mo Qinyu thought.

But she was still "stubborn",so he could only solve it by himself.


she took a deep breath.

Qin Yichen was so scheming that he deceived Mo Mengshan.No wonder she saw Mo Mengshan's
gloomy face in the morning.Mo Mengshan might think it was Mo Qinyu who was plotting.

She was really treated unjustly.

As Mo Qinyu had thought,how could a man as calm,insidious and cunning as Qin Yichen allow Mo
Mengshan to play tricks on him?

He was the real boss.No one could be presumptuous in front of him,even his true love.

She faintly felt that Qin Yichen was not 100% sure that Mo Mengshan's child was his own.

His nature was suspicious and uncertain.Since Mo Mengshan was not a woman who was watched
over under his eyes 24 hours a day,he would not believe her completely.

This time Mo Mengshan was probably hit deeply.She had played so many plays and even called the
elder aunt,but she still fell into Qin Yichen's trap.

He had such a high IQ and if someone wanted to play tricks with him,that guy would have no chance of

Coming downstairs,she went to the library of Qin family,but Mo Mengshan also had come to read.

She was reading an inspirational article "HOW TO WIN IN LOVE".

Mo Qinyu was surprised that there were still such books in the library of Qin family.

In fact,these books were all bought by Qin Yiman.Not only this one,but also "DEFEATING THE RIVAL
IN LOVE" and "How to Achieve Success in Contending for Love With a Surprising Move"...

"You've got Yichen's love.Don't study it any more."Mo Qinyu said in a jest.

"Yes,I love him very much,so does him.We fell in love at first sight.I hope my sister can make it."Mo
Mengshan secretly gave her a white look and deliberately stimulated her.

Although just now Mo Mengshan failed to pass the test of Qin Yichen,he still was willing to give her
another chance just because he cared about her,so she swore that she could not show a little
disappointment in front of the b**ch.

Besides,she was educated by aristocrats,and Mo Qinyu was a wild girl raised in captivity,so she
couldn't be more popular than her.

Mo Qinyu drank a glass of juice and said slowly,"How do you want me to make it?"

Mo Mengshan put down her book and looked up at her sister,"Sister,I don't want to attack you,but
Yichen told me that each time he sees you,he will think of African refugees who need donations.He
wants a wife who is dignified,decent and elegant,and has common topics with each other,not a rude
and shameful girl.He likes playing the piano,but you can't.He likes playing golf,but you can't.He likes
horsemanship,but you still can't.Just think about it.If two people don't have the same topics and
hobbies,how can they get along harmoniously?"

Every word was striking Mo Qinyu and she was indeed hit.

In Qin Yichen's eyes,she was a guy who disgraced him everywhere.What she did was always
challenging his tolerance.

As a matter of fact,Mo Mengshan was more elegant than her and better than her to please him.

She admitted that she couldn't compare with her.Mo Mengshan and Qin Yichen had common topics
and hobbies,and they were true love.And she,Mo Qinyu,was the intervener and obstacle of their love.

However,she was still his wife after all,and she should uphold her wife's dignity.

Since it had been the truth that she lost in the aspect of love,she couldn't be a loser in that of imposing