Love in full bloom

Chapter 158: Be Trapped

Mo Mengshan compressed her lips, and it was time to celebrate, to celebrate her calmness and wit,
she wasn't jumping into the trap that Mo Qinyu had dug in advance.

"Yiman, why don't you tell me that, according to your family rules, I am not qualified to promote my
position in the future, and I have to be a mistress all my life."

Qin Yiman stunned for a moment, "Which one is this?"

"It seems to be Article 57." She recalled for a moment and said.

Qin Yiman hurriedly checked the family rules and said after returning, "Article 57 says that if the wife
is vacant, he can choose one from a virtuous mistress, or choose another person."

A thunderbolt slashed from the sky, right in the middle of her celestial cover, and screamed in her

What exactly was going on? Why was it happening like that!

Was Qin Yichen testing her? Wanted to test if she told the truth?

My god, she was not calm at all, and she was thinking that she was clever enough, she had not
passed his test!

What should she do?

Her brain was working desperately, she must find a reasonable explanation to eliminate Qin Yichen's
suspicion and dissatisfaction with her.


When Qin Yichen stepped downstairs, she was sobbing and crying in the side hall, and Qin Yiman
comforted her by the side.

This was planed by them, they were pretending that they did not know that Qin Yichen had come
down, and turned their back on him, but they could actually see the movement from the reflection of the

"Mengshan, why don't you tell Yichen that Mo Qinyu secretly threatened you and forbid you to sign
that contract?"

"She won't admit it. She is cunning. She's always been like this since she was a child. She never
confessed when she lied. Even if she swelled her fart, she would bite her teeth and refuse to admit it.
At that time, Yichen will think that I am provoking alienation between them and framing her. "Mo
Mengshan sobbed hard, lest Qin Yichen could not hear her crying.

"Yichen is so clever, he will know the truth by himself." Qin Yiman said deliberately.

"I didn't expect that Mo Qinyu would hate me so much, and she wanted to drive me away, I just wanna
be a mistress and she doesn't allow this. We are sisters, after all, because I had a better life than her
when I was young, she hates me so much? " Mo Mengshan's voice was not high or low, she was trying
to make sure that every word of her could be understood clearly by Qin Yichen.

This was called kill two birds with one stone, which not only made herself clean, but also successfully
framed Mo Qinyu.

"She is a narrow-minded woman. You must be careful. You are kind and harmless, but she's insidious
and cunning. She always wants to kill you and the child in your belly." Qin Yiman said so and watched
back from the window. Did he come over?

Qin Yichen was expressionless, with a deep cold light in his deep black eyes.

When he walked in, Mo Mengshan raised her head, glanced at him, and hurriedly covered her mouth
to make a look of astonishment.

"Yichen, you are here."

Qin Yichen's thin lips cut a cold arc of evil spirits, he came over, and touched her head.

"Your position will not be shaken. Mo Qinyu can't touch you, and you can't change it too. I hope you all
do your part and don't make any troubles."

This remark made Mo Mengshan become nervous. She originally thought that she was very clever
and could cover up the past perfectly.

But Qin Yichen's smart brain was not so easy to confuse.

"Yichen, what do you mean?"

"Aren't you smart? Why can't you understand these words?" Qin Yichen sneered, his expression was
frozen like the ice.

He had given her a chance, and it was her tricks again, and let his expectations down.

"Yichen, it's Mo Qinyu, she didn't let me make a contract, and said that I can't be your mistress, but
she would have to kick me out." She sniffed and cried again.

Qin Yichen's fingers tightened slightly. "Before the paternity test, you don't expect any changes. You
made me disappointed, but I still want to give you another chance, you have to cherish it." Walked
forward after he finishing speaking.

Giving her a chance, it's because of that night.

After all, that goodness still existed.

Now, Mo Mengshan really wanted to cry.

She acted so well, but Qin Yichen didn't believe her, he didn't believe her anymore.

His test, she failed, he never believed her again, all previous efforts were wasted.

"Yiman, what should I do?" How could she restore the endgame.

"It's okay, he should be upset now, just wait until it past." Qin Yiman comforted her, "It's a big deal, just
wait for the paternity test, anyway, the child is Qin Yichen's, what are you worried about? As long as
you get the paternity test, you will have the confidence. "

Mo Mengshan raised her hand to caress the lower abdomen, and the vest began to sweat slightly.
She can't wait for the paternity test, she must drive away Mo Qinyu before the paternity test.

"We need to hurry up for the matter of Mo Qinyu, otherwise her status will be unshakable for a hundred
years." Her voice was very small and controlled in the category of them.

Qin Yiman understood her meaning and nodded.

After Mo Qinyu got up, she completed Qin Yichen's transcription task.

She had thought that today would be very lively, and Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman would celebrate
their victory, but as a result, they sat in the hall very quietly.

When they saw her going downstairs, their eyes flashed cold lights at the same time.

This damn woman was so damn.

Mo Mengshan deeply believed that when she closed the door, in the room, Mo Qinyu must have said
a lot of her bad things to Qin Yichen, so Qin Yichen would not trust her.

"Qinyu, we are cousins, can't we get along well?"

"I should just ask you this, isn't it the person who doesn't want to live in harmony is you? You always
want to make troubles for me. Honestly, I'm not as free as you, living for a man all day long. Your goal
is to be the superior, for the sake of superiority, you have made your mother trouble. Now that you are
satisfied, you get what you want. You don't need to toss anymore, right? "Mo Qinyu said coldly.

Mo Mengshan seemed to be slapped with an invisible slap. What she wanted was still far from being
attained. As long as her turtledove was not removed, her heart would not be quiet for a day.

Qin Yiman was furious. "Mo Qinyu, you are not qualified to despise Mengshan. You are a hen who
cannot lay eggs. You cannot lay even an egg. What qualifications do you have to sit in this position."

This sentence poked Mo Qinyu's death point, which was a wound to her. It was a fresh, unhealed
wound, and perhaps it would not heal for a lifetime.

"There are no rules in the Qin family's rules. A daughter-in-law who can't have a child is going to
leave the house. At that time, I will naturally choose one of the most well-behaved child to be my child.
And you, Mo Mengshan's child isn't within the selection range. "

Mo Mengshani's mouth twitched fiercely, and she did not expect that Mo Qinyu would choose her
own child. However, she was seeking hope for her future child. She wanted to give Qin Yichen many,
many children. And Mo Qinyu didn't even want to give birth to one, all her evil bastard child would die
silently. At that time, only she can be his wife because of the child.

She thought, a faint smile appeared on her face, and seemed to think of more good ideas.