Love in full bloom

Chapter 157: You Are Not Allowed to Sleep

Mo Qinyu was almost awakened from her dream. She was confused. she didn't know what happened
to him? Why didn't he even let her sleep?

She just kept sleeping today except to eat, and did not cause any trouble for him!

"What happened? Did I do something wrong?"

Qin Yichen's chest rolled violently, as if the lava was hidden in it, "immediately copy Article 56 of the
family rules one thousand times, and do not go to sleep without finishing.

She trembled with scare, liked being shocked by the thunder, "Why I have to do this?"

One thousand times, wasn't it going to be until tomorrow?

"Because you can't remember it!" He spit it out of his teeth word by word.

"I remember, didn't I say it to you today?" She was dizzy, didn't he remember it? Why not even forget
what happened in the afternoon.

"I don't think that you can remember any of these words." He grabbed her arm, dragged her to the
desk violently, set aside pen and paper, "do it right now."

She was speechless, and she was confused completely. "Can you tell me what it means to copy this
house rule?"

"Understand it by yourself." He patted her head, stupid woman, and she was surely kicked by a
donkey when she was a child.

"I can’t understand it. You accepted Mo Mengshan. You promised me, and you definitely won’t allow
me to veto it. I am a cricket. I can only obey your order. I have no right to violate it. So if you wanna Mo

Mengshan, I can vote in favor silently. Besides, even if I'm so stupid to hold a family meeting, it will only
temporarily prevent her from officially marrying you. When she has a child, she still can marry you. Why
should I do this? It's meaningless and will make you annoy me. "

She analyzed slowly. Qin Yichen felt that he had stuck a bone in his throat, could not swallow it, and
could not spit it out.

He hated this woman. He hated her very much. From the hair to toes, there was no one place he

But he had to admit that she was special.

She let him experience a sense of conquest never before, and a sense of frustration never before.

From an early age, he never knew what conquest was, because no matter what it was, even the most
difficult Olympic math problem or the most complicated acquisition case, he could solve them easily
and effortlessly.

This woman was born with anti-bone, wild nature, stubborn and untamed, she was like a hedgehog,
covered with sharp thorns.

He wanted to pull out all her thorns, and let her willingly slap under his feet, like other women, become
little puppies, kneeling and licking his noble toes.

But no matter what he did, he couldn't subdue her heart or tame her wildness.

She fought against him all the time and provoked him all the time. Even a mere light in her eyes, a
gentle word, seemed to hide rebel.

"Copy it right now, don't go to sleep until you finish!" He growled violently.

She was reluctant and wanted to cry.

She was so sleepy. While copying and dozing off, he supervised her personally. As soon as she was
dozing off, he knocked her head with his pen.

It hurts!

She covered her head in grievance and yawned.

"Please, let me sleep for a while and continue tomorrow, okay?"

"You've slept for twelve hours today. It's enough. You don't need to sleep." He refused.

There was no room for bargaining in front of Shura the Demon King.

She wanted to cry.

Qin Yichen lay on a lounge chair and fell asleep unconsciously. She also took the opportunity to lie on
the table and fall asleep in a second.

In the middle of the night, she was awakened by Qin Yichen's action which was wringing her ears.
"Pig God, you are really lazy."

Her arms were so soft and dumb that she was almost unconscious.

"I will go back to my fluffy pillow and sleep for a while, and I will copy when I sleep well." After that,
she lay on the ground and never moved again.

"Seriously? Fine, two thousand fines tomorrow." Angrily spit out, he jumped onto the big bed.

Early in the morning, Mo Mengshan was waiting outside.

She was so excited that she woke up because of laughing at night and dreaming.

When Qin Yichen went downstairs, she greeted him. "Yichen, when will we sign a contract?"

She had to finish it quickly, so as to avoid accidents.

Qin Yichen glanced at her quietly, "Come with me to the studying room."

"Um." She nodded, followed happily behind him.

Entering the studying room, he passed her an agreement, "Are you sure that you want to sign it?"

"I'm for my sister, lest she misunderstand me and always think that I want to compete with her." Mo
Mengshan could hardly control her joy.

"Indeed, after you sign it, she can be completely assured that you never threaten her again." Qin
Yichen's careless tone seemed to be talking about an insignificant topic.

She froze slightly. "Yichen, what do you mean?"

Qin Yichen leaned on the back of the chair, and struck the armrest with the pen in his hand. "Article 57
of the family rules, the mistress has no qualifications for promotion of a wife, and once she signs the
contract, she will be a mistress for life."

His tone was very light, but it was very clear. Mo Mengshan heard every word clearly.

She went through a severe spasm all over, only feeling a puddle of ice water irrigated from the top of
her head, and poured her completely, all excitement, all excitement disappeared in an instant without a

No wonder Mo Qinyu didn't say anything. Yesterday, she was still with her calm face, she was
probably snickering in her heart, mocking her for being stupid and funny.

She exhausted her efforts, and called her mother from Jiangcheng to help her. She never thought that
everything would be in Mo Qinyu's calculations.

She couldn't wait for her to sign it, and then she could only be a mistress forever, and there was no
room for her to stand up.

Qin Yichen narrowed his eyes and looked at her, taking a close look at all her subtle expression

"What if your wife divorces or dies?"

"I'll choose another." Qin Yichen shrugged, his tone extremely low, as heavy as lead.

Her hand trembled, as if the pen at hand seemed to be heavy, she couldn't hold it.

No, she can’t sign it, she can’t sign it, otherwise she would have no chance to stand up again.

"Yichen, I think I'm too impulsive. It's better to do this according to the family rules. I'll talk about it after
the paternity test. Otherwise, I will definitely be discussed by relatives and they will think I'm not

"Are you sure?" Qin Yichen's dark black eyes flashed a little cold light.

"Yes." She nodded.

"Good." He grabbed the paper on the table and tore it into pieces.

When Mo Mengshaan came out, she was greatly relieved. Thanks to her wit, her brain ran fast,
otherwise she would be over and she would be trapped by Mo Qinyu.

Qin Yiman walked over and smiled, "Would I like to celebrate with you with a glass of champagne,
congratulations that you have finally become part of the Qin family!"