Love in full bloom

Chapter 154 “I’ll marry you when I grow up.”

“It’s your life not others and your life is really nothing to me, you’d better to take good care of yourself.”
Ru Chen said slowly, the only person he cared about was Mo Qinyu.

Ru Chen made Qin Yiman angry, “Why don’t you take into account the relationship between our
families? It’s you who blatant repentance of marriage if you don’t marry me, which humiliated me and
my family.”

Ru Chen said coldly, “Ru family needs a virtuous woman not a domineering bitch that you are, so you’d
better to marry someone else.” He had made his mind that he wouldn’t marry Qin Yiman.

Qin Yiman felt that she was very good and believed that she could do what she wanted to do because
she was the daughter of the harem, only Mo Qinyu had to be careful every moment.

“I think you are confused by Mo Qinyu so that you don’t think I deserve you. But what I want to tell you
is that there are many men chasing me, you will regret if you don’t marry me.”

“So don’t hesitate to marry whoever wants to marry you quickly and I will give you a big red packet.” Ru
Chen said immediately.

Although Qin Yiman was his sister, Qin Yichen said nothing, it must be a disaster who really married

If it was not Ru Chen hit his brain in an accident, he would not be engaged to her. Maybe he felt better
now so regretted.

Mo Qinyu took a sip of juice in silence and she didn’t think Qin Yiman simply deserved Ru Chen.

Ru Chen was so excellent and perfect that his wife had to be the best one.

But in addition to the noble birth, Qin Yiman had nothing.

It was nothing else to do in her life but makeup, shopping and party.

Mrs. Qin really spoiled her so much that found a substitute for her to go to work which was given by Mr.

Mrs. Qin thought that her daughter did not need to inherit the family like her son, so she did not need to
work, just play whatever she wanted, as long as she was happy. But what she ignored was that her
daughter married to the Ru family was to be a hostess.

She would be treated very well and could do whatever she wanted if she married beneath her status.
But she wanted to marry the Ru family of similar backgrounds, of course they could not treat her very

"If I marry someone else, the relationship between our two families will be over. do you want to
undermine the interests of the family?"

Qin Yiman thought that she had found a killer mace, what the big family most concerned about was the
issue of interests.

“Why will the relationship be over? You are not the only daughter.”

A sweet voice came, “Brother Chen, it doesn’t matter if you don’t like my eldest sister, I’ll marry you
when I grow up and I will be an adult in ten years, you are in your thirties at that time, it’s the best time
for us to get married.” She looked serious with her head tilted and her big eyes blinked.

Ru Chen smiled, “I will be older at that time and I am already an old man to you.”

“But you are handsome even if you are old and you are the type I like. Although my oldest brother is
very good-looking, he is too old like an iceberg, you are gentle and warm, which attracted me.” The
little sweet girl said.

She didn’t know what it was like to get married but she knew it was two people who lived together, just
like the her Yichen brother and Qinyu sister.

She said that was to anger Qin Yiman who always bullied her Qinyu sister.

Qin Yichen rubbed her little head, “Naughty girl.”

The little girl turned and looked at Qin Yichen, “ Bro, do you know the biggest difference between you
and brother Chen?”

"What is it?" Qin Yichen picked up eyebrows.

"Brother Chen is getting better, and you're getting worse. In the past, he was unfaithful and had a lot of
girlfriends, but now he hasn’t had another girlfriend. You used to have no girlfriend, but now you're
always with the bad women out there, and you've become a playboy." she pouted and looked

Qin Yichen said, “It’s the business of adults.”

She stuck out her tongue, “No! My Qinyu sister is so nice that everyone likes her, you will have no wife
and have to be with bad women if she is taken away.”

A muscle on Mo Mengshan’ s face was twitching and she deeply felt that the bad woman she said was

Mo Mengshan took the initiative to please Qian Chuxia, but this little guy said that she was not the
same person as her.

How did Mo Qinyu do to make the little girl always consider for her?

Qin Yichen pinched her nose, “Since you like her so much, I will tie her up at home for she can be your
sister-in-law in a lifetime, no one can take her away.”

She pouted, “Why do you tie up my sister-in-law? She can’t play with me if you tie her.”

“This is a metaphor.” Qin Yichen touched her head.

He just made a joke, which made Mo Mengshan feel bad. If he kept Mo Qinyu at home, what about

“Yichen, I am not feeling well now, can you take me back?”

The atmosphere here was so annoying that she wanted to take him away and go to the world of two
with him.

Qin Yichen looked at Qin Yiman, “You go back with her, this is called coming together and back

Mo Mengshan felt so bad that she wanted to cry, “Yichen, our baby miss you, can you accompany me

“Yes, Yichen, this party is not interesting at all, let’s go back together.” Qin Yiman said.

"I'm not going back tonight." Qin Yichen said coldly.

His words made Mo Mengshan shook hard and she unconsciously looked at An'an, who was still sitting
in the position motionless, “Are you going to go with her.”

“It’s none of your business.” Qin Yichen said that coldly, which scared her to say anything.

"Forget it, come on, he won't go back, and you're not the only one who's alone tonight." Qin Yiman
hugged Mo Mengshan’ s shoulder.

She knew that Anan had been with Qin Yichen for a long time and had always been very naive, so he
liked her.

Mo Qinyu knew what Qin Yiman said was her. In fact, she wanted Qin Yichen would not come back
because she enjoyed being alone.

There would be a good night again.

Mo Mengshan had been thinking about the thing that she must quickly set her status as soon as

Qin Yichen's attitude to her was changeable. If she didn't set her status done, she would be driven out
sooner or later after Qin Yichen was tired of her.

Thinking about it, she picked up the phone……