Love in full bloom

Chapter 153 Make decisions for him

Seeing Mo Qin Yu in his arms, jealousy flashed in her eyes.

She should have been the one he was holding. How could this bitch take her place?

"Yi Chen." She walked by with a twisted waist.

With a casual "um" and a blank expression, he was gnawing at Mo Qin Yu's hand intently, which made
her tingle and itch.

He didn't eat what she made and what she took, but he ate her hands.

His mind is hard to guess.

Her heart twisted and she felt unconfortable standing beside him. Mo Meng Shan wanted to sit next to
him, but he took up the whole sofa with Mo Qinyu in his arms.

An An moved aside, but she did not ask Mo Meng Shan to sit down.

She knew his temper so well, Mo Meng Shan could not sit down without his permission. She can't
decide for him.

His indifference means that he didn't want Mo Mengshan sit next him.

Mo Mengshan glanced at the seat, but she didn't want to take it. She wanted to sit next to Qin Yichen.

She thought he should have thought she was pregnant and asked her to sit down.

"Come up with me." His low, husky voice sounded, which made Mo Qinyu's cheeks blush and her heart

Mo Meng Shan was so happy that she stood up, she thought Qin Yichen wanted her to sit down.
However, Qin Yichen also stood up.

"Where are you going, Yichen?" She followed them and walked out the door.

Mo Qinyu said nothing when she followed.

Mo Qinyu knew perfectly well that he was at his worst, and that he was completely out of control
whatever she say!

Sure enough, he turned around and said petulantly, "go away!"

He bellowed and made Mo Meng Shan cry.

Where was he going? Why did he only take Mo Qinyu but not her?

They stepped into the elevator and went straight up to the roof.

Mo Qin Yu was uneasy, and she said with a low voice, "I take medicine these days, it seems that I
can't... with you. My belly hurt when we finished that day."

"And how are you going to serve for me?" He couldn't let her go.

If he wanted it, she had to serve him.

Her delicate face paled slightly, "I can't..."

He was always the initiative, she was passive.

She didn't know anything about it.

But he didn't think so.

"You are an experienced cougar, not a pure girl!" He scoffed.

"I have no experience." She was going to crazy. He always treated her like a slut.

He snorted. "Learn it." He uttered a word with gloom.The lust in his eyes was overflowing.

She sighed and wanted to cry. "It's not easy to take off my skirt." It's difficult for him to make love on the

His thin lips made a slight arc of evil, then his long fingers went up and touched her pink lips.

It was a hint.

She shivered gently, "Don't blame me for biting you."

"If you bite me, you'll really be a nun all your life." He sneered, then pinched her mouth...

Behind the door.

Mo Mengshan stared at the two shadowy figures while her eyes were full of gloom.

How could Mo Qinyu stimulate his desires?

Mo Qinyu was inferior to her at all, she did not even have the qualification to carry shoes!

she must have done it in some mean way. She was on her knees in public singing conquest in order to
seduce him. What could she not do?

After an hour, Qin Yichen was basically satisfied. He tidied up his clothes, and recovered to be a
dapper and handsome devil.

However, her throat hurt so much!

He went back to the bathroom. Meanwhile, she picked up the juice and drank it to moisten her throat.

At this time, Ru Chen came over and took her with him to the stage.

"I have an announcement to make today. Mo Qinyu and I have a blood ceremony at the guan gong
temple. From now on, she will be my adopted sister and I'm her elder brother. If anyone dares to bully
her, I will not let him go."

Mo Qinyu raised her glass, "Cheers, brother."

He smiled gently, touched the glass with her and drank it.

Qin Yiman wanted to go mad and howl.

Xu Ruochen looked at them, while his gaze was implicit, sharp and thought-provoking.

Xu Ruofang patted his shoulder, "Elder brother, you have another rival in love."

Xu Ruochen shook the wine in the cup, then he raised a very deep smile.

"I can't be the only one to see a piece of raw jade. But who's going to win in the end is an open

As soon as Qin Yi Chen came out, he dragged her into his arms and reiterated his
sovereignty,"Remember that when you are brother and sister, you will always be brother and sister."

Ruchen shrugged his shoulders and hid his anger. "if you don't treat her well, I will take her away and
find a good man to marry."

"You don't have the power yet." Qi Yichen snorted with a cold glint in his eyes.

"He's my brother and your future brother-in-law. We're a family." She tried to calm the atmosphere to
prevent the smell of gunpowder from getting stronger and stronger in the air.

"It's not certain that he can or not be your brother-in-law." Qin Yi Chen said darkly.

"He's your brother-in-law, of course. We'll get married. If he doesn't marry me, I'll kill myself." Qin Yiman

"Are you sure you have the courage?" Qin Yichen and Ruchen spoke almost at the same time.

Qin Yiman's face was black and white. This threat didn't seem to work because no one believed her.

"Ru chen, I will die. If I die, the friendship between the two families is over, and you are the culprit." She
stamped her foot angrily.