Love in full bloom

Chapter 152 She should be teached.

"My brother-in-law came to pick me up and I'm his date. Don't get mixed up, ok?" Qin Chuxia said
tactfully and took Ru Chen's hand.

Mo Qinyu chuckled. This little guy was so clever and she could react so quickly.

Ru chen caressed her head lovingly, "Yes, Xiao Xia is my date today, but I have also come to pick up
Qin Yu. Tonight I want to officially announce that I have recognized Qin Yu as my adopted sister. I
believe that the relationship between us will no longer arouse the unwarranted suspicion of some

Mrs. Qin was silent when she heard that, and then she put her arms around Qin Yi Man's shoulders,
"Stop crying. How can you go to a party when you mess up your makeup? You have to remember who
you are. You are a rich lady, not a poor one. No matter how good the weed is, it will never be a rose."

She was clearly talking about Mo Qin Yu, and everyone could hear that.

Mo Qin Yu didn't care. She got used to that Mrs. Qin had always looked down on her.

Sima Yuer waved her hand, "Let's go. We don't need to go with them."

"OK." Mo Qinyu nodded, then she took the little girl's hand with Ru Chen and walked outside.

They were the last to arrive the party. All the people quieted down when Mo Qinyu came in.

All eyes were on her.

She came down to earth like Aphrodite. Her unique, dazzling brilliance eclipsed the bright moon and
stars outside the window and the bright lights overhead.

Qin Yi Chen had already seen her, and an indescribable radiance floated from beneath his eyes.

It was the first time he had really seen her make up.

She could also be charming, enchanting, amazing.

Smoky eye permeated a bit of her natural wild, and diluted her pure.

In fact, he knew very well that she was full of wildness and rebellion, and that her pure and meek
appearance was only an illusion.

Xu Ruo Chen was looking at her too and he stared at her as if in a trance.

Xu Ruo Fang sighed, "brother, are you sure you can hold on, don't you want her?"

"she's not mine doesn't mean she won't be.” Xu Ruo Chen shook the glass in his hand. His smile was
subtle and meaningful.

How could the pieces he picked be wrong?

Women didn't have to be beautiful and perfect, they only need lasting appeal others can't have,
extraordinary temperament and otherworldly aura.

Mo Qin Yu might not be as charming and beautiful as Qin Yi Man, but she was a fire of pride and a
fountain of clear water that could quench a man's will and arouse his desire.

After looking around the hall, Mo Qin Yu saw Xu Ruochen, "I'll say hello to the Xu family."

Ru Chen nodded, and then he greeted the others with Sima Yuer and Qin Chuxia.

When Xu Ruo Chen saw her approaching, he said with a smile, "You look special in makeup."

"I'm just changing my style." She shrugged and smiled.

He took a sip of his cocktail and said in a low voice, " I have contacted the hospital in America, and
they will send a specialist to do a detailed examination for your brother. Make sure he's well enough to
take the long flight and we'll be able to check him out of the country."

"Thank you, Chen." She said.

"My plesure." Xu Ruo Chen smiled and felt a cold wind blowing in his face.

The wind came from Qin Yi Chen.

There was anger in his eyes.

Shouldn't she be the first to say hello to her husband when she comes in?

She dared to talk and laugh with other men first.

It seemed that she needed some lessons now.

Mo Qin Yu actually saw Qin Yichen.

But she didn't want to go there because he had a date, An An.

It seemed that he always liked to bring An An to the party.

She was so quiet and silent that hardly anyone could feel her presence. She took a glass of juice. She
can't drink because she is taking medicine.

She took the cup and drank it with Xu Ruochen, and then she went Qin Yi Chen.

She didn't want to go, but if she didn't, he'd lose his temper and she wouldn't have a good night.

All the look on his face was frozen when he saw her coming, leaving only a look as cold as ice.

"I... just to say hello and don't want to bother you." She smiled faintly. A short answer turned up all his
fury like a gust of wind.

As she turned to leave, he seized her by the wrist and pulled her gently back into his arms.

"Do I have to remind you of who you are?" His eyes cut her cheek like knives and made her face ache.

"I know who I am. I am not your companion tonight, so I must go away." She replied clearly and
forcefully, with a calm tone.

"You can only go if I tell you to." His sullen face covered her face and blocked out all light but darkness.

She swallowed hard, "so, Mr. Qin, can I go now?"

She spoke with great irony and provocation.

He raised his handsome eyebrows, and stared at her with deep, dark eyes, which were cold like ice
and burning like fire, making her shiver and hot.

"Don't go anywhere." He gave orders word for word and then kissed her hard.

He kissed aggressively, violently and aggressively.

Many people were watching them including An An who was sitting opposite.

He didn't seem to like Mo Qinyu but he treated her differently from everybody else.

Because he had never done that to another woman.

He didn't let her go until her lips were red and swollen, until her brain was starved of oxygen and
almost suffocated. The corner of his mouth raised a smug little arc. It's the thrill of possession.

She dared not move or speak again in case he acted violently again.

He let her sit on his lap.

Qin Yi Man was late for the makeover with Mo Meng Shan.

Mo Meng Shan looked for Qin Yi Chen everywhere and finally found him in an inconspicuous corner.