Love in full bloom

Chapter 151: Steal The Show, I'll Kill You

A nerve in his heart was severely torn.

The most recently spoken word from her mouth was divorce.

Damn divorce!

The day before yesterday's warning, she forgot about it?

He took a deep breath, and his voice was extremely gloomy: "What do you want to do?"

She swallowed hard, then tried to maintain a calm and slow tone. "I'm willing to divorce with nothing."

She had no more restraints, no longer begging him like a beggar.

The only thing she wanted now was freedom.

As long as he agreed, she was willing to accept any conditions.

Qin Yichen's eyes widened, and he passed through a fierce spasm, as if he had heard some deadly,
unimaginable and shocking message.

Then his handsome features twisted, all emotions turned into extreme fury.

His chest was heavy and violently undulating, as if the tsunami-like waves were surging inside, and
the rolling lava was about to erupt under the underwater volcano.

"Mo Qinyu!" He called the name fiercely, then raised his fist, and a burst of fist hit the wall along with
his voice.

"You are my concubine until you die. Don't make any more delusions."

A shudder spread over her body, she hugged her head, lest he would throw a punch again and blow
her head in the next second.

"I'm dying. I just want to live quietly. Even if I am a puppet, I have to be a placid puppet, not to have
endless battles with two women every day. I can’t eat well now, I can’t sleep well and I have nightmares
every day. My endocrine disorders are gone, my period is not coming, I am really dying. I'm not as
powerful as you think, even if I am a cockroach, I will be shot to death."

She fell down, like a hedgehog, curled herself up.

In this corner, she looked so small and so inconspicuous, but he always fix on her and didn't let her

He lowered his arm and landed on her shoulder.

Her body was tight, like a string stretched to the limit, which would break at any time.

What he could only touch her were bones. There were few flesh on her.

When she first arrived, although she was very slender, she was not particularly thin like now.

The fire in his heart seemed to be evaporated by the excessive heat and disappeared.

"Mo Qinyu, I won't let you die. With me, even Lord can't take you away." His voice was so low that she
almost couldn't hear his words.

After that, he went out.

At this time, Qin Yiman and Mo Mengshan were discussing the makeup of the evening banquet.

Seeing Qin Yichen come down, Qin Yiman rushed over and said, "Yichen, will you take Mengshan to
the party tonight?"

Mo Menghan was full of expectations, a pair of big eyes were looking at the beloved man with affection.

Qin Yichen was expressionless and went straight out, as if the woman beside him was a shadowless
and invisible air.

Mo Mengshan felt her heart was splashed by a basin of cold water.

Was he going to take Mo Qinyu there?

She wanted to stop him, but he had disappeared in her view.

This time, he was gone, and he didn't even come back for dinner.

Obviously, he didn't plan to take both of them there.

When Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman were about to go out, Ru Chen came.

Qin Yiman screamed excitedly, "Ru Chen, are you here to pick me up?"

"I'll pick up my sister." Ru Chen said without hesitation.

Mo Qinyu walked down the stairs.

She wore a lilac greek vintage dress.

Last time, Qin Yichen tore up her ceremonial dress. She didn't know if it was to compensate her, or
he was afraid she would go out to shame again, he customized a ceremonial dress for her.

In conjunction with her skirt, she also made her dark hair into a Greek classical goddess bun.

This time, she put on her makeup. The smoky eyes combining a mysterious purple, she was as
charming as an elf in the dark night.

As a jewellery designer, she also wanted to dress up herself. However, there were still a large amount
of money need to save, so she never bought expensive clothes and cosmetics.

Ru Chen was dull for a moment when he saw Mo Qinyu. And he felt that his soul had been sucked
away by her.

There was a jealousy in Mo Mengshan's eyes.

From an early age, she hated that Mo Qinyu had a pretty face, so she used fashion, elegance, and
nobility to outdone Mo Qinyu.

She desperately told herself that no matter how she dressed up, she couldn't hold on as soon as she
spoke. She didn't have to worry about being outdone.

Qin Yiman did not have such a good attitude, nor did she have the spirit of self-hypnosis.

Her delicate makeup had severely collapsed. She had carefully dressed for an entire afternoon to
show in the party in the night.

However, Mo Qinyu's limelight overtook her.

Qin Chuxia ran out in a white fluffy skirt, she was as beautiful as a little angel. She liked to go to the
party most, as long as it was a celebrity party that children could attend, she would go.

"OMG, sister-in-law, you are too beautiful, just like a fairy. No one in Asia can be as beautiful as you
except me." The last word was the finishing touch.

"Hahah."Mo Qinyu laughed aloud, "When you grow up, you will be more beautiful than me. You'll be the
most beautiful little angel in Asia."

"Sister-in-law, you are so good. Unlike my elder sister who is always jealous that others are more
beautiful than her. When I grow up, she will definitely send me poison apples, poison combs and let
killers to kill me." This little girl said so.

"Shut up." Qin Yiman was already so angry. Mo Qinyu not only stole her limelight, but also stole her
man. How could she let this bitch go to the party.

"Mo Qinyu, you are not allowed to go to the party. Stay at home. As soon as you go out, you will make
us disgrace."

Although Mo Qinyu was not as tall as her, she also had a tall and good figure, and she would not lose
to her in momentum.

"Qin Yiman, don't forget that I'm the heir's wife, I don't need to take orders from you. It's all my
freedom to go where I want to go." After that, she took the little girl's hand.

"You bitch!" Qin Yiman rushed forward like becoming crazy. She wanted to scratch her face, but she
was stopped by Ru Chen, who threw her away vigorously, and Qin Yiman fell to the ground heavily.

Mrs. Qin rushed over and held her back. "What's wrong?"

"Qin Yiman is crazy again. Seeing that Qinyu is more beautiful than her, she forced Qinyu to stay at
home and wanted to beat Qinyu." The Little girl said angrily.

"Aunt, Yiman seems to be insane. If I marry her, is she going to be closed in the lunatic asylum? Will
you be distressed at that time?" Ru Chen said mockingly.

Qin Yiman burst into tears and cried all over her makeup. "Mom, this bitch is entangling with Ru Chen,
and she is going to the party with Ru Chen."