Love in full bloom

Chapter 149:Various Maintenance for His Lover

Mo Mengshan cried and said, "Qinyu, how could this happen? How could it really be you? I'm willing to
be a concubine. Aren't you satisfied? Don't you believe me and for fear that I'm lying to you? I didn't lie
to you. I've looked for my mother, but she said that I should wait until the parent-child test come out, I
have no other ways.”

After she said that, she held Qin Yichen's arm. "Yichen, can you talk to mommy again and let her be
gracious. I don't want sister to be suspicious of me like this. As long as I settle down, she can feel at
ease and won't always think about hurting me and my child."

Qin Yichen was silent and didn’t speak. His expression was very serious. His dark eyes were shining.

Mo Qinyu laughed and suddenly seemed to understand something. "I’ve looked at these photos. I
thought someone want to hurt Mo Mengshan, but now I find that it is aimed at me."

Before she finished speaking, Qin Yiman interrupted her, "Don't quibble. The evidence is in front of you.
You can't quibble."

Mo Qinyu pointed to the computer, "The technology of PS is really poor. it can be easily seen that it's
fake. Now the comments in the net are all saying that the PS is too fake and full of bugs. It's just made
by a amateur rookie. You forget my career. I'm a designer. My PS technology is very good. "

She sat down on the chair, opened the PS app, she chose two photos, and soon made one.

"See, if it’s me, I will make it perfectly, I will not insult my professional skills."

"Right, the PS technology is so bad that it almost to write these words on it: I am wronged, someone is
harming me." Pang Xiaofan's voice came from the door.

Qin Yiman's face was green and white. Mo Mengshan told her not be too good on photographing it,
which would make Qin Yichen really misunderstand her, so she deliberately made people do it a little

fake, but she forgot that Mo Qinyu was a designer.

"I think it's made by you two. You made these pictures in a hurry, so they are made so bad."

"I think it was you and Mo Mengshan did it. You want to frame Mo Qinyu. you are deserved to be
blamed." Pang Xiaofan shook her head.

A yuan went to check the monitor, but no abnormality was found in it.

There was a sharp sight appeared in Qin Yichen's eyes, "Mo Qinyu, get up." He ordered.

Mo Qinyu stood by him.

He manipulated the computer for a few minutes, then sneered, "That’s it."

"You found the problem. How did the photo get into my computer?" Mo Qinyu asked quickly.

"You've been hacked." Qin Yichen looked serious, and he stood up and said, "The matter has come to
the end."

Pang Xiaofan was surprised and angry. "Why it is end? Someone must have hired a hacker, and we
must find out the truth, so that no one can play a bitter drama all day long, and be disgusted to others. "

Mo Mengshan knew that Pang Xiaofan said these to her, immediately showed an innocent look, "I also
think it should be checked, maybe someone deliberately instigated the relationship between me and
sister, let us hurt each other. And gain the benefit between us. I don't want someone to take advantage
of what he has done. I want to find him out. "

She said it seriously, the spear turned to Pang Xiaofan naturally.

But Qin Yiman was not as calm as she was. She was afraid that once it was found out, Qin Yichen
would carry out the family rules on her again. She waved her hand, "All right, it's good to make things

clear. Anyway, our relationship doesn’t affect."

Mo Qinyu knew that Qin Yichen wanted to protect Mo Mengshan, just like before, so he would not find
out the truth.

As long as no one would offend his supreme authority, he could indulge them. As for her live and
death, he didn't care too much.

"If there is nothing else, I'll go first."

Suddenly, she thought her life was ridiculous. She was flirting with two women all day along, just like
the earth goes around the sun, she goes around a man all the day.

She was not as free as they were. They only had man in their world. The only goal of them was to
climb the position of young mistress of the house.

She still had to work, she had her ideal and she wanted to struggle for her dream.

Leaving from the company, she didn't take Qin family's car, but took the subway.

She didn't want to go back Qin family. It was too depressing there.

She wandered aimlessly along the beach until Ru Chen called her.

"You're not at Qin family?"

"No, I'm on the beach. I want to wander by myself." She said lightly.

"Wait for me, I'll be right there." Ru Chen hung up, half an hour later, he came to the beach.

"What about Qin Yichen, he doesn’t accompany with you?"

"He has to accompany Mo Mengshan. How can he have time to stay with me?" She gave a sad smile.

"If he doesn't accompany you, it's his loss. I will accompany you." Ru Chen smiled charmingly.

"All right." She smiled and put away the gloom on her face.

Wind blew from the river, and made her hair fly up, which gently brushed his face.

He wanted to reach out his hand and hold her hair, but it was blown away by the wind.

"Where's your ocarina, do you take it?"

"Yes." She took it out of her pocket, which was sent by Shi Cong. She put it in her pocket every day
and took it with her.

He took it and blew a song, which was her and Shicong's song "Love three lives".

She was a little surprised, turning around and looking at him stunned.

He sat next to her closely. Shi Cong used to be like this. He sat beside her and played the ocarina to

He was really like him, almost exactly like him.

How good it would be if only he were alive.

Heaven and hell were only overnight.

That night, she lost him. From then on, there was no love, no joy, no hope in her life, only pain and

A heat feeling rushed into her eyes, the mountains, trees and his shadow were all soaked in a thin
water mist, hazy and vague.

She blinked her eyes, and the tears fell down, his shadow became clear again, as if he had appeared
and returned to her.

"A Cong, don't leave. Don't leave me." She said with some confusion.

"Qinyu, I'm here. I'll never leave you again." He held out her hand, stroked her cheek, and stroked the
tears from the corner of her eyes.

She shuddered, and suddenly came back to her senses. She sniffed, "I'm sorry, I thought you were A
Cong again."

"It doesn't matter. I said, I'm Ru Chen as well as A Cong, too." Ru Chen seriously said. As long as she
wanted, she could always regard him as A Cong, and he would like to be her Shi Cong.

She shook her head. A Cong is A Cong. They are different.

"You play it so well, I didn't expect you to learn it so quickly."

"Probably it’s because I could play it before." Ru Chen shrugged.

She lowered her head and smiled. She understood what he meant. He felt that he had collided with A
Cong's brain waves. There were always many wonderful ideas in his mind.

"By the way, have you made a new girlfriend?"