Love in full bloom

Chapter 148 Frame up

She didn't know who else she could ask for help except him.

Although Ru Chen was willing to help her, he was Qin Yiman's fiance after all. The Ru family and the
Qin family were close to each other. It was impossible for the Ru family to allow him to help her.

Xu Ruochen glanced at her, his eyesight was deep and intriguing, "Qinyu, why do you ask for 20

Her mouth slightly twitched, "I don't love money, I just..." She was hastate to talk about it, so she bit her
lips with her teeth.

"Do you have any troubles and you need more money?" Xu Ruochen asked in a low voice.

She shook her head. "No… There's no trouble with me. I just think I deserve it. "

He reached out his hand and held her hand again. "We are friends. If you have any trouble, please let
me know. If you want to divorce, I need to plan carefully, but if you need money. I can help you anytime,
anywhere. "

Mo Qinyu was in contradiction. Could she borrow money from Xu Ruochen?

It was not a small sum. She didn't know when she could afford it.

But if she depended on Qin Yichen, when will she be able to send Xiaowu abroad?

She struggled for a long time, but she didn't open her mouth. Xu Ruochen had realized that she really
need money!

"Qinyu, you should know that money is nothing for me."

She knew that millions of money were just a piece of cake for them, but for her, it may cost her all life to
earn it.

Her hands were slowly rubbing on her legs. Although it just needed her to speak a few words, it was
extremely laborious for her.

After drinking a little tea to moisten her dry throat, she said in a very low voice, "My brother has been in
a coma since three years ago because of a car accident. I want to save some money and send him to
America for surgery."

Xu Ruochen stood up, he walked to her side, put his arm around her shoulder, "Silly girl, why don't you
tell me earlier?"

She lowered her head. "I don't want to trouble you. I don't know when I can pay off all that money."

"You don’t need to pay it back." Xu Ruochen said without hesitation, "I have set up a charity foundation
to help people in need of help. They will contact the hospital for you in America and help your brother
go through the formalities for going abroad. "

"Really?" Her eyes brightened.

He stroked her head like stroke a child, "Little fool, remember, whenever you need help, I will be by
your side."

She smiled brightly. "Thank you, chen."

She could save Xiaowu now. She didn't need to rely on Qin Yichen's almsgiving or be bound by the
useless marriage.

The next day was the weekend. The celebrity circle was very busy. Someone sent a set of pictures of
Mo Mengshan with a strange man.

Mo Qinyu didn't know whether Mo Mengshan had got a man or not. But she knew that Mo Mengshan
didn't have one before, because Mo Mengshan was always ready to marry into Qin family. After she
disappeared, it was not sure if there was any man around her. It was normal for her to be realistic to not
marry Qin Yichen and then find another man.

Qin Yichen's expression was very serious, and Mo Mengshan was crying beside him.

" Yichen, I am wronged. I don’t know who hates me so much and splashes dirty water on me, and
wants to kill me."

"The people who hate you the most are just that two, they have formed gangs and are going to harm
you. If they don't kill you and your children, they won't give up." Qin Yiman said angrily.

Mo Qinyu knew that she was talking and swearing at her. "I have no too much time to fight with a
woman all day. It's boring."

"I think you are trying to let Mengshan get out by any means." Qin Yiman said angrily.

"I think you are trying your best to deal with me by any means." Mo Qinyu said to her.

Qin Yiman's face turned green and white. "You'd better admit it, or I'll let you taste the family rules."

"Yiman." Mo Mengshan pulled her sleeve, showing a kind of tolerance expression, "Don't blame her, I
believe she didn't do it, she won't hurt me."

Soon, A yuan came here, "Young master, we have traced the IP address of the other party, it’s from..."
He hesitated, but finally talked to him.

"Speak." Qin Yichen ordered.

"It’s from the Dijue design department." A yuan said.

Qin Yichen was slightly shocked. He raised his eyes and looked at Mo Qinyu . Mo Qinyu was also
shocked. Was it from Dijue?

Did Pang Xiaofan do it?

Qin Yiman said with a sneer: "Now what else do you want to say? You and Pang Xiaofan are both in
the Dijue design department. Can there be a third person besides you two? "

"I didn't do anything. I had a clear conscience and I have nothing to say." Mo Qinyu said calmly.

"I will tell mother to carry out the family rules." Qin Yiman remembered the things clearly of last time.
She must get it back.

Mo Mengshan still looked unbelievable. "Yiman, even it is from Dijue, it can't be proved that Qinyu did
it. Let's check it out. Besides, I don't want to wrong her. She is my sister after all."

"Mengshan, don't be too kind. She has pushed you into trouble. She'll never care about your
brotherhood. You and your child are now the thorn in her eye. She will not give up until she kills you. "
Qin Yiman was splashing dirty water on Mo Qinyu in every word. She must made her be punished.

Qin Yichen was expressionless, but just said a few words coldly: "Go to Dijue to check it out."

"I'll go with you, too. Wait for me. I want to go to the bathroom." Mo Qinyu went to the bathroom. She
wanted to call Pang Xiaofan to confirm whether it had anything to do with her.

Pang Xiaofan was also surprised when she heard that it was sent in Dijue. "It has nothing to do with
me. I think there is something wrong. Take a closer look at the photos. I'll go to Dijue right away and
talk about it."

She went to dijue, Qin Yichen, Qin Yiman and Mo Mengshan were also there.

"Mo Qinyu, turn on your computer." Qin Yiman ordered.

"OK.” Mo Qinyu did it as her orders.

Qin Yiman pointed directly into the picture. There was a folder named MMS, like the abbreviation of Mo
Mengshan's name. As soon as she opened it, the photos posted on the Internet appeared one by one.

"What else do you have to say? The evidence is clear! You are so vicious. I'll go back and tell my
mother to prepare the family rules. " Qin Yiman pointed at her viciously, hoping to whip her now.

Mo Qinyu 's eyes widened in amazement. Who wanted to harm her and put the picture of Mo
Mengshan into her computer?