Love in full bloom

Chapter Chapter142: Try Her Best to Be The Second Wife

“ Why?" She trembled hard.

" You will be sent to a nunnery directly." He said coldly a word by a word and every single word was

Such a shameless woman, still not settling down and looking for the next. He'd like to kill that idea of

Qinyu had a ague and she was so panic," You are violating human rights. It should be a woman's own
will if she'd like to be a Buddhist nun but I'm not willing to, so the nunnery would not accept me."

Qin Yichen stood up and walked to the table. He span the tellurion on the table and said," I will build
one for you specially."

The corner of Qinyu's lips trembled. She felt that a scary lightning hit on the top of her head and made
her burnt.

His face was unparalleled handsome, delicate and perfect. There was no one else could have such a
pretty face.

However, he was always covered by that thick cold ice. She was frozen every time she see him. She
was not even dared to look at him directly.

His words were not only threatening but also intimidating.

She completely believed that he could do that.

You could ask the devil to work for you if you got money. He was not only rich but also powerful. It was
no harder than squeeze an ant dealing with her.

This was a very populated country and there were huge amount of people who were lost but very few
of them were found.

Her family could only call the police if she was lost and the police would only put a stamp of lost on the
case then put the case in the pending cases. As for when the case would be closed, who knows?


" I'm just an ant. A low-down one. Do I deserve you to do that?"

He bent his body a little to the front. His lips were nearly touched with hers. Hot breath of him kept
blowing to her face, burning.

" I told you before. I will let you feel the taste of the hell. When it starts, it won't stop." It seemed that his
voice was burnt to boiling. Just like the fire in the hell, could burn her down to ashes anytime.

" You don't want to divorce with me since you'd like to torment me, do you?"

" The hell is endless." A evil and quirky smile showed on his face making her feel cold and hot
alternately, just like got an ague.

She did not marry a man but Lucifer, the fallen angel in his next life.

" What about Mo Mengshan if you don't divorce with me? Will you let her be a concubine for her whole

" A concubine is always the beloved one, isn't it?" A sense of evil appeared on the corner of his mouth.

She took a deep breath. He let Mo Mengshan to be a concubine since he loved her?

Would Mengshan be happy or sad if she hears that?

When she was in silent, her hand was suddenly held by Yichen and he put it on the tellurion," I will give
a chance now. You can pick a position where to build the nunnery. Where would it be?"

She could feel a pricking from her fingers. She struggled trying to take her hand back. But he grabbed
tighter not letting her go.

He span the tellurion gently and it started spinning.

Then all she could see was blue. It was very blue that made her dizzy.

" I'd better to be a puppet. A nunnery is not my place. I'm a carnivore and I would be crazy if I only eat
vegetables all the days."

Yichen rubbed her ears mildly and slowly by his lips with a sense of teasing," It's good for you to know
how to make choices." That was a warning. She had no other ways out but only to be a puppet and get
tormented by him.

At this time, Mo Mengshan was applying aloe creme on Qin Yiman's back.

" Yiman, I'd like to help you but Ru Chen took away my phone. I could not get contact with Mrs. Qin."

" I knew. It was not your fault. It was all that basebred bitch's fault. She's so good at seducing a man."
Qin Yiman clenched her teeth.

" Yiman, we are too impulsive this time. We should not punish her in public next time. That will violate
Yichen. We should change a way. We strike from the side." A gloomy cold light was shinning in
Mengshan's eyes.

" I got it." Qin Yiman nodded hard.

After the aloe creme was applied, Mo Mengshan's voice came through again," I heard that Mo Qinyu is
learning the family law now. I'd like to learn, too. My kid will be the oldest grandson of Qin family
anyway. It's better to get clear about the family law to protect him." She paused for a while and
changed a tone," But Mrs. Qin said that I'm not one of Qin family when I asked her. So I can't see the
law. I already got pregnant and the kid is one of Qin family. How could I not be one of Qin family?"

Qin Yiman put her hand on her head," I forget that. According to the family law, an inner contract
should be signed if a family member is going to marry the second wife. After that, you will be a formal
member of Qin family and you can live in the main house. If not, you are just a concubine."

" Is that mean that even Qinyu cannot throw me out by the time?"

" Of course, the second wife is totally different from a concubine. Even though it's illegal according to
the real law but you are protected by the family law." Yiman said.

Mengshan nodded and a treacherous light flashed in her eyes.

In the next morning, after the breakfast, Qin Yichen went to the garden and Mengshan followed him.

" Yichen, I thought a lot last night. The blood flowing in my body is the same with my sister's. We
should not hate each other since this marriage. Qinyu is afraid of me and the kid in me. She is afraid of
me to replace her. I understand that. I'd like to reassure her and I'd like her to treat me as a sister but
not an enemy."

She lowered her head and said with a mild voice pretending that she was going to quit for real.

Qin Yichen squinted his eyes and glanced at her. He lifted the corner of his mouth but it was not
seemed that he was smiling," What are you going to do to reassure her?"

Mo Mengshan bit on her bottom lip and stayed in silent. It seemed that she was hesitating. After a
while, she sighed and showed a helpless and painful expression.

" I would like to be the second wife of you. I heard that a inner contract is required or I will be only a
concubine. The only way that my sister would be reassured is that I sign the contract. She will know
that I'm not fighting with her anymore."

Qin Yichen blinked his eyes and asked," Are you sure that you want to be my second wife?"

" Yes." Mengshan nodded without any hesitation.

That was called one step back today for two steps forward tomorrow. She was just a concubine, not
even a second wife. It was embarrassing for her.

Mo Qinyu could not only throw her out any time she wanted and she could suppress her with her

Mengshan would not let that happens.

Firstly, she must stay and settle down. After she became the formal second wife of Yichen, she would
have enough ability to fight with Mo Qinyu.

At that time, she would accede after Mo Qinyu got the gate.

Qin Yichen did not think for long. After meditating for a while, he nodded," I will consider that after the
paternity test."

Suddenly ,Mengshan had a hard cramp on her face. After the paternity test? Wasn't that too late?