Love in full bloom

Chapter 133 I won't annoy you after my death

"You make me sick even if you are alive. You are just a living specimen." His deep black ice eyes were
extremely ironic.

Wasn't she married with only a body?

Her body was used by someone else.

Her soul was withdrawn by others,

Her heart was also taken away by others.

The only thing left for him was a broken body to vent his desires.

"Then why don't you divorce? We break up peacefully." Her weak voice was like a breeze about to
disappear, passed quietly across his slightly open chest. Though it was very weak, it excited the stormy
waves hidden in his chest.

"I said, as long as you want it, you will not be able to get it." He said grimly and hardly.

The corners of her eyes trembled slightly, and a wetness slowly aggravated.

That's how a person hated someone.

He hated what she liked.

He destroyed what she wanted.

Her smile was his poison.

Her tears was his honey.

She and he would never have a day of reconciliation.

Mo Mengshan was different. She was what he liked and his bottom line. Only Mo Mengshan could get
his tenderness and petting.

Even when in making love, he would give Mo Mengshan longer foreplay.

She was a dirty tool, which was used by others.

Mo Mengshan was a pure and clean woman.

Making love with Mo Mengshan was a blend of love.

"When I die, I won't make you sick." A mist floated in her eyes, and her entire vision was blurred, and
his face only left a confused, dim shadow in front of her eyes.

Even so, she could feel the sinister rage was going to tear her into pieces at any time.

"If you're dead, you will make me sicker." His arm tightened suddenly, as if some sort of agitated
emotion was out of control.

She flinched and suddenly found that the stairs were so long that she hadn't reached the room yet. "I
will make you angry when I talk, isn't it? When I die, you can take Mo Mengshan and your children to
my grave to show off and laugh at me. At that time, I won't say a word to anger you. "

"Mo Qinyu!" He was almost roaring, and the word "die" kept flowing into his ears, like a bomb blasting
in his head, breaking his eardrum.

With a runaway, frantic irritability, he bowed his head and blocked her lips, not wanting to hear her say
a word again.

Her lips were so cold that beyond his imagination, even her breath was weak, as if it would stop at any

He aggravated his strength, as if he wanted to verify that she was really sick, or was pretending to be

She was a scheming woman and a liar, she could do everything.

She didn't move,while her neck moved back and her hands suddenly dropped down.

This action startled him a lot and he hurriedly let go of her.

In the TV series, people always had this action when they were dead.

"Mo Qinyu!" He yelled, shaking her vigorously.

She moaned but didn't move.

He breathed a sigh of relief, then got a little annoyed, kicked the door open, and put her on the bed.

"You are good at pretending."

"Let me sleep for a while." She murmured. She was taking medicine prescribed by the doctor every
day, but she was growing tired after having the medicine, as if it was not a medicine to cure her, but a
poison to kill her.

"Do you get my permission to sleep?" Qin Yichen pulled down her skirt. This action made her tremble
and shiver. She was dying, but he didn't want to let her go at this time?

Would she endure his plunder at the last moment of her life?

"Don't ..." She shook her head, helpless and powerless, and couldn't even push him away.

"It's not up to you..."

She was just a puppet, all she had to do was to keep her duty.


"I'm going back to sleep." She propped herself up and sat up. He didn't let her sleep in the bed, so she
dared not to stay here.

He was silent, as if after playing enough, he had no mood to take care of her.

He watched her work hard to lay her quit on the ground, but had no actions.

As soon as she lay down, she felt a twitch in her belly.