Love in full bloom

Chapter 146: The Most Lamentable Husband and Wife

"There is no if on this world." Qin Yichen's sight was dignified and sharp. His voice was like an
earthquake under the deep sea, bringing a gloomy premonition of a tsunami.

" I know. In fact, you thought in that way, too. You want to divorce me and marry Mo Mengshan. You
have not done that since there was no record of a divorcement of a successor of Qin family. You don't
want to be the first one." She said it calmly with a sense of understanding.

" You really know me well." Qin Yichen suddenly laughed.

A miserable expression gradually showed on her face," To be in the king's company is tantamount to
living with a tiger. It's hard to predict a king's mind and it's harder to live if you don't know how to predict
a king's mind, isn't it?"

He grabbed the wine glass on the table and drank the wine up. It seemed that he was controling some
kind of emotion.

" Great. Continue playing your strengths."

" Don't worry. I won't let you down." She bit her bottom lip showing her despairing and stubborn
emotion. Then she stood up and took out the shakedown belonged to her.

What else she left in her life?

No love.

Could not get pregnant. She did not even have the right to be a mother.

Just a tragedy.

One day, when Yichen did not need a puppet no more, she would be kicked far far away, and she
would die in lonelyness and sadness.

Yichen walked to the bar and poured another cup of wine then he went to the window.

There was a meaningless fire burning in his heart. He'd like to pull this woman he didn't know out from
quilt and punish her to stand for the whole night.

But her ill and useless body could not even stand for two hours. She would fall in a faint and he would
do the cleanup.

Such annoying! He did not even have a way to abreact his anger.

He raised his head and drank up the wine. Then he left quickly.

He smashed the door hard even the whole house trembled also the floor where Qinyu was sleeping.
Suddenly, she felt a pain in her chest like her chest was broken down by the vibration.

They must be the most lamentable husband and wife in this world.

Even though a political marriage was taking advantages from each other, for them, there was nothing
between them.

What he wanted; she could not afford.

What she wanted; he could not satisfy her.

A punching bag was hanging on a big tree in the yard. Qin Yichen punched on it with all his anger.
Then another one and another one. One after one like that ceaselessly.

He must wreak the anger in his heart, or his lungs would melt down.

Mo Mengshan watching by the window. She went to Yichen instantly when she saw that.

" Yichen, it's very late now. Can't fall asleep?"

Qin Yichen stopped when he heard Mengshan. He shook his head to shake off sweat on his forehead.

" What are you doing here?"

" I can't fall asleep, so I came here to have a walk. I didn't expect you are here." Mengshan said softly.

" I just want to be alone." Qin Yichen said indifferently. His was in a bad mood and did not want to care
about anyone.

Mo Mengshan bit her lips," Could I stand a further? I just want to look at you. Just look at you in silent
and I will be satisfied."

A shadow appeared in Qin Yichen's mind. A shadow he hated, badly.

It just liked a ghost jumping around annoying him.

He'd like to eliminate it. He'd like to smash it into ashes, but he could not catch it no matter how. He
could not eliminate it.

It was resisting him on purpose. It was provoking him on purpose. It would not surrender even it was
going to die. It would not yield.

Just like the woman in his room.

A crazy and mad light flashed in his eyes. He grabbed Mengshan's hand and pulled her into his arms.

" Yichen..." The overbearing motion was making Mengshan glad. She was so excited and happy. Qin
Yichen's heart belonged to her. He liked her not Qinyu.

She stood on tiptoe daringly to kiss his neck, to kiss his face.

But when she kissed Yichen's lips. He nearly turned his face away subconsciously. The feeling was like
licking by a little dog that was making him feel sick.

Mengshan did not understand. He was glad that night and he was surely moved by her. But now, she
became a dog just like other women.

What was that?

Was that like what people said," Die by the light”?

What he liked was the happy time without seeing her face?

" It's very late now. You should not stay up late." He let go her hand.

The feeling of disappointment was like a river running in her heart.

He did not react. She could feel that. Why he was not moved no matter how she tried?

He was not a sexless man, was he?

" Yichen, could you stay with me tonight? Please." She begged him.

" Your body does not allow that." He said in a low voice.

She trembled a little. Was he not reacting since she was pregnant? Was he scrupling?

She felt better when she thought in that way.

She was surely a skillful and charming woman. She could not be worse than Qinyu.

By the window upstairs, Qinyu was standing there watching those two in the yard, watching them

Moon light shined on them reflecting the light of love.

What a warm, beautiful, sweet picture!

They only had each other in their eyes and in their hearts. The sky and the cloud, the moon and the
stars, they were all redundant.

Especially her, the bothersome woman.

She knew why Yichen disliked her. She knew why he was bothering her, being angry with her. That
was because she occupied the position that belonged to Mo Mengshan. But he could not divorce her or
ask her to leave.

He could only torment her and wreak his anger to her.

After a long while, Qinyu heard steps. She went back to her shakedown immediately and closed her

Qin Yichen looked at her with his gloomy eyes then went to bed.

He could not fall asleep. He was interrupted when he was wreaking his anger just now. And now the
feeling came back.

But the sinner was sleeping like a pig.

He must torment her badly if she was not ill.

As he was thinking, he suddenly jumped up from his bed. He nearly forgot that there was other use of
this woman, making a good use of a waste thing!

Qinyu was not sleeping but she was stunned when her quilt was removed roughly.

Who knew what was he going to do?

She thought that it was better to pretend sleeping.

She could not resist anyway.

Therefore, she did not move or open her eyes.