Love in full bloom

Chapter 145 Want a child

She sworn on her unborn child, which made Mo Qinyu surprised. Did she really think that swearing can
only come true in TV dramas but wouldn't in reality?

She could not do it even if it couldn’t come true.

“Mo Mengshan, I don’t care what you think but please do not use your own children to make a
poisonous oath. The child is innocent. He is the child of you and Qin Yichen, my nephew. Anyway, I
don’t want anything to happen to him.”

Then she walked outside.

There was a cold smile on Mo Mengshan’ s face.

The weakness of Mo Qinyu was soft-hearted, just as when Mo Mengshan cried and begged, she
promised to take the blame for her and be locked up in the dark room.

She could never be her opponent and would always be her defeat.

Mo Qinyu walked slowly in the garden with bad feelings.

The child was a piece of pain in her heart.

she would love him so much if she had a child and wouldn’t let him get hurt at all.

However, she had sterility and most likely would not be able to have children in this life, she could
never be a mother.

Pang Xiaofan followed her, “Why do you love her child, you should find a way to miscarry her, so that
she has no amulet and can get out of here.”

She turned around and looked at her with great dignity. "It's your business to drive Mo Mengshan away,
but never hurt the child. That's my bottom line." The innocent child could not be sacrificed in wars
between women.

“It will be difficult for you to get rid of her if she gives birth to the child.” Pang Xiaofan said.

"If she really wants to be a concubine, why embarrass her again? Besides, the reason she can stay
with Qin Yichen is that Qin Yichen loves her, not because of this child. She hurt me many times but Qin
Yichen said nothing and protected her. Her amulet is not the child but Qin Yichen."

She paused and sighed. "Even if you killed this child, Qin Yichen will get her pregnant again. And he
won't kick her out even if she can't have a baby. Look at Little mother, she couldn't get pregnant before,
but my father-in-law still loves her very much and never leaves her.”

“So what should I do if not get rid of her?” Pang Xiaofan was annoyed.

“The concubine could not be only one, you can try a little harder to have more children than she does
when you are the concubine, then I’ll let your son be my first son, you will be the one who has
maximum power.” Mo Qinyu said slowly.

"That's pretty nice." Pang Xiaofan muttered and stopped talking.

But the purpose of her was to be the legal wife, not a concubine. She wanted to be the member of Qin
family by taking advantage of Mo Qinyu.

Mo Qinyu took two pills and lay on the sofa after Pang Xiaofan left.

The medicine could be used for the treatment of amenorrhea, but she had eaten for so long time, why
hadn’t have her period yet?

Was there no cure for her sterility and no hope of becoming a mother?

She felt a fit of nausea and wanted to vomit while thinking about it.

Qin Yichen saw it as long as he entered, “Stupid woman, why are you still like this?”

“That’s side effects of drugs, after I finish these two boxes of medicine and have my period, I will feel
better on my stomach.” She stammered her explanation.

“Didn’t you say that you would have your period?” he went to the bar and got a glass of red wine.

“I thought it would come but didn’t.” she sighed as she touched her belly, it was a false signal.

Qin Yichen shook the glass of wine, she looked better than before, which indicated that she was
recovering. He kept silence and changed the subject, “Have you made up with Pang Xiaofan?”

“We used to be enemies before but now, do we still need to fight? We are both in same situation now”
she said directly and frankly.

He asked coldly, “How come both of you are in the same situation now?”

"She is in unrequited love and I am an abandoned woman." She smiled with a self-deprecating tone.

He sipped red wine and said, "You're not an abandoned woman."

She was slightly stunned and her eyes brightened.

Wasn't she an abandoned woman?

He didn't completely abandon her and left her a position of wife, so she didn't count as an abandoned

"So what should I be?"

Instead of answering, he cast a disdainful look at her. "What's abandoned woman? First, you should
satisfy the condition that I want you. You're just a puppet. I never wanted you. Why abandon you?"

Such a simple word blew into her bones like a piercing cold wind, which made her bone marrow froze.

"I see. I misused the words." She hung down her head, and a little starlight in her eyes disappeared as
if it had never appeared.

It was a glimmer of hope.

If there was no hope, there was no disappointment.

She should not have any hope for Qin Yichen and he would not give her hope, even a little.

The person he only wanted was Mo Mengshan, who deserved the fire of hope only.

Qin Yichen put the glass on the table, said, “Pang Xiaofan will not be a good partner for you.”

A sad smile emerged from her face.

Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman joined to deal with her and frame her, but Qin Yichen not only indulged
them but also disguised to protect them.

However, when he saw her come home with Pang Xiaofan, she was warned because he was afraid
that they would hurt the one he loved.

A woman who was not loved had to be trampled to death and tortured, even if she was persecuted, she
had to endure it and there could be no resistance.

But a woman who was loved could do whatever she wanted.

What a terrible thing!

She was like eating something bitter and couldn’t tell the pain she had.

She adjusted her mood and said, “By the way, congratulations on officially welcoming your concubine
to be the family. "

Qin Yichen looked at her and asked, “You want to object it?”

“How am I qualified to object?” She shrugged her shoulders and said with a fainter voice than she

“I’m glad you know it.” Qin Yichen looked at her with contempt as if he was looking at a despicable bug.

In fact, she would like to be a bug, if he could be merciful to let her go, she could slowly climb out of the
house like a bug.

There was a poem that money was precious, but love was more precious. If it was freedom, both could
be thrown away.

She had never understood the meaning of freedom, but now she got it.

She longed for money but more for freedom.

Unfortunately, she sacrificed her freedom for money.

“Sometimes I wonder, if God hadn’t made the joke that swap me with Mo Mengshan, how good would it