Love in full bloom

Chapter 147 Pretend to have fainted

She tried to stay calm and pretend to have fainted.

But she had been tearful in her heart.

After that, he moved her to his bed.

"Mo Qinyu, I find that your greatest skill is not to lie, but to pretend to faint. ".

He tightened his fingers to wake her up.

Mo Qinyu sighed helplessly, "what do you want me to do?"

Mo Mengshan could do that way too but why didn’t he find Mo Mengshan?

“You don’t know how to serve your husband at all.” Qin Yichen said.

“It’s Mo Mengshan’ s business to serve you and I am just a puppet, I have to stay on my position.” She
said angrily.

"So what can you do if I find others?"

“You can torture me for fun.” She smiled sadly.

His eyes narrowed slightly and a little darkness appeared, which were particularly gloomy and cold.

"If you want this way, I can satisfy you."

"Hasn't that always been like that? You haven't changed. "

Her voice was very low just like a dying wind, but easily incited his anger.

He pressed the mood to be angry but said with mockery, “Are you begging for my tenderness?”

“How dare I? I’m not even as good as an abandoned woman, How can I want your tenderness? The
only thing I want is to get a good sleep tonight.” She said in a subservient, humble and self-deprecating

Begging for tenderness was the qualification of Mo Mengshan but not Mo Qinyu.

Qin Yichen tried to control his mood and he really wanted to throw her to the balcony and closed her
there for a whole night.

But he didn't want her to faint and he had to put up with it.

“Mo Qinyu, you will crawl on the soles of my feet and beg for mercy one day.”

"That should happen when I am dying." She smiled sadly, and a ray of moonlight shone on her face,
making her face as white as marble.

He hated that as if she were really about to run out of energy.

“I will not allow you to die if you don’t give in to me.” He kissed her on the lips angrily to stop her words.

The next day, Mo Qinyu got a phone call from Xu Ruochen who invited her to have a meal after she got

Xu Ruochen just came back from Yan City.

They went to a restaurant that they used to go and Xu Ruochen booked a private room.

“Are you okay while I'm away?”

“I’m always like this, I am fine.” She shrugged her shoulders.

Xu Ruochen had a sip of tea, then said, "Is it true that you have sterility?"

His question made her feel a little sad.

“You don’t like me, right?”

“How come? I just want to get you a doctor to check it out so that you don’t get misdiagnosed by the
quack.” Xu Ruochen said.

"I do have to go to the hospital again, but I have to wait until my period comes." She said.

“Don’t worry, I will find a doctor for you.” He filled a bowl of soup for her.

Mo Qinyu said again, “Women who can’t born will be laid off, right?”

"Now that medicine is so developed, it is just a small problem. You can do test tubes, or surrogacy to
have a child. " Xu Ruochen spread out his hand with a clear expression, and then replaced it with a
teasing tone. "If Qin Yichen doesn't want you, just be with me, I want you. "

She sighed helplessly and painfully. "Qin Yichen would not divorce me. No one of Qin family has ever
divorced, and he doesn't want to be the first. What’s more, Mo Mengshan can give him child and he
needn't worry about the progeny."

"Are you going to give him up? "Xu Ruochen asked.

"He is not mine at all and he loves Mo Mengshan only." She shook her head like a wave drum.

“He fell into Mo Mengshan.” Xu Ruochen smiled, “In fact, you can try a little harder to get him back.”

Mo Qinyu just felt sad, “I don’t want to do something useless but he is not the one I want and I am not
the one for him either. Even if I did anything for him, it wouldn't be as good as Mo Mengshan smiling at

“What's your ideal husband like?” Xu Ruochen asked.

“The one who loves me only.” she did not hesitate to speak clearly and forcefully.

“That’s me.” Xu Ruochen smiled.

"Don't be kidding, you won't like me." She pouted.

“Why?” he asked.

"I was married and not a pure girl." She said.

He shook his head and laughed. "who cares? and……" He paused and lowered his voice. "Didn't you
give it to me for the first night?"

Her hand with the spoon trembled severely and the spoon touched the soup plate, which made a crisp

She almost forgot this.

Xu Ruochen held her hand, “Qinyu, did Qin Yichen dislike you because of this?”

Mo Qinyu bit her lower lip.

Qin Yichen had a very serious cleanliness fetish. None of his personal belongings were allowed to be
touched by others, not to mention women.

“Yes, but now he didn't mention it often.”

“Qinyu, I am so sorry, it’s my fault.” Xu Ruochen was full of arrears and apologies. “I’m willing to make it
up to you.”

She sipped her lips and stammered in a very low voice, “Can you help me to get divorced, I don’t want
anything else but 20 million.”