Love in full bloom

Chapter 139: My Wife Will Give the Punishment

She raised her hand and put it on her belly.

It was her amulet, a medallion. What Qin Yichen said must be just trying to frighten her. How could he
do not care about the kid at all?

All the people in the yard had chokes. They were suprised and frightened.

They all thought that Qin Yichen was going to whip Mo Qinyu. But they did not expect that he whipped
Qin Yiman.

Mo Qinyu had her eyes opened widely like two bells. She was completely stunned.

The story changed too fast and she was not getting to figure out.

Qin Yichen was going to whip her, wasn't him?

Why he changed an object?

Was he moved by her impassioned speech?

Did he believe that she was innocent?

Qin Yichen tied Qin Yiman on a tree and put her back outside.

Qin Yiman tried her best yelling, she yelled like all possessed," Help, mother! Help!"

Mrs. Qin was now having a spa with other wealthy women. She did not know what was going on at
home and she could hear nothing even though how hard Yiman yelled.

Yiman figured that out very soon. She changed a person to ask for help," Mengshan, Aunt Mei, please
call my mother immediately. Ask her to come to save me! Qin Yichen is going to kill me! He's crazy. He

must be going to kill me!"

Mengshan took out her phone trying to send a message to Mrs. Qin, but her phone was taken away by
Ru Chen," You'd better to stay still. Don't try to notify anyone else."

Mengshan was frightened and she even dared not to move. But she did not forget to beg Qin Yichen.
She did not do that for Qin Yiman, but for herself.

Qin Yiman was an accomplice and she was the backer of Mo Mengshan. If Yiman was doomed, she
was doomed, too. She would have no chance to expect to replace Mo Qinyu.

" Yichen, I don't know what Yiman did wrong that makes you so angry. But you are brother and sister
from the same blood. Could you let go her?"

" How could you not know what she did wrong?" Qin Yichen turned to Mo Mengshan. His sight was like
a sharp arrow shooting to her," How could she know that you fell in water?"

Mo Mengshan's face suddenly went pale since she was so frightened.

She thought that she was always smart. She thought that she could do everything tactfully and act
everything like real.

In this moment, she found that she was wrong. All her moves were pieces of cake in Yichen's view.
They could not escape from his eyes at all.

However, he did not expose her. He pretended that he knew nothing. He was indulging her.

He never indulged Mo Qinyu at all.

It meaned that he liked her. He had an affection to her.

She was much more important than Mo Qinyu in his mind.

He was angry since she violated his order, making more troubles. It was not because she framed Mo

He did not care about Mo Qinyu at all. He just did not allow anyone to violate his supreme authority.

It was the same reason why he punished Qin Yiman.

" I'm sorry, Yichen, it's my fault. I just told eldest sister that I had some conflict with little sister, and I fell
into the water. I said nothing else. I will remember your words for sure. I will obey you in everything, I
promise you. I would say not even a word if you don't allow me."

Qin Yichen did not say anything else and he had no expression on his face either. He turned his head
back. It seemed that he forgave her.

Mo Mengshan was relieved in her mind. She thought to herself that she had to change a stratyge
dealing with Mo Qinyu. She had to make her plan more precise. She must not put herself in this kind of
passive situation again.

Mo Qinyu was still hiding behind the tree. She was afraid of that Qin Yichen changed his mind and tie
her up on the tree, too.

She was the woman he disliked. Not like Mengshan who was liked by him. He could forgive Mengshan
with only an apology. She was indulged in every way.

Qin Yichen glanced at Qinyu," Get your ass here." He growled.

" Wh... why?" Qinyu was frightened. How could he call her so soon?

" Do I have to see that twice?" He was impatient. It seemed like that he will tie her up just like Qin
Yiman if she hesitates one second more.

Ru Chen ran to Yichen instantly and he got in between Yichen and Qinyu," Qin Yichen, what else do
you want to do?"

The blue vein on Yichen's forehead jumped," This is a family issue of Qin family." He clenched his teeth
and said a word by a word.

Qinyu thought that he would use his fist just in next second so she ran to him instantly," It's fine, Yichen
would not beat me. He has a pair of eyes of fairness and he has wisdom just like Holmes. He could
figure out the truth even without a lie detector." Qinyu was obviously flattering.

She had already said those. It was not decent if Yichen still beats her.

Qin Yichen reached out his arm and hooked Qinyu into his arms. His pretty eyes were squintted," Did
you curse me just now?"

Qinyu was suddenly nervous. She shook her head instantly," Did I? No, how could I? You are so wise,
and you have sparkling eyes that could figure out everything. I could not help adoring you. How could I
curse you?"

" You pass." An evil sneer showed on Yichen's face. He passed a whip to Qinyu," Take this."

" OK." She had a feel of that whip. It was thin, not thick but it was not light. It would be a serious hit but
not too grievous.

It was used to hit family members anyway. The main purpose was giving a warn.

Qin Yiman was continueously yelling. Her voice even went hoarse," Qin Yichen, mother will not let go
you if you dare to beat me! I will kill myself if you leave even one scar on me. And you will be the sinner
who kills your own sister."

Qin Yichen sneered. The only thing could be seen in his eyes was a ruthless coldness," The family
rules were made by our forefathers, not by me. You can go argue with them if you really die."

" Qinyu is a disaster. She is a hoodoo of our family! Our family will have no harmony if you don't throw
her out!" Qin Yiman was angry, hating and fearing. She was too impulsive. She should give Qinyu the
lesson after her mother back so she would have an amulet.

Mo Qinyu brandished the whip," You are the one who was making disharmonies in this family. I
endured you but you approached more. Why do you hate me so much? Why you are trying to put me in

" Mo Qinyu, if you dare to hit me, you die! My mother would not let go you!" Qin Yiman yelled with her
hoarse voice.

Qin Yichen sneered. He grabbed Qinyu's shoulders," Nice pose. You give the punishment this time!"

Qinyu's body trembled and she put down her hand and give the whip to him immediately," I'm just being
a little angry so I brandished it. Take it back."

" Coward. You are a coward at the critical moment." Yichen sneered but he did not take the whip.

Qinyu was not a coward. She was calm and deliberate.

She wanted to beat Qin Yiman till she cries and begs for mercy with her knees on the ground.

But Yiman was a beloved daughter of her mother in law.

Mrs. Qin could do nothing if Yichen beat Yiman but Qinyu was different. She would be hated so much
by Mrs.Qin and Mrs. Qin would revenge with any method for her loved daughter.