Love in full bloom

Chapter 137 Whip someone.

"Mo Qinyu, get over here!" He growled. The coldness of his words could nearly freeze the world, Mo
Qinyu thought.

At a distance of three meters, Mo Qinyu could still feel the invasion of his anger, and her blood was
about to freeze.

The sun was above her head and it was hot, but she couldn't feel a trace of warmth, as if the sunshine
had frozen into ice.

She took a step forward subconsciously but was pulled back by Ru Chen. "I am here. Don't be afraid. I
won't let Qin Yichen hurt you."

His voice was so warm. Suddenly the surrounding cold was dispersed and her heart warmed up again.

She took her steps back. She didn’t want to walk into the cold winter moon, what she wanted was
warm spring.

This delicate movement made Qin Yichen’s muscles on his face twisted and deformed. A pair of
gloomy eyes were darker, as if to swallow her into the infinite black hole.

"Mo Qinyu!" He called her name angrily. He came over like a hurricane, hitting Ru Chen with one

"No!" Mo Qinyu screamed, exerting her whole strength, like a calf, desperately slamming into his chest.

His chest was as hard as iron. Her head bumped against it. The impact was so strong that she was
dizzy. She felt that everything in the world and his shadow were spinning.

He urgently held back his fist, in this case, Ru Chen avoid this attack.

"Do you want to die?" He stamped with rage. If he didn't hold it back, the punch would fall on her, and it
was enough to smash her bones.

She was still a little dizzy. His angry face was shaking in front of her eyes. She supported her forehead
so that she could stood firmly. “I came back from jaws of death just now. If it’s not my brother saved
me, you will see my corpse. "

After hearing this, Qin Yiman shouted immediately, "Mo Qinyu, don't sling your accusations first. You
are a villain."

Qin Yichen took deep breaths to calm himself from the mad rage. "What just happened?" He asked
with extremely low voice.

Ru Chen picked up the iron stick on the ground and threw it to Qin Yichen. A crisp sound of "bang"
shocked his soles. "Qin Yiman, the lunatic, took this stick and chased Mo Qinyu across the yard. She
wants to hit Mo Qinyu to death. You should know the weight of this stick. If it hit Mo Qinyu, she will hurt
badly or die. "

He said, swallowed a bit of saliva, and said with a mocking tone, "Where were you just now? Aren't you
her husband? Shouldn't you protect her?" He snorted with cynical, "I guess you might stay with Mo
Mengshan. Such a commonplace woman can make you linger? Your taste is really terrible. "

Suddenly, Qin Yichen seemed to get an electric shock, his body twisted and the blues veins on his
forehead popped up suddenly while the flames of fury burning in his chest, as if it would burst out at

"It’s none of your business!"

"I don’t care your business, but the business of Mo Qinyu is my business. I must take care of Mo
Qinyu." Ru Chen said firmly.

Qin Yiman didn't feel that she had done anything wrong, only felt depressed. She felt pity that she did
not kill Mo Qinyu. Mo Qinyu was so lucky that she escaped it again.

"Yichen, we can’t let this vicious woman stay in our family. She can push Mengshan into the water
today, and tomorrow she will come up with even worse tricks to hurt Mengshan. If you do not drive her
away, Mengshan and the child will be killed by her sooner or later. "

A bloodthirsty killing intention emerged from the eyes of Qin Yichen, "Aunt Mei, bring me the whip!" His
tone was very light which was as light as a sword. Without any strength, he could kill someone

Qin Yiman laughed. She knew that Qin Yichen liked Mo Mengshan, and she knew that he would never
let Mo Mengshan and her child be bullied by Mo Qinyu.

"Yes. Whip her to death. It's better to whip her to bleed. Then she won’t dare to bully Mengshan again."

Mo Qinyu's face was pale and even her lips became bleak. "I didn't push Mo Mengshan. She fell down
by herself. If you don't believe me, go to take a polygraph. You can take a test to find out who is lying. "

She knew that he would not believe her. In his opinion, she was a scheming girl who likes to tell lies.

Mo Mengshan was an innocent and pure girl. No matter what she said and did, he believed her.

Qin Yichen sneered ironically. He looked at her with full of disgust, as if she was a troublesome bug,
"Junk, you will only embarrass me!"

"No matter what you say, but I didn't do it. I didn't violate the family rules. You can't whip me." She
clenched her fists and felt that she was like Dou E (a character of a Chinese ancient tragedy story who
had a great grievance).

Ru Chen came over. He would never allow Qin Yichen to hurt her. "Qin Yichen, things haven't been
figured out. You are so hasty. She won't push Mo Mengshan. Mo Mengshan must be lying."

He wanted to pull Mo Qinyu into his territory to protect her. However, Qin Yichen was quick to drag her
into his arms and declared ownership. This woman was his!

"It's my job to punish this woman or not. You are not qualified to intervene it."

Ru Chen took a deep breath. "She is your wife, not your private property."

"It's the same!" Qin Yichen snorted coldly, grabbed Mo Qinyu's chin, and kissed her lips fiercely.

This time, Mo Qinyu didn't obey. He was going to kill her. Why should she have to obey him?

She twisted her head and thumped his shoulders, trying to break free.

An anger flashed on his cold face. His strong arms suddenly tightened, holding her tightly, and made
her unable to move.

"If you dare to move again, I'll fuck you now!"

This sentence was even more deterrent than the family rules. She trembled. She was instantly stiff and
did not dare to move.

Aunt Mei brought the whip, "Mr. Qin, this thing hasn't been figured out yet. Maybe Mrs. Qin was

Qin Yichen did not respond to her, but said, "Let Mo Mengshan come over."

Mo Mengshan actually stood at the window and looked at the yard.

What she wished to see was a bloody body, but there was nothing on the ground, not even a drop of
blood, only a stick.

Mo Qinyu stood beside Qin Yichen intact.

The strong disappointment was like the waves ran one after another to her.

When she came in, she pretended to know nothing, looking at Qin Yichen with a blank look, and said,
"What happened? Why are you all in the yard?"