Love in full bloom

Chapter 143: It's the Procedure

No no no, she'd like to sign the contract right now to stabilize her status.

"Yichen, are you still doubting if the kid is yours? I was clean, I had no other man except you. How
could you doubt me?"

After Mengshan said that, she cried injuredly.

Qin Yichen took the tea cup beside him and sipped the tea. Then he said a few words unhurriedly,"
This is the procedure."

Mengshan sobbed her nose," I asked the doctor. She suggested me to do the paternity test after at
least 3 months. She said that it has a better accuracy after 3 months. I was so fear that Qinyu would do
something aggressive in this period of time. I just want to reassure her. Then we sisters could get along
with each other in harmony."

A sneer flashed across Yichen's face.

Mo Qinyu did not put her mind on fighting for a man's favor. She was foxy and smart that she was
looking for another man to accept her.

" Don't think too much. She's gutless."

However, Mo Mengshan did not think so. In her view, Qinyu wanted to throw her out all the time.

Qin Yichen was a dream man of all the girls on the earth. Who didn't want to marry him? Who didn't
want to be the young hostess of Qin family?

If her grandfather did not fight for the chance even forgot his own and benefited offsprings, their family
would never got the chance to have any relationship with Qin family.

Mo Qinyu would try her best with all her strength to stay in that position. She would not give up easily.

" Yichen, you don't know Qinyu well. I grew up with her. I could not know her character better more.
She could do anything when she was impulsive. When we were living in our grandma's home, she liked
a puppy of our neighbor but the neighbor did not allow her to play with the puppy. So she stole the
puppy and hid it in a box. The neighbor came to find the puppy but she did not admit no matter what.
Finally, the puppy was suffocated alive. She was afraid of being reproved by the family so she hid the
dead puppy in my cabinet to let people think that it was me who stole the puppy. I understood that I
was the older sister so I must protect my little sister. I became the scapegoat by my own will so I was
locked to a small black room."

Mengshan tried her best to slander Qinyu.

In fact, it was her who did that and the one who was framed was Qinyu. It was Qinyu who was locked
to a small black room to have the detention.

That fool, was such good at being a scapegoat.

Qin Yichen played with the tea cup in his hand and looked at a piece of tea floating on the surface. The
expression on his face was hard to fathom.

" You can propose that yourself if you are in hurry."

"To Mrs. Qin? Would she admit that?" Mengshan blinked her eyes.

"Depends on your luck." Qin Yichen left the words leisurely then he stood up and left.

Mo Mengshan seemed to have found the hope. She went to find Qin Yiman immediately. It was better
to propose that by her.

Mo Mengshan got a big chance originally. However, what she did not expect was that Mrs. Qin refused
that instantly. Qin Yuhan was still angry since the family law issue. Mrs. Qin was not dared to bother
him at this certain moment.

Besides, it had no difference to Mrs. Qin what status Mo Mengshan was.

Mo Mengshan was disappointed, somber and dejected. She must do something to make Qin family
agree with her to be the second wife ahead of schedule.

Mo Qinyu went to work after she had the breakfast. When she came back in the evening, she came
back with Pang Xiaofan together.

Pang Xiaofan asked to go back with Qinyu together. Qinyu thought that it was unnecessary to refuse
her so she admitted.

Seeing Mo Mengshan, Pang Xiaofan sneered, "What a quick movement! She must be a monkey in her
last life!"

In Mo Mengshan's view, Qinyu was looking for an alliance since Qinyu found Mengshan and Yiman
were allied. Qinyu must find one for herself.

Mengshan grinned turgidly," I must thank you, Miss. Pang. I would not get together with Yichen if you
did not let me meet Yichen on the engagement ceremony of Yiman so I could know that I was
deceived. In fact, you are the matchmaker."

Pang Xiaofan's face went pale. She felt that thousands of ants were eating her heart when the thing
was mentioned. She even wanted to scream out.

" I thought that you are a holy pure white pond lily. But I did not expect that you are a totally scheming

Qinyu laughed in her mind. She was always wondering how Mengshan know the truth, it turned out to
be Pang Xiaofan.

That should be called suffering from her own actions.

However, even though Pang Xiaofan did not do the favor, Mengshan would figure out by herself, later
or sooner, just a time issue.

" Let the past pass. There is no way to go back. Don't think about that no more. Just make it a lesson.
Next time, you'd better to figure out the character of the person you would help or you may get hurt."

Qinyu defused embarrassment for Pang Xiaofan.

Pang Xiaofan nodded immediately," Yes yes yes, I did that with good heart. I did not expect that she
was planning to be a concubine, climbing on the bed shamelessly."

Mengshan suddenly bridled up. She wanted badly to tear Pang Xiaofan's mouth but she controlled
herself. She just showed an aggrieved expression.

" You misunderstood, Miss Pang. There is a resonance between us. He loves me and I love him. The
most important thing between a man and a woman is that they get together by their own wills. You
knew Yichen's character well. How dare me to be initiative in front of him? It was him who liked me and
he wanted me. As for the baby, he will ask me to have the drug if he doesn't want the baby or he will
prevent that by himself. But he didn't since he'd like to have a baby with me."

What she said was impeccable. The words were just like bullets in a machine gun, shooting on Pang
Xiaofan's body and broke her down.

In fact, Qinyu was also hurt.

What Mengshan said was reasonable. Qin Yichen was so clever, so scheming and so careful. If he did
not like her, how could he have the relationship with her? How could he allow her to steal his seeds?

"Xiaofan, you'd better not bother with her. She is now the beloved one of Qin Yichen. You may get the
worst of it if she sue you to Yichen."

" I don't believe that Yichen will like her forever. She's so vulgar and Yichen will be tired of her very
soon." Pang Xiaofan said angrily.

At this time, Qin Yiman walked down the stairs. She could move after she had rested for two
days,"Xiaofan, why are you tangling with Qinyu now? You were enemies, weren't you?"

"Yiman, it's better to turn an enemy to a friend but not to turn a friend to an enemy. We are colleagues
in the same department and we have to work together. Arguing all the days would make a bad
influence to our works. Always put the overall situation the first place, shouldn't we?" Pang Xiaofan
pursed her lips. She was disgruntled with Qin Yiman. How could she abandoned her and turn to
support Mo Mengshan? Such an insidious bitch.

"Don't try to play funny you two. Mengshan is the dearly loved person of Yichen now. Don't make any
delusion of harming her. No one could harm her." Qin Yiman turned her voice loud on purpose to let
them hear her words clearly.

Pang Xiaofan was good at abusing people as same as Qin Yiman and her character was the same
malicious and domineering as Qin Yiman. They were like two powder kegs that were put together and
would be ignited any time.