Love in full bloom

Chapter Chapter140: Feeling Good?

" I'd like to revenge but if Mrs. Qin knows, I'm doomed." Qinyu pursed her lips and told her concern.

Qin Yichen kneaded Qinyu's head and a smile showed," I'd like to help you."

" How?" Qinyu was a little stunned. She did not understand what he means.

He held her hand and the whip in her hand, so it was him giving the punishment, also, she revenged.

Qin Yiman was so frightened. She was like lost her soul. Her forehead was full of sweat and her
waistcoat was wet.

She opened her mouth and yelled, just like a buffalo doing the final struggle.

She saw Ru Chen standing right aside her and he was looking at her with a cold, ruthless sight.

" Ru Chen, help me, I beg you!"

" It's your family issue. I can't help at all." Ru Chen shrugged his shoulders, being so indifferent.

Qin Yiman was utterly discomfited," Why you care about Qinyu then?"

" She's like a sister of mine." Ru Chen said leisurely.

" I'm your fiancée!" Qin Yiman nearly spitted out blood.

" Yes, but we are not married yet. You are a member of Qin family but not one of Ru family." Ru Chen
showed that he was sorry. This woman needed a spanking for sure. She deserved this.

" Ru Chen!" Yiman yelled like she was crazy. How could he do her like this? Not helping her but being

Did she have a position in his mind? Was she nothing comparing with Qinyu?

Qin Yichen's handsome face was like frozen, frightening and there was a cold light like a sharp sword
shinning in his eyes.

His fingers were strong with a burning temperature, melting Qinyu's frozen blood and getting her warm.

" The first sin, making trouble, doing evil things, undermining unity of the family."

He raised his hand with her hand then wielded the whip. A silvery sound could be heard, and the cloth
was broken on Yiman's back. A dark purple bruise appeared on her snow-white body.

She cried like a pig which was going to be slaughtered. She cried badly.

" The second sin, harming and bullying family member."

"Clap!" Another hit!

Yiman cried so hard that she even felt a pain in the chest when breathing. Her voice was not even clear

All the people held their breaths. Qinyu felt that her heart was so frightened, and it was beating hard.

It was a great fortune that she was smart. She confessed her fault forwardly or the one who would take
those hits next would be her.

Qinyu was singing in her mind and an evil grin showed on her face. That was a pleasant sensation she
got after giving the enemy a critical hit.

" The third sin, being unapologetic and being incorrigible."

When the third whip hit on Yiman's body, she screeched with her last strength then she passed out.

A thin whip like this would not make her skin broken if the strength was controlled. Qin Yichen did not
plan to kill her. He just wanted to give her a lesson.

However, Yiman was so spoiled from her childhood. Her skin was too soft, and she had never been
beaten like this. She would pass out since she was frightened if she was not passed out since the hits.

" Feeling good?" Qin Yichen whispered near Qinyu's ear with his low voice. His sexy voice was like
electricity that passed through her ear. She could not help trembling.

" Yes!" She nodded honestly. It was the first time that she felt so good beating a person.

" Remember, a tiger husband would not have a dog wife." Qin Yichen said leisurely. A burning strength
was spreading out from his body warming up her heart.

It was the first time she found that a frozen iceberg could be melted and warm.

By the time, Qin Chuxia came back from school. She was so excited when she saw a person was tied
on the tree," Wow! Performing the family law. Awesome! Why didn't you do that after I came back? It
was already done. I didn't see the most exciting part."

" It was too violent, not for a kid." Qin Yichen kneaded her head and asked the maid to take her inside
the house.

In the evening, when Mrs. Qin came back, she was so surprised and frightened.

Qin Yiman was crying like a crazy person in her room," Mother, Qin Yichen is a mad man. He beat me.
I will kill myself if there is any scar left!"

Mrs. Qin was so distressed. She gave her medicine immediately.

" It's fine. Not very serious. There would be no scar left."

" Do you know that I even passed out since the pain. No one helped me! They all watched at aside. No
one came to save me! They must take bribes from that little bitch Qinyu. Mother, throw her out! I will be
killed if she stays in the family!"

Her eyes were full of enmities. She'd like to break Qinyu in pieces then take out her tendons and tear
off her skin then drink her blood.

" I told you many times. Don't bother with Qinyu. Why don't you listen to me?" Mrs. Qin sighed.

" She seduced Ru Chen. His soul is taken away by her. He was partial to her in everything and he
treated me indifferently. If she does not leave, Ru Chen will be taken away by her soon or later."

Qin Yiman did not think that she was wrong at all. She would clean the stumbling blocks completely no
matter what. Hidden troubles were not allowed at all in her mind.

Mrs. Qin kneaded her head. Women could not understand men's mind. Yiman was better than Qinyu
all the ways. Qinyu could not even compare with Yiman's hair. However, Ru Chen did not like Yiman at
all. He was being so picky on Yiman since they were kids, just like Qin Hanyu treated Mrs. Qin.

" You should be mild in the future. Don't argue with him because of Qinyu. You must show him your
advantages then you can win Qinyu."

" Do I have to pretend seeing nothing even she ogles him or embraces him?" Yiman was so angry. She
could not accept that a low-class bitch was better than her.

" Yes, you do. You can't make troubles every time when Ru Chen is there. You can ask Yichen to
punish her later. Yichen has the right no matter how he punishes her but you don't. You are the sister in
law of her. You chased her all the yard with a stick in you. Even though it was her fault, people would
think that you are the domineering one." Mrs. Qin expostulated.

Qin Yiman's lips trembled. She must take the chance and kill the baby in that little bitch's belly. She
could not care too much.

Mrs. Qin came to the lobby. Qinyu was playing plasticine with Qin Chuxia and Sima Yuer was giggling
at aside.

Qin Yichen was playing chess with Qin Yuhan.

No one cared about Qin Yiman. It seemed that she deserved that naturally.

However, Mrs. Qin thought that she could not just let the things happen. She could not indulge Qinyu.
She could not imagine how domineering would Qinyu be and how would Qinyu bully Yiman if Qinyu
feels that Yiman has no status in the family.

She must let Qinyu know that in this family, Qinyu had no status at all. Yiman had the priority and Qinyu
must respect Yiman all the time!