Love in full bloom

Chapter 141: May I Know the Family Law?

" Yichen, Yiman is the oldest sister in the family. No matter what she did wrong, you should not treat
her like that. If she is wrong for sure, you can tell me and I will rebuke her. But the thing today, she did
not make a big wrong. She was just teaching her sister in law who did not understand the etiquette a
small lesson. It was her duty as the oldest sister." Mrs. Qin frowned and said.

" Mother, you may lost your status of the hostess of the family if uncles and aunts hear what you said.
In Qin family, the person in charge and the successor have higher status than that of age. As the
successor, I have right to punish anyone in the same generation who violates the family law. And as my
wife, the future hostess of the family, Yiman should treat her like treating a hostess of the family. It's the
same sin that she provokes the wife of the successor or the hostess of the family. According to her
behavior, she has to take at least 10 whips. I only gave her three. She should be grateful."

Qin Yichen said leisurely and unhurriedly. His words were like slaps hit on Mrs. Qin's face making her
face trembling.

No rules, no order.

The family law of Qin family applied to all the members of the family, not only Qin Yuhan's family. Even
though not all the family members lived together, they had to obey the family law. The reason that Qin
family was so strongly united and the members all did their job on their position was because they got
the thorough family law.

Qin Yuhan glanced at Mrs. Qin," You can't be the hostess if you even forget the family law."

Mrs. Qin clenched her fist secretively and she got a panic feeling in her heart. Because if Mo Qinyu
knew about the family law so she would bully and oppress Yiman with the family law.

Qinyu was not a fool. What Yichen said opened a new door for her.

The family law was such a good stuff. She could protect herself by this weapon in the future.

"Father, may I know the family law?"

Qin Yuhan was so surprised," You don't know the law?"

" Not really... I did not seen that before." Qinyu pursed her lips.

Qin Yuhan threw the chess in his hand hard to the jade chess box and the expression on his face was
extremely serious," Chu, what you did as the hostess?" A cold light was shinning in his eyes frightening
Mrs. Qin that she even trembled.

Kids in Qin family must know the family law even before the age they went to school. And the first
lesson a new bride should learn was the family law.

Qin Yuhan rarely took care of the inner issues of the family. Mrs. Qin was taking in charge of that.
Mostly, Sima Yuer stayed with him dealing with the company issues so she would not care about the
family issues. That also avoided conflicts with Mrs. Qin. However, no one expected that Mrs. Qin did
not even teach Qinyu the family law.

Mrs. glanced at Qinyu bitterly. Her heart was full of anger.

Such a basebred scheming bitch, knowing the main problem very fast and using it immediately. Mrs.
Qin thought.

" I thought that Qinyu is very new to the family and the wedding has not held yet, so I think it's better to
teach her after the wedding."

Mrs. Qin explained.

At the beginning, she did not tell Qinyu about the family law on purpose since she did not expect that
Qinyu could stay very long. A basebred had no right to stay with Qin family, had no right to override
they honorable people.

But after that, Qinyu had conflicts with Mrs. Qin's daughter so Mrs. Qin did not want Qinyu to know the
family law the more. Her daughter was the oldest sister in the family. It was normal she ask Qinyu to do
things. Qinyu should only obey her and Qinyu should stay low in front of her daughter forever.

" She is a wife of Qin family since she got into the door. Wedding is just a wedding, it would not have
any influence to her status. Teach her the family law immediately." Qin Yuhan said seriously.

" Understood." Mrs. Qin clenched her teeth.

Qinyu laughed in her mind. She started learning the family law immediately after she got it.

The book was bound floridly. It was a golden law.

" There are a lot of rules in it, just like the rules in ancient palace."

" Qin family is very populated, just like a little kingdom. It's more convenient to manage the family with a
law." Aunt Mei said.

" And there are also councils taking in charge of executing, supervising and revising?" Qinyu opened
her eyes widely. Such a great family. It was totally different from a civilian family and a civilian family
could never compare with them.

" A rich and powerful family cares about its fame and cohesion. People in the family are all relatives.
When there is a dispute between family members, they will ask the hostess to mediate and the hostess
and the councils would come up a solution together." Aunt Mei explained.

" That's good." Qinyu nodded. Domestic shame should not be made public.

Qinyu decided that she must bear the family rule in her mind. It was the legal weapon in the family. She
would use that to protect herself.

When Qinyu went back her room, Yichen was lying on the sofa reading a business magazine. He did
not look at her but just said leisurely," How much you learn about the family law?"

" I will remember all the main points. No rules, no order. The family law is great." Qinyu smiled slyly
showing two cute fossettes on her face.

" The law you must remember is my law." Yichen lifted his brows gently showing an exclusive arbitrary
expression on his face.

" I know, to be a quiet puppet." She stuck tongue out a little.

She would not ask how dissolute he was or how many lover he would have or how many bastards he
would make. She had no right to ask or know.

" And?" He glanced at her with a cold sight without any sense of warmness.

Qinyu could feel that he went back to his normal temperature, minus 180 degree. It was a constant
temperature of him no matter the season. It was rare to see it raised.

" And obey your orders no matter what, no resistance, no interference and bring no disgraced things to
you." She blinked her eyes and said as she was thinking.

Yichen put down the magazine and took the tea cup on the table. He sipped the tea and said leisurely,"
Write down your what you said for 1000 times, the last sentence."

Qinyu trembled a lot," Why?"

" You never done that." He sent a jeering and critical sight like an arrow to her. It sticked through her
and brought the pain.

Indeed, she was a inferior puppet for sure. She had always made him lose face, every time,

" Why don't you divorce with me and go to marry Mo Mengshan who would not make you lose face
since I'm so inferior?" Qinyu talked in whispers. Her voice was very low. She was completely talking to

However, Yichen heard that. He reached out his hand and grabbed the point of her chin," You can't go
back to Jiang City even though I divorce with you."