Love in full bloom

Chapter 121 I'll cover you at any time.

Mo Qinyu felt suffocated, and she felt that she was severely deprived of oxygen, which caused her
weak, and she leaned weakly on him.

Mo Qinyu’s action gave him a feeling of possession. Even if she only had a dirty body, it belonged to
him, and no one was allowed to covet.

Mo Mengshan looked at them, feeling so unpleasant and envious. Qin Yichen never kissed her like
this, and he never let her touch his lips.

Maybe he didn’t like her very much.

Ru Chen almost had breakdown like her.

He stared at them directly and madly, and he had mad in his eyes.

Qin Yiman rushed over, blocking in front of him, "Ru Chen, have you been seduced by that bitch, or
have you been tempted by her? I am your fiancee!"

Ru Chen glanced at her quietly. He wanted to immediately get annulment with her, but he knew that if
he called off the engagement with her, it would be more difficult for him to go in and out of Qin House in
the future.

"If you want to get back with me, I'm willing to give you a chance. You don't have to apologize to me,
and now you immediately apologize to Mo Qinyu. I know it was you who sent Mo Qinyu to Qin Yichen’s
arms. You are a daughter of a rich and powerful family, not a woman who ran a brothel. Don't devalue
yourself. "

Qin Yiman was so embarrassment and angry, "Why do I need to apologize to her? She is nothing."

"Don't dare to admit mistakes. You are nothing, too." Ru Chen mouth sneered, and a sly light flashed in
his eyes. "Since you are so keen to destroy other people's marriage, I also want you to have a feeling
that your husband have a mistress. But I won't find an ugly woman. For the sake of future generations,
at least I should choose an extraordinary and perfect woman. "

Qin Yiman was stunned. Did he want to have an illegitimate child?

According to his character, there were only things that others couldn’t think of, but there was nothing
that he didn’t dare to do.

If he really had an illegitimate child, then she would completely lose him.

"I will apologize!" She clenched her fists, took a deep breath, and walked to Mo Qinyu.

She swallowed this tone and it was important for her to take him back first.

Qin Yichen finally let go of Mo Qinyu. She breathed heavily, and lest she passed out because of
difficulty breathing. How could she have time to notice Qin Yiman?

"I'm sorry!" Qin Yiman whispered extremely quietly.

Mo Qinyu's brain was buzzing, so she couldn’t hear anything. She thought that Qin Yiman was talking
about, she thought that Qin Yiman was talking to Qin Yichen, so she ignored Qin Yiman.

She was so angry that she clenched her teeth. She was so humble, but how dare the little bitch woman
to ignore her?

"You are in a low voice. Who can hear?" Ru Chen snorted.

Qin Yiman was so angry that she was trembling, "I'm sorry." She almost roared.

She would remember that. And then she would let Mo Qinyu pay all back.

As long as Mo Mengshan was here, and Mo Qinyu would not have a good life.

Mo Qinyu heard her clearly now, but she knew that Qin Yiman was not sincere. It was impossible that
Qin Yiman didn’t make any trouble.

"Sister, Ru Chen and I had sworn in Guan Gong Temple, and we are just like siblings. Brother said, he
will help me at any time if somone dares to bully me."

This statement not only clarified her relationship with Ru Chen, but also suppressed Qin Yiman, making
Qin Yiman afraid to be too arrogant.

As the saying goes: there is always one thing to overcome another. Even if Qin Yiman was a wolf, she
would become a sheep in front of Ru Chen.

Moreover, superficially, Ru Chen was gentle, but if he was angry, he was also extremely fierce and

Qin Yiman had a bad temper and was stupid. How could she control him?

Ru Chen looked at Mo Qinyu, and his eyes became extremely gentle, "Sister, rest assured. I will
always cover you."

Qin Yichen felt so angry.

They were talking and they didn’t have time to notice him. He was Mo Qinyu’s husband!

"My wife doesn't need others to cover!" He said fiercely, and his arms on Mo Qinyu's waist suddenly

Mo Qinyu knew that he was angry, and she also knew that she would suffer after Ru Chen left, but she
did nothing but stood indifferently.

In fact, in the past, she still had a glimmer of hope. She thought that if she worked hard and gain a little
favor from Qin Yichen, she could stay here at ease and she could be his puppet at peace.

But now, her heart was murdered, and the only thing she wanted was to save enough money to quickly
end the disaster.

Ru Chen felt so angry.

Mo Qinyu was his wife now, which did not mean that she had always been. As long as Mo Qinyu
wanted, he would immediately take her away.

He took a breath from the gap between his teeth and was about to speak. He saw that Mrs. Qin came
in from the outside, and he stretched out his hand, pulling Qin Yiman into his arms.

What Ru Chen did made Qin Yiman be full of joy, and her disappointment and anger disappeared.

"Ru Chen, aren't you angry?”

"As long as you are good, I'll be nice to you. Mo Qinyu is your sister-in-law. Help me take care of her.
Don't let your brother bully her, you know?" Ru Ren’s taper fingers touched her cheek, and he gently
kissed her forehead.

Every time Qin Yiman was angry and the reason why she was angry was all about Mo Qinyu.

But he finally didn’t get angry. She couldn't disappoint him, and she quickly showed a sweet smile to
him, "I know, Ru Chen."

Mrs. Qin was very happy to see them reconciled, and she smiled with her eyes narrowing to a seam. "I
saw you reconciled, and I’m relieved."

"Mrs. Qin, I will go back to Yang City in the afternoon so I’ll leave first." Ru Chen smiled very kind.

"Come over for dinner tomorrow. I will let the chef make your favorite sweet and sour pork." Mrs. Qin
said with a smile.

Qin Yichen was too lazy to listen to their gossip, and he hugged Mo Qinyu up, and walked towards

He walked into the room and he threw her onto the sofa.

" You find good boyfriends. Xu Ruochen and Ru Chen. It seems that they all like you."

"Whatever you think." She put aside her head and did not explain, and she showed a negative look.

Qin Yichen was extremely angry, and every cell and every nerve was filled with anger, and it felt like
that his whole body was burning by angry fire.

"Mo Qinyu, you are my puppet until you die. You won’t have the second choice."