Love in full bloom

Chapter 138 The next one is you.

"Mengshan, you came just right. The son of bitch has pushed you into the lake. Yichen will punish her
with the whip. It is a leather whip. It really hurts. I will let Yichen whip hard, and it will definitely make
her suffer."

Qin Yiman laughed loudly. Her eyes were filled with gloating smiles. She had begun to imagine the
scene that Mo Qinyu was being whipped to death. She and her baby would die. It must be very
exciting, very relieved.

Mo Mengshan was very disappointed just now. When she heard this, she was immediately excited, and
the haze in her heart was swept away.

But she controlled her expression and didn't let the excited smile reveal. She pretended to be sympathy
for Mo Qinyu, "This whip is so rough. It must be very painful. My sister will not stand it. I don't want to
see that she was punished, but the state has its own laws and a family has its own rules. No one can
stop it. I can only mourn for my sister. "

Mo Qinyu laughed, and the laughter was full of irony, "Mo Mengshan, I won't die. Don’t mourn for me. I
know that you want to be the mistress of this family eagerly. I originally wanted to give it to you, but I
changed my mind now. The more you want to get, the more I will not let it go. I will be Qin Yichen’s wife
until you die. "

Mo Mengshan felt mad. She swallowed hard and forced herself to be calm. "Qinyu, we are sisters, not
enemies. I just want to be Yichen's side. I don’t have any other thoughts. You misunderstand me. "

"Don't pretend to be innocent. Everyone knows your thoughts. Since you love acting so much, why
don't you become an actor?"

Mo Qinyu sneered. She suddenly remembered a poem: Both born of the same root, why torment each
other so cruelly!

They were cousins, and they were from Mo family. However, Mo Mengshan tried to harm her in various
way and wanted her to die.

Mo Mengshan again showed a miserable expression. Her tears fell suddenly.

"I know that from childhood to age, I have been better than you. You have always been dissatisfied and
hated me. But this is not my fault, it is God's arrangement. The fate of me and Yichen is destined. You
can't steal it even if you want it. "

Ru Chen's gaze swept her from head to toe like a sharp blade, "Mo Mengshan, don't blowing your own
trumpet. Even if Qinyu left Qi Yichen, she can still marry into a wealthy family. You are an ugly and
common woman. You are destined to be mistress of other men. "

This remark was like an invisible slap on Mo Mengshan's face.

Was she an ugly and common woman?



She was elegant, noble, and stylishly dressed. Mo Qinyu was such a stick-in-the-mud. Mo Qinyu was
not as good as her from the head to toes. And even Mo Qinyu was not worthy of being her servants.

"Mr. Ru, why do you always stand by Mo Qinyu? You like her, don’t you? You are Yiman's fiancé. How
can you like Mo Qinyu?" She covered her mouth and pretended to be extremely surprised.

"He is my brother. We swore at Guangong Temple. If he doesn’t stand by me, does he stand by you?"
Mo Qinyu knew that Mo Mengshan was alienating her from Qin Family and framing on her and Ru
Chen, so Mo Qinyu said immediately.

Qin Yiman's exquisite facial features twisted. Swore? It was just a lie.

Mo Qinyu had been seducing Ru Chen and she was successful.

Ru Chen now defended Mo Qinyu in various ways. He ignored her and he was even very vicious to

Every time he would quarrel with her for Mo Qinyu.

He used to be so nice to her.

Mo Qinyu was a scourge. Mo Qinyu was her nemesis. If Mo Qinyu didn’t leave, her troubles were

In any case, she must kick Mo Qinyu out of Qin family.

She winked at Mo Mengshan and walked to Qin Yichen. "Yichen, let me implement family rules."

In case Qin Yichen had mercy for Mo Qinyu, she would whip Mo Qinyu in person.

"Yes, Yichen, let Yiman do it. My sister is also your wife. It’s not good for you to whip her. Yiman is the
eldest sister. Let her do it." Mo Mengshan said.

"Mo Mengshan, you work in collusion with Qin Yiman. You will be dying pointlessly." Mo Qinyu thought
that today must be her death date. She escaped Qin Yiman's iron stick, but could not escape Qin
Yichen's whip.

She struggled desperately, trying to break free, and ran to Ru Chen's side, seeking asylum, but Qin
Yichen's arms were strong, she could not move at all, "Qin Yichen, you are indiscriminate. It's so pity
that you have high IQ. I would revenge you all after my death!"

Ru Chen was so anxious.

He forced himself to stay calm, not to panic, not to use brute force, otherwise he could only do a

He stood next to Qin Yiman. He knew that if he fought with Qin Yichen, he would definitely not be able
to save Mo Qinyu.

The best way to stop it was to take over the whip.

As long as Qin Yichen handed his whip to Qin Yiman, he would take it away, so the family rules could
not be carried out.

Qin Yiman stared at Mo Qinyu viciously, "You don't have to do the dying struggle anymore. No one can
escape the rules of Qin family."

As she said, she held out her hand, "Yichen, give me your whip and let me whip her!"

"Okay." Qin Yichen suddenly let go of hand which imprisoned Mo Qinyu.

This made Mo Qinyu very surprised. She thought that Qin Yichen would bundle her directly.

She ran away. She ran to the back of the tree and hid and panted.

She originally wanted to run to Ru Chen, but suddenly she changed her mind.

She had seen Qin Yichen’s Kungfu. He was better than Ru Chen. If they fought, Ru Chen would lose,
she couldn’t burden him.

Ru Chen looked at her, but without moving. The best way to lift the crisis was to take over the whip.

"Yichen, she ran away!" Qin Yiman turned to chase but her hair was pulled by Qin Yichen. He pulled it
hard and Qin Yiman screamed in pain. "Yichen, what are you doing? Let me go."

"Where do you want to run?" Qin Yichen’s low voice was like cold wind which was full of suffocating.
When his arm was shaken vigorously, Qin Yiman was thrown to the ground.

"Give me the rope!" He roared, dragging Qin Yiman's hair all the way to the tree. Qin Yiman struggled
desperately, yelling in horror.

Now she understood that the person who would be punished with the family rules was her, not Mo

Mo Mengshan shuddered in fright. Qin Yiman was about to be whipped. She just helped her just now. It
was easy for Qin Yichen to think that she worked hand in glove with Qin Yiman.

Would she be the next one to be whipped?