Love in full bloom

Chapter 136 I will hit you do death.

As soon as Mo Qinyu returned to the hall, Qin Yiman rushed over to her, "Son of bitch, how dare you
hurt Mo Mengshan. I will kill you!"

Qin Yiman thought it was good chance to hit Mo Qinyu to have a miscarriage.

She raised her hand and smashed Mo Qinyu all over. However, Mo Qinyu protected herself with her
arms and ran out.

Qin Yiman had a height of 178 cm. Mo Qinyu was too thin to fight against Qin Yiman.

Seeing her running away, Qin Yiman picked up a hard iron stick in the yard to chase.

As long as Qin Yiman hit Mo Qinyu with this stick, even if she did not die, she must abort.

"Miss, what are you doing? Stop! Don't hit lady." Aunt Mei yelled at the door.

It could see the courtyard from the window of the annex building. Mo Mengshan stood in front of the
window and watched. She smiled viciously and felt delighted. It was really a good show.

Mo Qinyu must die today!

Tomorrow, she could hold a memorial service for Mo Qinyu and her child!

Hearing the sound of Qin Yichen coming from the counter, she hurriedly closed the window and jumped
back to the bed, so as not to be seen by him and let he rescue Mo Qinyu.

"I should go." Qin Yichen put the water beside her and turned towards the door.

Suddenly, something popped into her mind. She covered her belly. "Yichen, my stomach hurts a bit.
Could it be that I fell into the water and my child gets hurt?"

At this time, she couldn’t allow Qin Yichen to go back. Because if he rescued Mo Qinyu, she would
waste all the previous efforts.

"I asked Azhu to call a doctor." Qin Yichen had no expression. He was a little absent-mind. He seemed
to be thinking of something else.

She got up and grabbed his hand. "I have medicine. What the child and mother need most now is not
the medicine, but the father. Don't leave, stay with me, okay?"

Qin Yichen glanced at her pitilessly, with a bit of gloom in his eyes and a bit of coldness, "Mo
Mengshan, there is something you need to figure out."

There was no temperature in his words. Mo Mengshan knew it, and she flinched. "What ... what?"

"It’s up to me to stay or leave, and no one is entitled to bargain." His words hit her heart like a bullet.

Mo Mengshan shivered and let go of his hand.

Her trick of pretending to be weak worked for other men, but it had no effect on Qin Yichen.

He was cruel by nature. He would not show compassion to anyone, and would not allow anyone to be
arrogant in front of him, even if the woman he loved.

"Yichen, I'm just worried about the child. He seems to be able to sense your presence. Every time you
are there, he is particularly quiet and well behaved."

With tears in her eyes, she hurried to talk about the child. The child was her amulet.

But Qin Yiman just sneered, "Just a child, do you think I will be short of my children?"

He had no fetters. Anyone, anything and even his own child couldn’t become his fetters.

He was the king in his world!

Mo Mengshan trembled as if her body had been soaked in ice water. She was shivering.

"Yichen, I just love you so much ..."

Qin Yichen raised her chin. His cold eyes glanced across her tear-stained cheeks, "The only person
you can depend on is me, not a child, understand? As long as you are obedient, you can always stay
beside me. Otherwise, you won’t have any chance include the chance of coming back Jiang City "

After he said, he left.

Mo Mengshan lay on the bed limply, with her body trembled all over. All the pleasure of victory


She did not defeat Mo Qinyu.

Qi Yichen was ruthless towards Mo Qinyu, so he did the same to her.

Now she just wanted that Qin Yiman could do it little faster. She hoped that Qin Yiman could kill Mo
Qinyu to prevent future troubles.

In the courtyard, Qin Yiman lifted the stick several times, but Mo Qinyu avoided them.

Aunt Mei and servants wanted to stop her, but Qin Yiman was almost crazy. She hit everyone she saw,
so no one dared to approach.

She knew that she had to seize the opportunity. As long as she hit Mo Qinyu once, Mo Qinyu would
die, and her threat could be completely lifted.

Mo Qinyu tried to hide behind the big tree, but without paying attention to her feet, she was stumbled
by a tree root.

Losing balance, she staggered several steps and pitched forward.

The moment she was about to fall, a pair of strong arms supported her and embraced her.

Qin Yiman's eyes were blood-red. It was like that she lost control. The more insane flame was sprayed
out of her eyes. "Son of bitch, I will kill you."

She lifted the stick desperately and hit Mo Qinyu.

With being spoiled and indulged by Old Mrs. Qin, she always acted recklessly. Even if she killed
someone, Old Mrs. Qin would try her best to protect her, so she was not afraid of anything.

Besides, Qin Yichen didn't like Mo Qinyu at all. He just wanted to possess her and he kept her as a pet.

If she hit Mo Qinyu to death, he would lose his temper at most. If he wanted to hit her again, she would
hide behind her mother. He couldn't hit her because her mother would protect her.

The stick did not fall. It was trapped in the air by Ru Chen.

Ru Chen could feel the weight of the iron. Although it was not very heavy, the iron stick was solid. If it
hit someone heavily, the bones of the person would crack.

He couldn't imagine what would happen if he came late.

"Qin Yiman, you are a crazy dog. If you have a mental problem, go to see a doctor."

He furiously snatched the iron stick.

Qin Yiman shivered with anger. She was almost going crazy.

She could almost kill Mo Qinyu. How could Ru Chen come here?

"Ru Chen, I'm driving the bad woman out from my home. Don't protect her. You don't know how vicious
she is. She even pushed Mo Mengshan into the lake and wanted to drown her and the child. She is
vicious and cunning. I have to drive her out from Qin family. "

"I think it's you to be driven out. Qin Yichen didn’t blame her. What qualifications do you have to hurt
her? Don't think I don't know what you think. You just take the chance to vent your own selfish desire."
Ru Chen was filled with righteous indignation. He wanted to strangle this arrogant woman.

Qin Yiman was so angry. "Ru Chen, you've been fascinated by this bitch. I'm your fiancee, not her."

"I thought you changed, but you haven't changed at all. You just stuck to your old ways. I won’t believe
you anymore." Ru Chen clenched his teeth and tried to resist the urge to kill her. As long as he was
there, he wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt Mo Qinyu.

Just then, Qin Yichen walked in from the outside and saw Mo Qinyu leaning on Ru Chen's arms.
Suddenly, he was so unpleasant and angry.