Love in full bloom

Chapter 135 Honey, hug

The moment she touched Mo Qinyu's back, Mo Qinyu avoided it suddenly for she was chasing the
fishes in the lake.

Mo Mengshan exerted too much force, causing her body leaned forward and fall into the lake suddenly.

"Help!-Help!" She was so scared that she slammed desperatly in the lake. The one who fell into the
lake should be Mo Qinyu, what happened on earth!

Mo Qinyu froze for a moment and did not respond at all.

Where did Mo Mengshan come from and how did she fall into the water?

Wasn't it her hallucination?

In the distance, a maid ran over, then she returned to her senses in shock.

It was not an illusion, Mo Mengshan really fell into the water!

"Hurry up, my sister is out of the lake, I can't swim, hurry to save her."

The maid jumped into the water and rescued Mo Mengshan.

She choked with the water but she was still conscious. However, when she saw Qin Yichen coming
over, she closed her eyes and pretended to faint.

Qin Yichen had seen them, then rushed forward like a lighting. "What's wrong?"

"Miss Mo fell off the lake. She may have choked the water and passed out." The maid pressed her
heart and did artificial respiration. She learned nursing and knew how to do it.

Mo Mengshan was crazy and depressed now.

Damn maid!

She wanted Qin Yichen to press her chest and wanted Qin Yichen to give her artificial respiration from
mouth to mouth, not a servant.

However, the maid's rescue action was very professional, which made Qin Yichen didn't take any

Mo Qinyu called an ambulance. Qin Yichen saw that her clothes were dry and knew she hadn't fallen
into the water.

"How did she fall into the water?"

"I don't know. I didn't even see her come here. I was watching the fish alone. When I heard the sound,
she has fallen into the water." Mo Qinyu was confused.

Mo Mengshan couldn't hold it anymore, opened her eyes, and tears fell down, "Yichen, is it really you?
Am I dead? I'm dreaming?"

"If you're dead, you can't dream." Qin Yichen lifted the corner of his mouth, smiling, and stepped
forward to help her up.

She pretended to be weak, and fell into his arms. "I'm so scared, Yichen. I thought I would never see
you again."

"It's okay." Qin Yichen patted her shoulder with no expression on his face.

Mo Qinyu knew that he was always cold and never showed his emotion on face, even if he loved Mo
Mengshan much.

She lowered her head and kicked the weeds under her feet. They were as humble and small as her,
who was forgotten always and could strugle to live by herself. While Mo Mengshan was a rose in the
garden, who was carefully cultivated, irrigated and cared for.

Qin Yichen's gaze swept across her face unintentionally, and returned to Mo Mengshan. "How did you
fall into the lake?"

Mo Mengshan wiped the tears in the corner of her eyes and sobbed, as if hesitating. "Yichen, don't ask,
can you?"

"Say." Qin Yichen ordered.

Mo Mengshan's tears suddenly fell down again, as if suffering great grievances, "Can you not blame
my younger sister? It's not her fault. I can't leave without you, my baby can't lose his dad. I annoyed
Qinyu. It's my fault, don't mention it again, okay? I won't care that."

She spoke pitifully and generously, which successfully framed Mo Qinyu again.

Mo Qinyu was speechless. What happened? Why did she get into trouble again when she just what to
appreciate the fishes. "Mo Mengshan, do you want to blackmail? You fall into water yourself, why do
you frame me? Is this interesting?"

Mo Mengshan put her face on Qin Yichen's chest as if she was the legal wife.

The move was a silent provocation against Mo Qinyu.

"Qinyu, I didn't, didn't I say that? I won't find out the truth and I won't blame you. You are my sister, can
you be obeident for the sake of my child? He is inncent and he is Yichen's son. If you hurt our baby,
then you hurt Yichen."

Her soft voice seemed even more innocent, and she looked exactly like a victim.

Mo Qinyu's fist clenched unconsciously, the flame of anger burning from her chest to her head. One of
her most annoying things was being framed.

"Mo Mengshan, you are really a showman. I wondered that why did you appear and fall into the water
suddenly while there was only me here. It turns out that you did it on purpose to frame me."

Mo Mengshan raised her hand and stroked the flat belly. "Qinyu, I'm a pregnant woman. This child is
the life of me and Yichen. He is more important to me than my own life. I was afraid of doing anything
that might hurt him, then how could I jump into the lake, risking a miscarriage and being drowned."

Mo Qinyu took a deep breath. She never wanted to frame her, "Then you stumbled and fell into, you
want to frame me. I didn't see you at all and we didn't say a word. When I saw you, you have been in
the lake."

"Forget it, as long as my child is okay, this matter will be turned over. I don't want to bother about this
anymore. You have been like this since you were a child. No matter what you do wrong, you won't
admit it."

Mo Mengshan's eyes flashed a gloomy and sly cold light, her tone was still gentle. She was very good
at disguising herself, this was her trump card.

Qin Yichen called the maid over, "Say, what happened just now?"

The maid rubbed her hands. "I don't know. When I came over, I saw Miss Mo calling for help in the
water. Lady stood on the bank and watched, so I jumped into the water to save Miss Mo."

Mo Mengshan knew that she had got the upper hand, because Qin Yichen was standing beside her
and holding her.

She raised her hand and held Qin Yichen's placket. "Yichen, I'm so cold. I want to change my clothes."

Qin Yichen nodded slightly, glanced over Mo Qinyu faintly without any emotions shown on his face. "It's
over now. No one is allowed to mention it again."

After speaking, he turned around, but Mo Mengshan didn't move. "My legs are so weak that I can't
move." Her whole body was attached to his body.

This time, Qin Yichen didn't ignore her hint, hugged her horizontally, and walked outside.

Leaning on his broad shoulders, Mo Mengshan turned her head and looked at Mo Qinyu with a proud
smile on her face to show her victory.

Mo Qinyu put her head aside, her eyes and heart hurt sharply.

She knew that Mo Mengshan was deliberate and was going to ruin her.

And Qin Yichen would not choose to believe her.

So this time, she framed her successfully.

As soon as Mo Mengshan went back, she secretly sent WeChat to Qin Yiman.

She couldn't let the things go so easily. She would make it more serious.

It was really a good chance to kick Mo Qinyu out.