Love in full bloom

Chapter 134 Until her death

She covered her belly and felt a little uncomfortable, Qin Yichen noticed it acutely.

"What's Wrong?"

"My stomach hurts a bit, maybe my aunt Flo is visiting." She couldn't help but moan. Of course, after it
delayed for so many days, she would definitely have dysmenorrhea.

His bushy eyebrows were narrowed slightly, and it was obvious that he didn't exert too much force.
How could it hurt?

This fragile woman was so fragile that he hates her.

"Did you take the medicine?"

"Today ... I didn't eat," she said weakly.

"Hurry up and take it." He was a little irritable, but he didn't know why.

She kept silent, for she didn't want to take the medicine any more. Once she took that medicine, her
stomach would be uncomfortable, and she would be tired, sleepy and didn't want to move.

But if she didn't follow his orders, the devil would pull her out, right?

Thinking, she strove up to support her body.

Qin Yichen was watching her difficult movement, as if she would fall apart with some force.

A certain emotion in his body exceeded his limit. Suddenly, he jumped up, rushed over to the table, and
handed her water and medicine.

After taking the medicine, her belly seemed a little more comfortable, then fell asleep gradually.

Qin Yichen couldn't fall asleep for he felt something blocked in his heart.

It was all because this stupid woman. Once he saw her, he would feel his nerves be pulled and make
him uncomfortable.

Subconsciously, he sat up, picked her up with the quilt, and put her in the bed.

She made him sleepless, so she couldn't sleep well, either.

However, Mo Qinyu was still sleeping soundly, as if she wouldn't even be waken up by lightning. When
she woke up the next day, she found that she was lying Qin Yichen's side in bed.

As soon as she turned around, she met his dark ice eyes.

"Why am I in bed?"

"You climbed up yourself. So brave you are, dare to climb into my bed!" There was a cold arc in the
corner of his mouth.

"No way, I don't have sleepwalking." She held her forehead incredibly.

His long forefinger tangled a strand of hair on her chest, and played with it, "What you think about in
the day you will dream of at night. So you want to climb into my bed every day, right?"

"No, I never thought about it." She shook her head in a hurry, and a heat wave quickly spread from her
neck to her scalp, turning her into a 'cooked shrimp'.

How dare she climb his bed? She would rather avoid him.

His thick eyebrow suddenly frowned, while the bottom of his eyes shot out two sharp and cold lights. "If
you never thought about it, then you are more annoying. So unmotivated."

Mo Qinyu wanted to vomit blood. Sure enough, no matter what she did, she would be wrong, no matter
what she did, he would hate it.

She lifted the quilt, tried to get up, but was dragged back by him almost rudely. His powerful big hand
pressed her shoulder and made her unable to move. "Lie in bed all day. If you don't recover, I will leave
you in the mountain alone. "

"I still have to go to work." She was sweating wildly, and felt speechless.

"Ask for a leave." He issued an order like a general. The lower soldiers were only allowed to obey.

She bit her lower lip, and her stomach grunted twice. "I'm hungry." He couldn't forbid her eating, right?

"Knowing that you're hungry means you won't die." There was a slight arc in his thin lips. He seemed to
still mind her words last night and she didn't look like a short-lived woman.

Pressing the call bell, he asked the servant to bring breakfast.

Today's recipe was arranged by Aunt Mei, it was warm tonification food.

In the kitchen, someone didn't give up, and ordered the servant to stew the safflower tonic soup, and
asked the servant to pick out the safflower when it was brought up to Mo Qinyu.

However, after all, the medicinal materials had a strong smell. Before Mo Qinyu drank it, she felt sick
and kecked with her mouth covered.

Qin Yichen twisted his two eyebrows and he also smelled the medicinal herbs. "What's in it?"

"It seems to be safflower. This soup was stewed by Miss Qin." The servant answered truthfully.

"Re-stewed, no piece of medicinal herbs and no dishes are allowed." Qin Yichen issued a command

Mo Qinyu sighed. "Why does your elder sister always let me eat safflowers? If I am pregnant, then I
can understand her, but I am not pregnant."

Her intuition told her that there was something wrong. Qin Yiman would not suddenly changed her
attitude to her. She must have bad idea.

But she couldn't figure out what Qin Yiman wanted to do.

Qin Yichen squinted his eyes slightly, flashing a sharp cold light, "Can pregnant people eat red
flowers?" He knew what this thing was for.

"The legendary palace abortion potion. Your sister hates me so much, and wants to make Mo
Mengshan be your legal wife, she shouldn't want me get pregnant, right?" She said slowly.

There was a bloodthirsty killing on Qin Yichen's handsome face. If Qin Yiman dared to kill his child, he
would let her die sonless!

Downstairs, when Qin Yiman saw the soup was returned back, she was so annoyed.

The damn bitch!

She really want to pry open Mo Qinyu's teeth, fill her with all the soup, and watch her blood flow.

The cook cooked the new soup. According to Qin Yichen's instructions, no medicines were put in.

Mo Qinyu was finally comfortable and satisfied after eating two big chicken drumsticks and drinking the

Qin Yichen's tight face finally eased a little.

"Little hedgehog, recover quickly, or you will be miserable."

Mo Qinyu knew what he meant. Even if she was dying, he wouldn't let her go. He would still plunder
her endlessly and empty her body completely until she was completely out of breath.

In this way, like a pig, she lay lazily for a day, and only went down in the evening.

After dinner, she went for a walk in the garden, walked through artificial creeks, reached the lake, and
stood on the grass by the lake to bathe the sunset and evening wind.

The lake was green like a pool of transparent liquid emerald, reflecting the enticing green light in the
setting sun.

Suddenly a group of small fishes came over, she bent down and watched excitedly.

Not far away, a pair of dark eyes were squinting at her.

There was no one around, she couldn't swim, and if she fell in the lake, she would not only have a
miscarriage, but also she would die.

This was a good opportunity, and she cannot miss it.

She put her steps to the lightest, and the people by the lake didn't notice it.

She bent down, watching the fish intently. Just push her gently, she would fall.

No one would come to save her, she would stand by, watch her thump, struggle, and then sink without
leaving a splash.

Until Qin family members find her body, it was probably a few days later.

There was a weird and cold smile in the corner of her mouth.

Raising her hand, she used all her strength to push Mo Qinyu's back, lest she had less strength and
Mo Qinyu couldn't fall ...