Love in full bloom

Chapter 132 You will be my puppet even if you die

A powerful force suddenly struck her, pulling her back a few steps. If it were not for A zhu who
supported her in time, she must have fallen to the ground.

Her kick was empty.

With just a little bit left, the bastard of Mo Qinyu would be gone.

How nice it would be if she could stand closer.

She was not reconciled, she was going to crazy and wanted to scream.

Qin Yichen's gaze glared her sharply, "What do you want to do?"

"I ... I just want to try if she's pretending to be dizzy. I won't really kick her." She tried to keep calm and
covered subtly.

"Remember your identity. You are a concubine, if concubine bullies the legal wife, you will be punished
by family law." Qin Yichen spit out coldly word by word, the warning means were colder than ice.

Mo Qinyu was his exclusive puppet. Only he had the right to bully her and punish her.

No one else was eligible, no matter who he was!

Mo Mengshan's internal organs were twisted. This remark was like a cold water pouring from the top of
her head, which made her heart cool and cold, all the enthusiasm frozen into ice crystals.

"Master, I think lady is really dizzy. Look at her face, she's so pale." Azhu said, looking at the person on
the ground.

Qin Yichen shuddered, and backed off in a stride.

The floor was covered with tiles, which was very cold. When his hand touched Mo Qinyu's fingers, he
found that her hands were as cold as the floor, with almost no temperature.

Her face was like the tile, white and almost transparent, and even her lips were white.

He quickly picked up her, "Mo Qinyu, open your eyes, I ask you to open your eyes, do you hear it."

He yelled as he ran, loud, echoing in the quiet corridor.

Mo Qinyu couldn't hear it, and remained motionless, like losing her life.

Back in the main building, Aunt Mei asked, "Lady? What's wrong?"

"She passed out, call the doctor now." The muscles on Qin Yichen's face were tightened tightly. The
woman had been sick lately, and the sickness made him sick.

"It's in the middle of the night, don't call the doctor. She must be anaemic. Pinch the philtrum and she
will wake up." Qin Yiman walked over and stopped Aunt Mei, lest the doctor check out Mo Qinyu was

Qin Yichen then remembered that he should pinch the philtrum. But why did he be stupid and his mind
went blank just now?

He squeezed Mo Qinyu's philtrum with his thumb, and then Mo Qinyu's closed eyelids moved slightly.

She felt so weak that she couldn't even open her eyes. Moaning uncomfortably, she opened her eyes.

"What happened to me?" She asked weakly.

Qin Yichen's face was still tight, The moment she opened her eyes, all his expressions disappeared,
leaving only the hard and cold look like ice.

"You passed out, useless woman."

She had a momentary nagging, and then the previous scene quickly rushed into her mind. Like being
angry, she put aside her head, "I'm sorry to bothered you and Mo Mengshan."

"It is indeed very annoying. Quickly go back to sleep." He was annoyed, and even his voice was filled
with rage.

She guessed that when she passed out, his third round must have just begun, so he was so angry.

She supported the sofa back and stood up, while her knees were shaking, her legs were weak like
cotton, as if they were no longer her own.

The moment she was about to fall back, he grabbed her and hugged her sideways.

"It's okay, I can go by myself." There was a hint of stubbornness in her eyes.

"You can only crawl back now I think." He groaned with mock and impatience in his eyes.

When he looked at Mo Mengshan, it wasn't like that. His eyes would fill with tenderness, dazzling
tenderness like thorns.

She was irritated, then gritted her teeth and said, "I can crawl back by myself. It's none of your

There was a flash of flame of fury in Qin Yichen's gloomy ice eyes. With a bit of rudeness, he threw her
away. But fortunately, she landed on both feet and did not fall.

"Then just do it."

He walked up in anger, but stopped halfway, as if he was blocked by something. Turning his head, Mo
Qinyu was still under the stairs.

She supported the handrail of the stairs and staggered up.

"Lady!" Aunt Mei stepped forward, trying to help her, but was stopped by him. "Let her go, no one is
allowed to help her."

He wanted to see how long the woman's damn temper could last.

Qin Yiman watched and felt thrilled. As she expected, Yichen didn't like this woman, she would get out
of here sooner or later.

Mo Qinyu took only a few steps and felt that she was about to collapse. Her spine was cold and
sweaty. Suddenly, her knees lost strength, and she fell on the stairs.

She grabbed the handrail, tried a few times to stand up, but she failed.

Taking a deep breath, she started again, step by step, step by step, as slowly as a dying animal wanted
to slowly crawl back to its own nest, waiting for death.

She didn't know what had happened, how she became so weak in just a few days.

Was she really sick? Was she dying?

But she couldn't die, she hadn't saved enough money to save Xiao Wu.

Qin Yichen stared at her while his eyes were almost spitting out flame of fury. \

His fingers clenched the armrests, and the knuckles were all white because of too much force.

His patience was undergoing the greatest test, and it was on the verge of collapse.

Time passed little by little, when Mo Qinyu got to the corner of the second floor, it seemed that a
century had passed.

With a bang, Qin Yichen seemed to hear a broken string in his chest.

Then, almost subconsciously, he rushed down, grabbed her slender arm, pulled her up, and hugged

"Will you die if you beg me?" The damn stubbornness made him upset and disgusted.

"I may really be dying." There was only a gap left in her eyes, and she could barely open her eyes
because of tiredness, her voice was even softer than her breathing.

"Shut up!" He was terribly irritated and didn't want to hear her damn words.

He couldn't let her die, she couldn't die.

Her life was also up to him.

But she didn't shut up, her ears were buzzing, and she couldn't hear his orders. "You let me go back, I
want to die in my home, I want mom and dad, I want Xiao Wu, and I want to see them for the last time.

A muscle twitched fiercely on his handsome face, as if a nerve had been pulled, and then his whole
body trembled.

"If you dare to die, I will throw you to the mountains behind, make it dry bodies, and then become it

"Put it back as a puppet again? Don't you feel it disgusting?" She smiled amusedly, and that look was
like a lonely teal desolately flying across the sky.