Love in full bloom

Chapter 131 I won't serve you

The simple four words flew over like four sharp arrows and plunged into her weak spot.

She opened her eyes wide and couldn't believe it, thinking she had heard it wrong.

How could he have such a funny request!

Qin Yichen seemed a little impatient, frowned, and growled, "Come in!"

Now she heard clearly.

He really let her in!

What did he want her do?

She wanted to take her steps, but her legs were so weak that her feet seemed to weigh a lot, and every
step she took would exhaust her.

"Are you a snail?" Qin Yichen grabbed the pillow at his hand and threw it at her rudely. He threw it
accurately, and the pillow was right and hit her head.

Fortunately, it was soft and it didn't hurt, but she knew that if she took another step, it would not be a
pillow, but a wine bottle or tea cup on the bedside table.

"What's the matter?" Her voice was so weak, like a wind about to go out.

Qin Yichen didn't speak again, burying his head in Mo Mengshan's neck again, and his long fingers slid
along her cheeks.

A few minutes later, Qin Yichen suddenly pulled the quilt to cover both of them, not wanting her to
affect his next condition.

The quilt was lake green.

She thought she would get used to it.

But standing here at this moment, she realized that what she saw with her own eyes was different from
the pain caused by her imagination.

The blow in person was greater and heavier.

Her internal organs were jerking violently, so that she had to bend down, holding her chest with her
hands, breathing in a big mouth, so that she could stand on her heels and not spit and die.

Struggling, for a long while, she murmured a few words indistinctly, "I ... can I go?" Each bit of her word
was very heavy, as if she was worried that he could not hear clearly during "struggle" .

"The lake" finally subsided, it should be said that they were interrupted.

"Qinyu, can you talk after us finish?"

She bit her lower lip. "I'm just sleepy and want to go back to sleep."

"Then go quickly, don't disturb us." Mo Mengshan gave her a nasty look.

"Shut up." Qin Yichen rubbed her head. "If she's gone, who will serve us."

Mo Mengshan froze, and before she could react, she heard his command: "Bring the fruit over."

Mo Qinyu's fist tightened and let go again. She walked mechanically to the coffee table, raised the fruit
plate, and walked back to the bed.

He picked up a cherry tomato, while Mo Mengshan also wanted one. The moment her finger touched
the fruit plate, Mo Qinyu's hand suddenly shrank back. "I only serve my husband, not his little mistress."

Mo Mengshan's eyes flashed a dark flame. She pouted her lips and rubbed against Qin Yichen's chest
with her fingertips, "Honey, you feed me!"

The 'Honey' she called crisply and loudly, like a string of firecrackers banging in Mo Qinyu's ears,
blowing her dizzy and tingling her eardrums.

Qin Yichen fed Mo Mengshan with the cherry tomato, apparently defaulting on her call.

Mo Qinyu tightened the hand which held the plate with her fingers shaking slightly, causing the plate
shaking, too.

Qin Yichen looked her but without any expressions on his face, only hard cold, just like a frozen

"Pour wine." He spit out two words coldly.

Mo Qinyu gritted her teeth, lowered the fruit plate, picked up the bottle from the nightstand, filled the
glass with wine, and handed it to him.

"I'm really sleepy. The doctor said that I have to go to bed before ten o'clock." She begged.

She didn't understand what he wanted to do, did he want to let her die here?

Qin Yichen was expressionless, as if she hadn't heard her at all. He shook the wine in the glass and
took a sip.

Mo Mengshan immediately coquettishly put her mouth close him. "Honey, I want to drink too, you feed

Qin Yichen's big hand covered her belly, "Can pregnant women drink?"

Mo Mengshan put out her tongue, "I forgot."

Qin Yichen slowly finished half the wine and handed the glass to Mo Qinyu. "Drink the rest."

Mo Qinyu pressed her lips. "I'm taking medicine and can't drink."

"Sickly body, so annoying." Qin Yichen's thick eyebrows frowned, and a word impatiently squeezed
from the thin lips, "Get out."

His tone was irritable, but for Mo Qinyu it was an amnesty.

She turned and walked out, lest he changed his idea and called her back.

Maybe she was too hurried, maybe she was internally injured by the excessive blow just now, her chest
seemed to be blocked by a stone, which made her breathless.

She gasped heavily, and as soon as her eyes were dark, she fell down.

"Lady! Lady!" A Zhu yelled outside.

Qin Yichen jumped out of bed and ran over, while Mo Mengshan followed him.

"Qinyu, why are you pretending to be dizzy? This little trick you used to play before, I'm used to it."

Qin Yichen also thought that she was pretending. A cunning woman like her could do anything.

"Mo Qinyu, get up, don't pretend." He lifted his foot and kicked her.'

This action gave Mo Mengshan a great inspiration. If she took the opportunity to kick Mo Qinyu on the
belly, the bastard in her belly would be gone.

Thinking, she smiled vaguely, raised her feet, and exerted her strength toward Mo Qinyu's belly ...