Love in full bloom

Chapter 130 His Purpose Was to Find The Documents

Mo Qinyu took a sip of mineral water and said,"I can't do so much for you because I have no backer
and forces.The most I can do is to help you connect with others and let you see Qin Yichen more.As for
what you are going to do,you just do it yourself.I will not interfere or ask about it."

"I don't need you to do anything."Pang Xiaofan curled her lips.Such a poor loser like her couldn't make
a big difference.

During the lunch break,Mo Qinyu asked Guo Lulu to have lunch together.

Guo Lulu was now very curious about Mo Qinyu's relationship with Qin Yichen.

"Qinyu,do you know that a few days ago,the big boss came to see me in the middle of the night to find
you and smashed my door.I didn't dare to sleep all night.Why was he looking for you?"

"That..."Mo Qinyu pursed her lips."Big boss sent me to handle affairs.There were important documents
left in my bag.He was looking for documents,not me."

"Ah?Is that all?I thought he liked you and wanted to pursue you,"said Guo Lulu.

"This kind of thing can only happen in idol drama,which is impossible in reality.Even if it does happen,a
loser like me will only be miserable and sad after I marry into a rich family.It's impossible for me to be
like Cinderella in the fairy tale to live happily with the prince."Mo Qinyu smiled sadly,her tone full of self

"Isn't your boyfriend a rich man?I saw him driving a rich car."Guo Lulu smiled and thought Qinyu was
bluffing her.

Mo Qinyu was stunned.Suddenly,she thought of what had happened in Wal Mart.Maybe Guo Lulu
regarded Ruchen as her boyfriend.

"The handsome guy that you saw last time is not my boyfriend.He is someone else's fiance.We met
several times before,so I am familiar with him."

"No wonder you're back at work."Guo Lulu sighed.She thought Mo Qinyu failed to get married with that
guy and got played with by the rich second generation before returning.

Mo Qinyu raised eyebrows with emotion,"Women should be self-reliant and can never think of relying
on men.Compared with believing that man is willing to pick stars for you,I think that one day ET visits
our earth and brings stars to me in passing is more possible."


This evening,Qin Yichen really decided to accompany Mo Mengshan.

Mo Mengshan had been waiting for him in the hall.When he came out of his study,she went to the
second floor with him together.

She planned to give Qin Yichen a wonderful and unforgettable night.

After bathing,she changed into a nightdress.

She also painted perfume specially bought to stimulate men.

"Yichen,let me dance for you."

She pressed the play button,and a passionate song resounded through the room.

Mo Mengshan wriggled her waist with the beat of the music and came over.

"I learned this dance for you.Do you like it?"

Qin Yichen said with a faint smile,"You don't look like an inexperienced woman at all."

This was not praise,but a question.She shuddered smartly,and all her enthusiasm turned into a trace of
smoke which quickly faded away.

"I thought you would like it.Qinyu is very experienced.She must be very active when she is with you."

She never forgot to blacken Qinyu.

Qin Yichen's dark ice eyes flickered.Mo Qinyu did have experience,but she didn't take the initiative at
all.Lying in bed,she became a stiff dead fish.

At the thought of Mo Qinyu,he was angry.

He really wanted to shut this passive and negligent woman up in the black house again and torture her

In the room of the main building,Mo Qinyu sneezed hard.

She was chatting with Xu Ruochen on the chat program.

"Do you really want to divorce Qin Yichen?"

"Well,can I win the divorce case?"

"I don't want to disappoint you,but it is very unlikely.You should try to solve it internally.You just want 20
million.It's not hard."

"But I just feel that it's so hard.Qin Yichen told me that if I wanted to divorce,I could only get out of their
house without taking anything."

"Fool,he threatened you because didn't want to divorce.Since he now wants to,he will give you money
in order to let you go even if you don't mention it."

Mo Qinyu's heart was shocked severely,and she felt that she was going to be a victim.

The reason why Qin Yichen didn't want to divorce was not that he had feelings for her.but in his
family,no one had ever divorced.He didn't want to be the first one to do so.

"The marriage I want is not like this.I'm not a generous woman.I can't share my husband with others."

Xu Ruochen was silent for a while,then he sent a line of words,"Give me some time,and I will try to
come up with a completely perfect strategy for you."

"OK,thank you so much."She replied and sighed.

At this time,there was a voice outside.It was A Zhu."Little madam,the young master asked you to go to
the vice building."

"What is he going to do?"She vibrated violently.

"I don't know.The young master only said you should arrive in five minutes."A Zhu told the truth.

Mo Qinyu's nerves were tense.

She didn't want to go at all.

She wouldn't play games with him.

But,she couldn't help but go,otherwise tonight,Qin Yichen surely wouldn't let her feel at ease.

She walked out uneasily,each step heavy.

The door of Mo Mengshan's room was not closed.

She pushed the door gently and saw two entangled figures on the big bed.

Mo Qinyu felt that she was hit suddenly by a staggering blow which made her dizzy.

She grabbed the door frame in a hurry so as not to fall down.

After the great earthquake,she took a few deep breaths and forced herself to keep calm.

Mo Mengshan saw her with a smile.

This was to stimulate Mo Qinyu on purpose.

She did it!

It seemed that tens of thousands of needles flew into Mo Qinyu's eyes,which made her in great
pain.And almost subconsciously she made a strange voice from her throat,like a very hard swallow of
sour water.

Qin Yichen heard it.Turning around,he raised a sneer from the corner of his mouth,"come in and