Love in full bloom

Chapter 129 Join Hands to Deal With Rival in Love

He frowned. "Do you want me to go?"

She shrugged. "It doesn't matter. A few more times will not make any differences."

She used a kind of tone of go-for-broke.

She knew very well that Mo Mengshan couldn't be driven away. She already had the child. Where
could she drive her to?

As for herself, the relationship between Qin Yichen and her could not be improved.

Their marriage would only have two ends. If they didn't fell into conflict in silence, they would divorce in

Qin Yichen hated to see her such a negative attitude, like a stove without kindling, frustrated and

"I hope you don't regret it."

"The worst outcome is here. I have nothing to regret." All of a sudden, she began to laugh with such
sarcasm and sorrow.

The worst outcome was that Mo Mengshan conceived a bastard and almost succeed in taking her

Mo Mengshan has already done half of it. As for the other half, she was willing to get out of the farce
and perfect them.

The corners of his mouth were tight, as if he were biting his teeth. For a while, he squeezed a few
words out of his teeth and said, "Get out my face!"

She got up obediently, made up her bed on the floor, and slept on it without saying a word.

Qin Yichen has a feeling of being engulfed by rage. The worst part was that all his anger was like
punching on the cotton wall, which made him unable to vent and caused serious internal injuries.

Stupid woman was really annoying, very annoying, and made him gnash his teeth with anger!

The room became deathly silent, and sometimes heavy breathing could be heard shaking the air.

Mo Qinyu could detect that he was angry, but she didn't know what he was angry about. She just told
the truth.

Pulling on the quilt and covering her head, she curled up.

She felt a little cold. In this home, beside this man, she seldom felt a trace of warmth. He was always
cold, even when the sun shining on him was cold.

In the morning, when she woke up, Qin Yichen was no longer in the room. He always got up early.

She tidied herself and went downstairs. She was going back to company to work.

When she went to the dinning room, she saw Qin Yichen. He was having breakfast. Mo Mengshan sat
beside him, talking and laughing. She didn't know what they were talking about.

They have common topics and hobbies, but she knew nothing. She was an outsider and couldn't cut in.

She took a bird's nest porridge and two steamed stuffed bun. She sat in the opposite position.

This pattern, as if Mo Mengshan was his lawful wife.

Mo Mengshan was very satisfied with this position. Mo Qinyu should sit on the place far away from
them. It would be better if she got out of the Qin family and disappeared forever in her sight.

"Yichen, today's crystal dumplings are very yummy. Try them." She took a crystal dumpling and sent it
to Qin Yichen's mouth.

Qin Yichen took a bite. "Not bad. You eat it yourself."

"Uh." She smiled and put the another half dumpling he left in her mouth.

It seemed that they were really intimate and close to each other.

Mo Qinyu knew that if it was her fed food to him, Qin Yichen would not eat it. He would feel it was dirty.

She quickly ate up the porridge in the bowl, and turned grief and anger into appetite.

Mo Mengshan raised an imperceptible sneer at the corner of her mouth. "Yichen, I called you last night,
and Qinyu answered it. She said you slept. You slept so early."

"Facing the boring scenery, of course, I will feel sleepy." Qin Yichen shrugged. His voice was like a
passing cold wind, which blew Mo Qinyu chilly.

Boring scenery, obviously referred to her.

Mo Mengshan thought so too and laughed in her heart. It seemed that this little bitch used all kinds of
methods, but she didn't get any benefits.

"Yichen, can you come to accompany me this evening?"

"Okay." Qin Yichen readily agreed.

Mo Qinyu heard it, but she did not show any different expressions. She buried herself in her bun.

She didn't care, really.

They already had one baby, and it was possible to have a second one.

"I'm full. I'll go to work. Excuse me." After that, she got up and left without looking back.

A little bit of crimson color got into Qin Yichen's thick eyebrows. The woman who was unable to see the
fitness of things was in need of spanking.

As soon as Mo Qinyu went to the company, Pang Xiaofan came.

She has been on holiday in France. When she saw the news that Mo Menshan was pregnant, she
came back in a hurry.

She really did a huge stupid thing at the beginning - sent a coquette to Qin Yichen.

"Mo Qinyu, you are so coward. You can't even keep your husband."

"It is unavoidable, can I follow him 24 hours?"

Mo Qinyu sneered and laughed, but her words were reasonable.

"You should have killed Mo Menshan." Pang Xiaofan said angrily.

"I don't have the ability. She has Qin Yiman to back her up." Mo Qinyu was holding a cup and drinking
water, like venting her anger.

Pang Xiaofan fulminated with anger, this damned Qin Yiman, didn't help Qinyu, but helped Mo
Mengshan. She went too far.

"These days, there are rumors. They say you have infertility, do you?"

The sad smile emerged on Mo Qinyu's face. Since Mo Mengshan successfully moved into the Qin
family, she has become the biggest joke in the celebrity circle, and it didn't matter there was one more.

Maybe she should be self-deprecating and turn herself into a black coal and get out of the 'cage' early.

"The doctor said that my physique is not good and it's difficult to get pregnant. I'm always ready to

Pang Xiaofan regretted it extremely.

If she had known that Mo Qinyu was infertile earlier, she would not brought Mo Mengshan that fox spirit
here and lifted the rock only to drop on her own feet.

"Mo Qinyu, I thought you capable, but I didn't expect you to be so weak."

"Nothing is more lamentable than a dead heart. I've thought about it. I'll take the initiative to quit and
satisfy Mo Mengshan and Qin Yichen." She spread out her hands and said it lightly, which was her real

"You're crazy." Pang Xiaofan smacked her mouth. Looking at her appearance, she knew that she was
suppressed to be miserable by Mo Mengshan every day.

If she could not get pregnant, what position could she have? Sooner or later, she would be divorced.
Even if she could barely stay in the position, it was only a superficial status.

As long as she could get rid of Mo Menshan, she would have hope to enter the Qin family.

"How about I join hands with you to get rid of Mo Menshan?"

"What's the benefit for me?" Mo Qinyu picked up her eyebrows.

Pang Xiaofan's two big eyes turned for a moment. "You can keep your position. I can take Mo
Mengshan's position. If you can't get pregnant, you can take my child as your legitimate son."

As long as Mo Mengshan was eradicated, wouldn't it be easy to drive away this hen who could not lay
eggs in the future?