Love in full bloom

Chapter 128 Don't You Go And Accompany Her?

Qin Yichen's icy eyes flickered under the light,then he grabbed her pillow,threw it aside and pushed her
down on the bed.

He hadn't done that for three days and today he would not let her go.

After only doing once,he decided to rest and let her go.

It was a special grace.

"You are allowed to sleep in bed today."

He picked her up and put her on the bed.

It seemed that he hadn't spend the night with Mo Mengshan these days ever since she moved in.It
should be that she was pregnant and couldn't do it.

Her child was her treasure.She couldn't let her baby accidentally get hurt.

When Mo Qinyu was thinking,Qin Yichen's cell phone rang,which was called by Mo Mengshan.

Deliberately or not,Qin Yichen put her on speakerphone.

The soft voice of Mo Mengshan came out from inside,"Honey,I am so lonely and can't sleep.Can you
come to accompany me?"

Qin Yichen didn't answer.His thin lips reached Hua Mo Qinyu's ear,"Answer for me."Finishing saying,he
threw the mobile phone into her hand,turned over and didn't care.

Mo Qinyu took a breath,as if she had taken a heavy load.

She knew that he had just had a big fight,and he must have been too lazy to move.Mo Mengshan's call
was not at the right time.

"Sister,Yichen is sleeping."

Hearing her voice,Mo Mengshan suddenly clenched her finger holding the mobile phone.

This little bitch stole Qin Yichen's phone?She was too brave!

"Why is Yichen's mobile phone here?"

"My cell phone is dead.So I used his to play games."Mo Qinyu said lightly.

Hearing this,Mo Mengshan was in great anger.She firmly believed that Mo Qinyu was intentional.She
just didn't want Qin Yichen to answer her phone.

"Qinyu,I heard that Yichen doesn't like other people to move his personal belongings.If you take his cell
phone,he will be angry."

Mo Qinyu smiled,"Sister,are you kidding me?I play with his cell phone in front of him.He belongs to
me,not to mention a cell phone."

When Qin Yichen heard this,he choked.

She was so good at lying.She must be a habitual liar.

On the other side,Mo Mengshan was so angry that she stamped her feet.The little bitch must play a
new trick in front of Qin Yichen,so that she could make him stay there and unwilling come to her side.

"Well,then I will just sleep.You should also sleep early.I'll come to see Yichen tomorrow."

As soon as she hung up the phone,Qin Yichen turned around,holding his forehead in one hand and
staring at the people beside him lazily and wantonly,"I'm all yours?"

"No,I just used a little exaggeration and said it casually."She had a smile and was embarrassed.

"Only a little exaggeration?"His eyes were dark and deep,and they made her shiver.

She quickly shook her head,shaking it like a rattle,"It's not a little.It's a special exaggeration.You're not
mine.You're not mine from the hair to the toe."

"I am glad that you know."He picked up a strand of her hair and played with it between his fingers.The
most important thing about being a puppet was to always put yourself in the right place.

Mo Qinyu swallowed her saliva and carefully said,"Mo Mengshan is lonely.Don't you go to accompany