Love in full bloom

Chapter 127 Just Eat More

At dinner,Qin Yiman served a bowl of red flower black chicken soup to Mo Qinyu,"Black chicken is
specially used to treat gynecological problems.You can just eat more, and then you may be able to be

Mo Qinyu gave her a quiet look.

She knew that Qin Yiman was not such a kind woman.She treated her so nicely for some reason.

According to Qin Yiman's nature,once she became friendly,she must be playing a conspiracy.

On the opposite of the table,A Zhu also gave Mo Mengshan a bowl.Mo Mengshan hurriedly waved,"I
have a bad appetite and don't want to drink chicken soup."

The cook came over from the outside,"According to the order of the young madam,we stewed the old
mother's Chicken Soup for you."

"Then I'll have mother's chicken soup."She immediately said.

A little sharp glance flashed from the bottom of Mo Qinyu's eyes,"Why did you have to stew the chicken
soup alone since here is another chicken soup already?"

"There are red flowers in that pot.Miss Mo is pregnant and can't eat them."The chef said,"And crabs,the
seed of Job's tears and turtles are not suitable for pregnant women to eat."

"Why are all that you cooked today what pregnant women can't eat?"Mo Qinyu asked casually without
too much concern.

"That's what the young madam ordered."The chef replied truthfully.

"Don't talk too much."Qin Yiman mumbled,turning her eyes to Mo Qinyu."Drink the soup
quickly,because it will be not good when it's cold."

"Qinyu,safflower can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis.Pregnant women can't eat
it,but as for those women like you,it's the best.Maybe once you finish drinking it,the physiological period
will come."Mo Mengshan was helping.She would watch Mo Qinyu drink the soup.

But Mo Qinyu couldn't smell the smell.She took a spoon,but before it was put into her mouth,she felt
sick.She quickly covered her mouth and ran to the bathroom.

She retched several times and gave out a mouthful of sour water.

"Why are you still not well?"Qin Yichen stood at the door of the bathroom and looked very upset.

"It may be that I took the medicine prescribed by the doctor.I think the adverse reactions mentioned
above are nausea and vomiting."She said in a low voice.

"That's to hurt your stomach.Don't eat it until you are cured."

He took her by the shoulder and helped her out.

Qin Yiman was mad in her heart.She was certainly lying.if she wanted to vomit,she should do it after
she drank it up and had miscarriage.

"The soup is cold.Give her a hot one."She told the servant.

Mo Qinyu waved,"No,I don't like the taste.I don't want to drink it.Thank you."

Qin Yiman frowned,"This chicken soup is specially stewed for you.I have had information check
today.It's specially used to treat amenorrhea.You have to do me a favor and drink a bowl."

If she could,she really wanted to pry Mo Qinyu's mouth and feed her forcibly.

"I'm sorry,Yiman.I've got your idea,but I feel like vomiting when I smell it.I can't drink it."Mo Qinyu
shrugged apologetically.

She always thought something was strange.What the hell was Qin Yiman doing?

"Take the soup away.Anyone who likes drinking can drink it."Qin Yichen ordered.As long as it would
stimulate Mo Qinyu's stomach,it couldn't be placed on the table.

As long as the woman didn't get well,she wouldn't feel happy.So he had to let her restore her health as
soon as possible.

Qin Yiman was going to faint with rage when she saw the servant carrying away the soup.

Mo Mengshan was more depressed than her.she thought that Mo Qinyu was such a vulgar bitch that
was very picky.

"Then Qinyu,just eat crabs.This is your favorite."She took a spicy crab and put it on Mo Qinyu's plate.

"Crabs are cold and if you have a bad stomach,you can't eat them."Sima Yuer's voice came from one

"She is not a princess in the castle.No need to be so picky."Qin Yiman gave a cold hum.She was very

She specially prepared a table of food that could cause miscarriage.Mo Qinyu had to eat it all,otherwise
she couldn't leave the dinning-table.

Mo Mengshan's eyes turned,still smiling,"If you can't eat it,don't eat it.Eat turtle.Turtle is warm and
suitable for you to eat."Finishing saying,she pointed at the turtle.

Mo Qinyu had a bad appetite today.She didn't want to eat anything except vegetables.She smiled
lightly,"Don't care about me.I'll eat some vegetables."

"What's the use of eating vegetables?If you don't supply nutrition,how can you get pregnant?Do you
want to be a hen that never lays an egg?"

Qin Yiman took up her plate and took a piece of the food for miscarriage she had prepared.She took
one piece of each dish and said,"For the reproduction of our Qin family,you have to eat more."

Mo Qinyu didn't like the taste.She quickly felt sick again.She covered her mouth and retched several

Qin Yichen immediately grabbed the plate and threw it into the garbage can without hesitation.Then he
ordered,"Take the young madam down and let her eat in her room."

Qin Yiman's lips twitched fiercely."Qin Yichen,you are so gullible.You can't even tell good from bad.I do
this all for you."

"Qin Yiman,I don't care what you are thinking about.If you dare to hurt Mo Qinyu,you won't have a good
life."Qin Yichen said threats word by word,with a very sharp voice.

Qin Yiman shuddered.She wanted to say something else,but was stopped by Mrs.Qin,"That is
enough.Just go back to your room."She didn't want her to say anything wrong.

After Qin Yiman left angrily,Mo Mengshan also withered.Seeing that Mo Qinyu only ate some
vegetables,she was spitting blood in her heart,but she dared not say anything more,so that Mo Qinyu
would not be suspicious.

After eating few vegetables,Mo Qinyu went back to her room.

These days,her stomach was not good,and the body seemed to be a lot worse.What's more,she was
often sleepy without energy.

Seeing her lying on the sofa,Qin Yichen frowned,"I thought that a wild girl should be rough,thick and
invincible.Unexpectedly,you are very delicate."

"I... I must have kidney deficiency. "She pouted.

Since Mo Mengshan had come to live here,he came back almost every day.Her little body couldn't
stand his wild behavior.

Qin Yichen choked,and his thin lips opened and said one word coldly,"Useless."

"Can I have a rest for some time?"She raised her eyes and looked at him in a low voice,like a

Qin Yichen leaned slightly and his pretty face almost stuck to her,and the burning breath spread on her
face,as if it were burning hot."How do you want to rest?"

She swallowed her saliva fiercely,and subconsciously shrank back,"No Asceticism,OK?"

"And what else are you worth?"He gave a low snort,and there was a cold light of contempt in his
eyes,as if for a moment,she had become worthless and inferior to grass mustard.

She grabbed the pillow next to her and held it like a shield,"I...When my body is restored,my value will
be also restored."