Love in full bloom

Chapter 126: This Suggestion Can Be Considered

"At the time of drawing lots, the third uncle, the forth uncle and the aunt were all present. If you don't
know if I talk nonsense, just ask them. Besides, Grandpa has been watching us in the heaven. He
knows clearly that who is lying and who is acting? As for the so-called the God's will, I can’t guess it,
and I don’t want to guess it. All I know is that the right to decide on this matter is on Yichen's hand, not
you and me. He lets me stay, I will stay, he lets me go, and I will go."

She threw the ball back to Qin Yichen. Anyway, he said just now that if she didn't want to leave him,
and he will definitely keep his promise.

Qin Yichen stretched out his hand, covered her head, and touched her gently, just like touching a docile
little pet.

"Woman who do not fight or snatch, obedient and well-behaved, I will protect her."

She turned her face and smiled at him, revealing two lovely dimples, "My husband, as long as I stay
with you, I don't mind you have many mistresses. My sister is pregnant now and can't serve you, it's
better for you to find a few more beautiful women to serve you well, and have a few more children by
the way. In case I really can't have a child, choose the most obedient, most well-behaved, and the most
sensible among them, and let him be my child. Make him as your heir. "

Qin Yichen narrowed his eyes slightly, his black eyes only showed a little, it looked extraordinarily dark
and extraordinarily deep. "This suggestion can be considered."

Mo Mengshan went crazy in her heart.

Let Qin Yichen find another woman!

Was Mo Qinyu going to break the death in with her?

Qin Yiman patted her hand to make her calm and calm, and she also heard about the will, and it was't
for Mo Qinyu to deal with it casually.

"Qinyu, my grandpa made a will, the next heir to the Qin family, only by the Mo family ..."

Before she finished speaking, she was quickly interrupted by Mrs. Qin, "Yiman, don't talk nonsense
here. Your own marriage hasn't been dealt with yet. What are you doing?"

Her expression was very serious. If the will of the family was known by the sisters of the Mo family, she
still didn't know what will happen.

Qin Yiman had a simple mind, she can't understand her thought, and compressed her lips, "Mom, I
want this woman to know, only Mo Mengshan's child ..."

"Enough." Mrs. Qin growled, and slightly raised her voice to startle Qin Yiman.

Her mother never yelled at her like this.

"Mom, what's wrong with you, I said nothing wrong." She was terribly wronged.

"From now on, no one is allowed to mention the child's affairs, otherwise she will be punished." Mrs.
Qin said sternly.

Only in this way can prevent secrets from leaking out.

Mo Mengshan seemed to know something, but she did not have enough time to think about it carefully.
What she cared most now was whether Mo Qinyu was pregnant.

"Yiman, I know you are good for me, but it's okay. I have never liked competing with others. All I do is
for my child. Let's go back to the room and I will play a song later for you. "

She pulled Qin Yiman and left.

As soon as they entered the room, she quickly asked Qin Yiman to call the doctor.

"Dr. Hu, what is the situation with Mo Qinyu?"

"She is pregnant." Dr. Hu said lightly that before when she was in the Qin family, she all did as what
Qin Yiman told her and concealed the truth of Mo Qinyu's pregnancy.

Qin Yiman and Mo Mengshan glanced at each other as if they were all shocked.

This was the most terrible news they had ever heard.

"What should we do, Yiman, if she gave birth to a child, I will be over." Mo Mengshan grabbed her arm.

She must not let Mo Qinyu's child live for more than one month, she must destroy the evil species
secretly without her knowing.

But she couldn't do it by herself. She had to ask someone help her to do this and let Qin Yiman be the

She can only be a military officer behind her, just as she used to instruct her mother at home.

Qin Yiman's eyes flashed a very gloomy cold light, "Don't worry, she doesn't have such a good life, and
can't give birth to Qin Yichen's child."

In the garden, Qin Yichen took Mo Qinyu for a walk on the gravel path.

Mo Qinyu completely lost the fighting spirit, her face was frustrated, and her heart was full of sorrow.

She was thinking about her infertility. Can she really have no children?

"Qin Yichen, you let me take medicine before, it seems that I don't need to take it." Her voice was very
low, like a mosquito.

"Let's wait for the menstrual period to pass, and then go for a detailed inspection. Maybe I'm mistaken."
Qin Yichen's light tone seemed to have a sense of comfort.

She nodded, her jaw tied low, almost sticking to her chest, like a child who made a mistake.

Qin Yichen stopped suddenly, grabbed her shoulder, and resisted her on the big trunk. "Mo Qinyu, tell
me honestly, have you ever had an abortion?"

"No, I really don't, I can swear, if I have done this kind of cruel and terrible thing, it will really make me
unable to give birth ..." Her expression was frank and solemn, and before the words were finished, her
lips were blocked by Qin Yichen.

The later words were taboo and he didn't want to listen to those.

He only made a posture and interrupted her, he let go of her. "Is it true to draw lots?"

"Yes." She nodded. "Mo Mengshan is most afraid of me mentioning it, she will never admit it."

Qin Yichen's sharp eyes glanced across her face like a sharp sword. "If I find that you tell a lie, I will
close your mouth and make you unable to eat for three days."

She was a recidivist of lies, and he only believed 50% of her words.

"I didn't lie." She frowned.

His long fingers slowly slid down and landed on her flat abdomen, rubbing lightly.

A part of her body can finally be exclusive to him.

His voice carried a terrifying chill, and the warm gas he spit out was frozen into ice crystals. She felt
cold that seemed the whole body's blood was frozen.

"If ... I really can't have children?"

"Then make a test tube." He flicked her forehead.

Medicine was so developed now, we were not in ancient times.

There was always a way to have children.

When they returned to their house, Qin Yiman was in the kitchen and personally ordered dinner tonight.

Spicy Crab, Barley Rice, Safflower, Turtle ...

She wanted Mo Qinyu to have a miscarriage because of this meal.

Mo Mengshan snickered secretly. All of these dishes were told by her. As long as Mo Qinyu took a bite,
the child in her body will be finished.

Mo Qinyu could not know their conspiracy, but she was surprised that Qin Yiman would enter the
kitchen, because she was most afraid of oil fume on her face.

She was going upstairs to take medicine.

The doctor gave her only one medicine.

She had taken this medicine before, and her period would come after eating this, which was very