Love in full bloom

Chapter 76: She Still Wanted To Lie Her

Qin Yiman secretly glanced at Mo Qinyu, Mo Qinyu smiled slightly toward Ruchen: "I know, brother-in-

Qin Yiman’s heart was full of anger. How did she feel that these two people were delivering something
via their eyesight, maybe she had already been with Qin Yichen.

After dinner, Qin Yizhen took Mo Qinyu to the garden for a walk.

Mo Qinyu was like a small animal attached to his side, followed him and walked slowly on the gravel

"Mo Qinyu, what did your ex look like?" He suddenly asked and scared her.

If she tell him that Shicong was exactly the same as Ruchen, and she did not know how he will react.

"It’s almost three years, my memory is a bit fuzzy, I don’t remember it,” she said deliberately. As long as
she did not provoke him, she was willing to lie.

"You are really a liar." He frowned, how could she forget it? She said a few days ago that she loved the
damn man all her life.

"Since he is no longer alive, why I have to mention him? It’s just a sad feeling to think more. Besides,
people’s feelings are not the same. At different ages, they will like different people.” She was seriously
talking nonsense."

However, he seemed to be quite comfortable when he heard her words, and his face was slightly

This cunning woman not only loved to lie, but also very realistic. In short, she had all kinds of bad
things that he hated.

When they walked to the bamboo forest, they met with Ruchen and Qin Yiman.

Qin Yiman showed the whites of her eyes to Mo Qinyu. "Where I go, I can meet God of plague."

"You can't be tolerant to Qinyu? You are always jealous her, she is just purer than you, that's just a
small matter, right? Is it necessary to be like this?" Ruchen frowned, this kind of woman was simply

Qin Yiman clenched her fist. "Ruchen, do you dare say that you don't like this woman?"

"No. She is my younger-sister-in-law, I can't be interested in a married woman." Ruchen said
immediately. "It's all of your fantasy."

Qin Yiman did not speak indignantly. In her heart, she determined that Mo Qinyu was her first rival in
rival, and she must be removed soon.

Qin Yichen laughed: "Qin Yiman, you always ask for suffering, does it make sense?"

"It's all your fault, Mo Mengshan is so good, a thousand times better than this woman, ten thousand
times, why don't you change it, and still keep her here to harm me." Qin Yiman said with a madness.

"You should be the one who need to be changed." Qin Yichen said unceremoniously, then he leaving
with Mo Qinyu.

Mo Qinyu understood that Qin Yiman seemed that she was inconsistent with her, so she would be like
having a hatred of her.

After returning, she received a call from Mo Mengshan and asked her to come to the bar.

"This woman, you shouldn't meet her very often"

She shrugged. "She is my cousin after all, she is a relative, how can I always refuse to meet her?"

When she arrived the bar, Mo Mengshan had arrived.

"Qinyu, we two can be like sisters in the past, I remember when you were a child, always close to me,
always want to play with me." Mo Mengshan smiled.

"Yeah, how good it is when we were children, carefree." Mo Qinyu smiled faintly. "If this didn't happen,
our relationship may be the same as before. You are great lady, I am still poor."

"If I will be a great lady, how can I not take care of you, let you be poor?" Mo Mengshan glanced at her.

She wanted to play emotional cards with her, confused her, and let her lose her defense, so that she
can take advantage of Qin Yichen and get his good feelings.

Mo Qinyu smiled faintly, she couldn't hope for her care, and thought about the aunt, it would be nice to
not make her family in trouble.

When they first rushed to fight for their ancestral homes with their families, they refused to take care of
their grandma and drove grandma out of their homes to let their families take care of her.

They didn’t respect the old man and wanted to rub the ancestral house.

They can't wait for any good things to be taken up by them.

"Sister, I know, you think that I refused to let the position out, and your heart was very uncomfortable. It
was like your own things were robbed by others. But this matter is not determined by our Mo family. It's
by the Qin family, Qin Yichen has the final say, I have no right."

"I understand that at the party yesterday, I saw that he has other women. He doesn't like you very
much." Mo Mengshan sighed and pretended to be very sympathetic to her. In fact, she was happy.

She was an uncultivated wild donkey. She was rustic and plain, and she wasn't good at dressing up at
all. How can she be also a jewelry designer.

Jewelry designers were all fashion, they weren't like this kind of wild girl, she was simply a shame in
the design circle, she would damage the designer's reputation.

The most important thing was that she did not understand the etiquette of the giants. When she went
out, she knew nothing and damage the reputation of the Qin family. It was no wonder that Qin Yichen
never took her out. She stood at his side and didn't deserve it. She was only used as a maid to lift

"He doesn't like me. However, he hates divorce. The Qin family has not divorced yet. He can't be the
first to make an exception."

In order to dispel Mo Mengshan's thoughts, she can only say this to fool her.

This seemed to be the best reason.

She wa a wife that was out of favor. To say that Qin Yichen was reluctant to lose her, he did not want to
divorce, even she can not convince herself, how to let Mo Mengshan believe it.

Mo Mengshan’s face still had a gentle smile, and the voice was as soft as ever. “Qinyu, I heard that Qin
Yichen’s father still has another woman. At home, there are two women who serve one husband
together. Sima Yu'er is his assistant, but actually she is his mistress. It’s no surprise that the current
dignitaries have several women in the dark. I can give you the position of the wife and I can be his
'personal assistant.'"

She said that, because she was going to confuse her and let her relax and to one step back today for
two steps forward tomorrow.

She didn't want to describe herself as "a mistress". In her heart, she should be his wife. Only Mo Qinyu
should be his mistress. No, she can't be his mistress. She can only go back to Jiangcheng to be poor.

Mo Qinyu shook a little, and there was a bitter smile on her face.

In order to be able to enter the Qin family, the cousin was also trying her best.

If she had known it would come to this ,she would have acted differently?

Escape from marriage was her choice. Whenever a person made a decision, she must bear the final
result, whether it was good or bad.

The fate was not to be in the same place, once you missed it, maybe it will be forever.

"Sister, although Qin Yichen is quite handsome, he still likes men, he likes both men and women, can
you bear this?"

Mo Mengshan snorted in her heart, and this bitch was still trying to lie to her. Qin Yichen’s sexual
orientation was normal, and she was arbitrarily ruined by her lies.