Love in full bloom

Chapter 124 It Could Be A Mistake

Mo Qinyu swallowed her saliva fiercely. She was so shocked that she could not digest the information
for a while.

But she didn't feel it was a severe blow.

For a woman who had never been a mother, it was a wonderful thing that there was suddenly a little life
in her belly.


"It could be a mistake. I'm just having an endocrine disorder." She said in a very low voice.

His eyes turned cold and his face became extremely gloomy, as if it were a sign of a storm. "Don't you
want to conceive my baby?"

Yes, she didn't want to! She said in her heart.

She would leave sooner or later. She couldn't live with Mo Mengshan.

Having a child would put her in a dilemma.

But she knew that she could not say it, or he would be furious again.

He wanted a submissive, clever and obedient puppet, not a hedgehog who always challenged him.

"I'm afraid I will not be so lucky." She mumbled.

"It's your sheer luck to marry me." He raised his eyebrows and looked down at her as if he were staring
at an insignificant ant.

"I know." She drooped her eyes, and her thick long eyelashes cast a sad shadow under the white
eyelids, "If I were really pregnant, would you dislike this child?"

Love me love my dog. Hate me hate my dog. He hated her, so maybe he also hated her child.

Qin Yichen's face muscle trembled. He was speechless with anger. "Mo Qinyu, if you dare to slander
his father in front of the child, I will block your mouth and not allowed you to speak for nine months."

She shivered and panicked!

Was that slander?

"I...I'm going to sleep for a while."

She stopped talking and chose to pretend to be ‘dead’.

Qin Yichen lied next to her, and his dark eyes were staring at her flat abdomen, as if he wanted to have
X-ray vision to see if there were seeds sprouting in it.

She was a little scared because of his stare, so she closed her eyes quickly.

If you couldn't see it, you wouldn't be afraid.

The next day, the doctor Qin Yiman appointed came.

She first gave Mo Qinyu a pregnancy test stick and asked her to have a pregnancy test.

Mo Qinyu entered the bathroom.

She was so nervous that the small pregnancy test stick in her hand seemed to weigh a thousand tons.
Her hands were shaking when she held it.

She had no idea whether she wanted to be pregnant or not, and there was no way to figure it out.

Following the steps, after finishing, she put the pregnancy test stick on the washing table, and then
closed her eyes.

She did not dare to see it. Her heart fluttered so fast that it almost burst out.

Time passed by second by second.

She counted silently in her heart, and after counting to 120, she opened her eyes.

There was only one red line on the pregnancy test stick.


She was not pregnant!

All her tensions, anxieties and contradictions disappeared in an instant, leaving only disappointment,
which was irresistible and indescribable. It was like riding a roller coaster and rushing from the clouds
to the bottom of the valley.

This feeling gave her an unbelievable clarity.

There was hope, there would be disappointment.

In fact, she wanted to get pregnant, have a child, a child belonged to her and Qin Yishen.

Qin Yichen was waiting outside the bathroom.

His handsome face was tight, pacing back and forth in the corridor, eager to know the result.

"Young master, don't be nervous, young lady is just having a pregnancy test, not giving birth to a baby."
Said the servant.

Qin Yichen kicked his ass, "Which eye of you saw me nervous, go away!"

The servant ran away in fright.

Young master was really duplicitous. He was sweating on his forehead, but said he was not nervous.

Mo Qinyu sat on the stool for a long time before she stood up. Her legs were soft and her viscera were
twisted together.

Seeing the door open, Qin Yichen rushed over. "Let me see it."

She lowered her eyes, like a child who made a huge mistake, waiting for the punishment of her
parents, "I'm sorry..."

Qin Yichen took a look at the pregnancy test stick, and his heart jerked violently. It was like a ladle of
ice water poured from the top of his head, drenched him completely.

He was surrounded by a sense of frustration.

"I knew you didn't have such good luck." With a snort, he turned around and walked away, leaving a
grumpy and gloomy breath in the corridor. He didn't know whether he was angry with himself or with
Mo Qinyu.

Mo Qinyu bit her lower lip, and her chest was as painful as brew storms on rivers and seas.

The doctor came over, took her to the room, did some simple tests, and then went downstairs.

"Mrs. Qin is not pregnant. I'm afraid it's difficult for her to get pregnant with such a physique." She
paused and said, "I'll prescribe some medicine for her to take on time every day. After this month's
period, I'll do a detailed examination for her."

She spoke clearly, lest anyone else in the hall could not hear her.

Mo Qinyu felt a thunderbolt hit her hard on the top of her head.

She was not pregnancy has already given her a heavy blow. She didn't expect herself to have infertility!

Couldn't she have any children in the future?

Couldn't she be a mother?

Qin Yiman and Mo Mengshan glanced at each other, and there was a strange smile on their faces.

"My God, Yichen, your wife is not only cheap, but also unable to get pregnant. What should you do?
Having no heir is the gravest of the three cardinal offences against filial piety. You should hold a family
meeting to divorce her and marry Mengshan. Maybe the child in Mengshan's stomach is your only

"Enough, Jinshan, cold womb is not a big problem at all. Six out of ten women will have it. Just take
good care of it. Besides, with the development of medicine, even if she can get pregnant naturally, they
can have test tube babies at least. It's no big deal." Said Sima Yuer.

"Test tube babies are not so easy to conceive, little mother. I remember you did it four times before you
succeeded." Qin Yiman pouted her mouth.

Sima Yuer's mouth twitched. "I had a miscarriage. It's different from Qinyu."

Qin Yiman seemed to have been inspired by her, and she covered her mouth in fear. "Wouldn't Qinyu
has many miscarriages before?"

"I don't know if my sister has miscarriages, but it's normal for a girl to have a boyfriend before and
accidentally have some." Mo Mengshan added.

Qin Yichen's face was expressionless, like wearing an ice sculpture mask. Only a pair of eyes were
gloomy and terrible, with bloodthirsty gloominess, as if he could set off a bloodbath at any time.