Love in full bloom

Chapter 125: You Dare To Frame Me

Mo Qinyu's fingers tightened, and they words like a bit of salt which was spread on her wound, then
stabbed her severely.

"I haven't had an abortion or a pregnancy. People with dirty hearts, they will think that everyone is

Qin Yiman snorted, "It's hard to discuss such a thing, no woman will admit it to her current husband."

"Sister, since you know it so well, did you have an abortion before?"

The corner of Qin Yiman's mouth twitched fiercely, and she jumped up from the sofa, "Mo Qinyu, how
dare you to frame me?"

"You did this to me before." Mo Qinyu sneered, and she would never let Qin Yiman bully her any more.

Qin Yiman was desperate, and even her hair was smoking. She really wanted to treat Mo Qinyu as a
foul cockroach, stepped on it into a slag, and swept into a trash can with a sweep and she won't appear

"You hen that can't lay eggs, what qualifications you have to stand here" Quickly pack up your luggage
and roll back to your home, don't jeopardize us and the Qin family again."

Her voice didn't fall, and Qin Yichen's cold voice came over, "It's you who should get out!"

This was a sap that struck her head fiercely, making her head hum. "Yichen, I'm helping you, don't be

"My business is not up to you." There was an extremely cold light in his deep black ice eyes.

After he said that, he raised his hand and hugged Mo Qinyu's shoulder. "This woman will sit in the
position of my wife, whether or not she can have a child, and the others, please don't waste your time."

This seems to be heard by many people present.

Mo Qinyu's heart trembled, she didn't know why Qin Yichen said so.

A woman can’t have children, it ’s like being sentenced to death. He should hate her more more than
before. Why was he still keeping her?

Could it be that the invincible super possessiveness of the universe was working?

For Mo Mengshan , these words were a volley, kicking her into the ice north of the sea, making her feel
cold, from the hair to the toes.

She screamed, shouted, and frantically in her heart, she could not be willing to be a mistress, nor could
she be bullied by Mo Qinyu.

From small to old, she pressed Mo Qinyu and bullied her.

She was a splendid and magnificent wife. Mo Qinyu was a rude and poor wild girl who did not deserve
to hold her shoes. What qualifications did she have to occupy her position?

Qin Yiman almost fainted. She really didn't understand what Qin Yichen thought. He obviously didn't
like Mo Qinyu, and he had to keep her staying with him all the time. Why would he do this?

Mrs. Qin knew her son very well. This marriage cannot be divorce casually with Mo Qinyu. It was
necessary to consider from a long-term perspective. She was too impulsive before and almost broke
the event and became a sinner of the Qin family.

So, she didn't say much, she just held up her daughter's hand, "Yichen doesn't like you to care about
his affairs, so don't mix it up and let him solve it by himself."

Qin Yiman was angry secretly, not for Qin Yichen, but for herself. If Mo Qinyu didn't leave away, her
crisis would not be relieved.

"Mom, she can't even have a child, don't you drive her away? Mo Mengshan has the eldest grandson
of the Qin family, the future heir, can he be born as an illegitimate child?"

"Things are a foregone conclusion, and it can't be easily reversed. She can only blame her that she
was going to flee, otherwise she wouldn't make it like that." Mrs. Qin shrugged.

Of course, she had to drive away Mo Qinyu, but it must be carefully planned to ensure that the
grandfather's will will not be activated.

For her, Mo Mengshan and Mo Qinyu were the same. They were born in an insatiable and poor family,
they were not matched for her noble son.

Although Mo Mengshan was better than Mo Qinyu in her behavior, her parents were too annoying, and
they were a typical racist.

It was impossible for her to marry in-laws with such a person.

If she was willing to be a mistress, she can still accept it.

Mo Mengshan suffered a lot. She was trapped by Mo Qinyu, she's totally a bitch, otherwise how could
she escape marriage?

"Auntie, I was framed by the closest person. If it wasn't for her sending those terrible materials to me,
let me think that Yichen is a very ugly fat man, and he likes men, how can I escape?".

Mo Mengshan felt wronged, and lowed her head, "Born from the same mother, why slaughter each so
frightfully. And i'm so anxious that my relatives wanted to drive me away and replace me. What can I

Who's the person in her words, everyone can know it without thinking.

Mo Mengshan found the direction of attack again, she was staring fiercely at Mo Qinyu, "You are so
despicable and shameless. A hen who cannot lay eggs dares to frame her sister, the turtledove
occupies the magpie's nest, and occupying her brother-in-law. Is there any courtesy or shame for you?

Mo Qinyu was very calm and looked at them very calmly, "Food can be eaten indiscriminately, but don't
talk nonsense. If you want to prove that this is what I did, just show me the evidence, otherwise it is
framed. Then, This was originally my place, not Mo Mengshan's. At the beginning, at the grandfather's
grave, grandmother let us draw lots, whoever caught it would marry the Qin family. The first time I
caught it, she was not willing about that and said that I cheated. So we did it again, I caught it the
second time. I remembered that auntie was angry at the time, and then she ran to our house every day,
quarreled with grandma, quarreled with my parents, threatened us, and told me that if we don't let Mo
Mengshan marry in your family, she won't make us have a peaceful life, and my grandmother was ill
because of this matter. My dad was worried about grandma's illness and could only agree. "

Mo Mengshan twitched a muscle violently on her face, which was just like a slap.

The thing she hated most was this thing, but damned Mo Qinyu had such a good memory.

But she won't admit it, she won't.

"Qinyu, how can you lie? We have never drawn lots before. I am the eldest granddaughter and was
appointed by grandma at birth. At that time, you did not give birth."

She swallowed and said, "I know that you have been upset since you were a kid, hated me for being
born first, and desired the position of the lady of the Qin family, but this is not my fault, it is God ’s will.
We cannot violate God ’s arrangement, if our exchange is right, God will not give me a child of Yichen,
and you can not be able to have a child. "

Her tone was not sharp, maintaining her usual soft tone, but every word was inserted into the key of Mo
Qinyu's heart like a sharp sword.

Mo Qinyu took a deep breath and forced herself to stay calm.

If she was speechless at this moment, then slapped her own face, and everyone would think that she
was lying.

Even if God was treating Mo Mengshan well, even if she had the heart of Qin Yichen, she still had to
maintain her dignity as his wife, so that she can't let Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman continue to be so