Love in full bloom

Chapter 123 Draw carefully.

She looked at the drawing paper intently. No one noticed that the corner of Qin Yichen’s graceful mouth
slightly raised, forming a charming arc.

"Draw carefully." He sat on the sofa, picked up the whiskey on the coffee table, and slowly sipped it. It
seemed that his mood suddenly became good, and the irritability and impatience all disappeared.

Twenty minutes later, Mo Qinyu finally finished her painting.

The person in the picture was covered by a layer of sunlight. He looked like warm and gentle, and his
smile was with a bit of evil charm and a bit of unbridled.

"Mr. Evil, you look good when you smile. Can you often smile in the future?"

"No, you are unqualified to get my smile." He took up the drawing paper and went out with the previous

The moment he turned around, the corner of his mouth rose again, but his smile disappeared quickly,
so Mo Qinyu did not see it.

She didn't know where he was going to with the painting. Anyway, that picture was about him. He could
use the painting to do anything he wanted.

When he came back, Mo Qinyu was gorging food which was on the coffee table and she was starving.

"Little girl." He reached over and rubbed her head. "In the future, you must keep a distance from Ru
Chen. If you dare to treat him as Shi Cong, then you will be locked in the small black room and you
never want to come out."

After hearing this, she almost choked up. "Do you so easily believe others? Ru Chen is my brother-in-
law. He is nothing like Shi Cong. I won’t treat him as Shi Cong. Most importantly, he now is my brother

who is going to support me. I cannot keep distance from him unless everyone in this family is quiet and
kind and no one dares to bully me, because I can’t just wait and didn’t do anything and just wait for
others to bully me. "

She said straightforwardly, simply, and rudely.

Qin Yichen was speechless, "Why does he support you? You don’t have any relationship with him."

"No. We had sworn in Guan Gong Temple. We became sworn brother and sister. Now, he is my brother
and I am his sister." She said earnestly.

Ru Chen was really clever, and he came up with that idea, and then Qin Yichen couldn't be suspicious.

But Qin Yichen was not so fool.

He was a little angry, "Stupid woman, are you challenging me?"

"I don't dare. I just want to make my life a little better. I will die if I am locked in the small black house,
and I will die without any supporting." She shrugged her shoulders, and she said slowly and what she
said was almost provocative.

Qin Yichen pinched her chin and forced her to face his eyes, "Your supporting should be me!" He said
clearly and forcefully.

There was a beautiful and sad smile on her face, "My life is as cheap as grass in your eyes and it is
worthless. Do you care?"

He seemed to be a little pity for her, and was speechless, "You really have self-knowledge."

"Of course. I never believed that I had a chance with you. How could I not know anything about
myself?" Her voice was very low, and it seemed a faint cold wind could blow away her words and turn

her into dust.

Qin Yichen’s taper fingers slowly moved up and touched her cheek. His movements were very light,
like feathers moving.

"Mo Qinyu, I won't let you die. You will be my puppet forever."

What he said was more like a threat than a consolation. She shivered, and she hurried to drink soup.

Maybe she drank too fast, and she felt something unsettling in her stomach, and she wanted to spit
acid saliva. She hurriedly covered her mouth and ran to the bathroom.


When he heard her vomiting, Qin Yichen frowned.

She was not good yet!

When Mo Qinyu came out, her face was pale and she felt a sense of collapse. Her stomach was so
uncomfortable, and she thought she really ate something bad.

Qin Yichen hugged her up and put her on the bed. "Why aren’t you good yet?" He was agitated and
anxious and he didn't like to see her sickness.

"It needs time. I was almost good. I was so hungry just now and I ate too quickly, so I was a little
uncomfortable." She rubbed her belly.

"Lie on the bed obediently. Don’t run around today." He issued an order aggressively, and then he went

He came downstairs, and he asked Aunt Mei, "Aunt Mei, is there any soup that is better for stomach?"

"Is Mr. Qin sick?" Aunt Mei quickly asked.

"It's Mo Qinyu. She ate bayberry yesterday and she had a stomachache and she vomited several
times." Qin Yichen said lightly.

"Vomit?" Aunt Mei muttered to herself for a while, and then she had a smile on her face, "Mr. Qin, has
Mrs. Qin had her period this month?"

"No." Qin YIchen replied without hesitation. He had sex with her almost every day, and if she had the
menstrual period, he must know.

"It is very likely that she is pregnant. Not a stomachache" Aunt Mei laughed.

"Be Pregnant?" Qin Yichen shook violently, and an indescribable emotion bursted out from his heart
instantly. He couldn't figure out what it was like, but it wasn't bad anyway.

But in the corner of the hall, someone's heart was about to break.

Was Mo Qinyu pregnant?

Oh my god, why at this time?

If she was pregnant, her child would be worthless.

She must discuss with Qin Yiman. She must not let Mo Qinyu get pregnant. If Mo Qinyu really got
pregnant, she would let Mo Qinyu’s child die. Mo Qinyu’s child couldn’t live a month!

Auntie Mei was about to call the doctor. Qin Yiman walked over quickly. "My gynecologist is very good.
She can combine the traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. I called her and asked her to
come and see Mo Qinyu."

After she said to Aunt Mei, she snatched the phone, and she spoke a few words, then hung up.

"I have an appointment with her. She will come tomorrow."

When Qin Yichen returned to the room, Mo Qinyu was sleepy and was about to fall asleep.

His hand gently touched her still flat belly.

Would there be a child in it?

Finally, there was something in this woman's body that belonged to him.

There were countless complex and elusive feelings in his heart. These feelings were fierce like waves
were rolling.

Mo Qinyu opened her eyes when he touched her.

"My stomach is much better and I won't feel bad." She said carefully.

"Stupid woman, you may be pregnant." His voice was low, but like a hurricane which set off a stormy in
her heart and made her astonished.

"Pregnant? No, no, this is impossible!" She was so shocked and she couldn't believe it.

How could she be pregnant? She didn’t have such "good" luck.

"We don’t take any precautions. Isn't it normal for you to be pregnant?" He was slightly unpleasant,
because she didn't have any joy, but as if she was going through a catastrophe.

Was it a torture to give him a child?