Love in full bloom

Chapter 116: Knock Me out, Please

Qin Yichen heard that pregnancy will change a woman's spleen. So for the sake of that night, he
forgave her, "I need to find A Zhu for something."

He left without hesitation and went to find Mo Qinyu directly.

In the hall, this woman deliberately ran away, which made him upset.

Seeing him coming in, Qin Chuxia pouted her mouth. "Brother, are you in love with sister-in-law's

Qin Yichen glanced at Mo Qinyu lazily.

When did he like this woman?


Only disgust, incomparable disgust!

As for Mo Mengshan, what he liked was her that night, not her now.

Now she is just like the commonplace women around him, like the poor and begging dog.

But they spent one night together, he was willing to give her another chance to change.

"Don't worry about adults, little girl." He gently pinched her little face.

"I'm afraid that if you don't love my sister-in-law, she will divorce you and become someone else's
sister-in-law." The little lori said seriously with her head askew.

"She cannot do that." Qin Yichen frowned slightly and showed a hint of contempt.

He was determined that Mo Qinyu could not escape from him.

Mo Qinyu was playing the building blocks attentively, as if not listening to him, but her mind was full of

Qin Yichen must want one wife and one concubine like his father-in-law, and two wives served one
husband. But she and Mo Mengshan couldn't coexist.

Mo Mengshan would not be willing to be a concubine, but would like to be a superior. It was hard for
her not to make waves.

And what she wanted was a couple for life.

The best solution was her departure.

"In fact, if I leave, you and Mo Mengshan can get married. It will be perfect. A happy ending."

Qin Yichen's eyes was dyed with a little red color, "Women who make no attempt to make progress
should be eliminated."

"Then you can eliminate me. I don't worry about getting married. If I leave you, I will always find
someone who really loves me." Her voice was slow and unconcerned. It seemed to her that he was just
a dispensable existence.

He twisted his handsome eyebrows into a straight line, grabbed her arm, lifted her from the mat, "Back
to the room."

She didn't struggle. She didn't want the little girl to think they were fighting.

"Xiaoxia, I'll play with you later."

"Are you going to play games?" Qin Chuxia asked.

"We are going to talk about life." Mo Qinyu chuckled awkwardly.

Back in the room, Qin Yichen kicked the door and threw her on the sofa.

"Mo Qinyu, are you always thinking about finding another man?"

"If we are going to divorce anyway, there's nothing wrong with taking precautions." She shrugged her
shoulders in a light tone, like a night wind breaking through a window.

"Are you so eager to get divorced?" The blue veins on his forehead rolled up, and the corners of his
mouth were tight. He was biting his teeth, and her words angered him and made him upset.

She raised her head and looked at him, with a kind of courage that was not afraid of death and
challenge. "What Mo Mengshan wanted was the position of legal wife, and what I wanted was a single-
minded husband. We could not coexist peacefully."

"A single-minded husband?" He sneered, full of endless satire. "Are you worthy of that?"

"For you, I'm not, so the end must be my leaving." Without hesitation, she replied directly and simply.

In his heart, there was a nerve twitching, as if it was stabbed by something, "How do you know that?"

She was slightly shocked. She never thought there was a second possibility. There would never be a
second possibility either. "Will you let Mo Mengshan leave?"

"It depends on your ability."

She didn't have the ability. They even had child. What else could she do?

"If you think it through and want a divorce, you can tell me at any time. What I want is still the condition
that was brought up last time. As long as you agree, I'll sign it immediately."

She said it directly and simply, without hesitation or nostalgia.

Qin Yichen's anger was more and more intense, and his fury was higher and higher. A trace of violence
crossed his face. He raised his fist and smashed it into the tea table angrily.

There was a sharp crack in the tea table glass, and a huge snowflake pattern spread.

She shivered with fear and curled up in the corner of the sofa. She didn't understand why he was angry
again. Every word she said was clearly in his favor.

She wouldn't pester him or depend on him. Wasn't that enough?

His eyes became extremely sinister, and his whole face seemed to be burning with anger. "You can
pray, before you die, I will spare you."

Every word was splintered and spat out through the teeth.

Then he went out in a rage.

He slammed the door with a lot of force. The whole house seemed to be shaking with a bang, like an
earthquake with a magnitude of 12.

She felt as if she were a clay figurine, shattered into pieces, and could not be repaired again.

Qin Yichen stormed into the gym and smashed the five sandbags into pieces, but they were not
enough to vent his anger.

This woman never took him seriously. She was really wild and hard to be tamed.

He didn't believe he couldn't conquer her.

One day, he would make her crawl under his feet like dogs, kneel, lick and beg him!

This night, it was a full moon.

After watching TV for a while, Mo Qinyu went for a walk in the garden. Unexpectedly, she came across
Mo Mengshan.

"Qinyu, can you tell me honestly, have you never planned to divorce? You just want to stir everyone up,
plead for you and drive me out?"

Mo Qinyu snorted and thought it was funny, "Mo Mengshan, you can't wait to marry him, can you?"

Mo Mengshan's unchanging, camouflaged and kind face had the color of shame and annoyance.
There was no one else here. She didn't want to pretend.

"It's me who should marry him. If you didn't play tricks and scare me with false information, I wouldn't
have escaped the marriage at all."

Mo Qinyu was shocked and suddenly realized that she was a scapegoat. "Do you think I sent you the
information? I had a special trip to Jin city in my spare time and expressed it to you? If I really want to
be a rich lady, I won't let you be even though your mother made a big scene."

Mo Mengshan didn't believe her words at all. She was full of hatred. "Of course, you won't admit it. If
you confess, you will be driven out by the Qin family."

"A clean hand wants no washing. You can't threaten me. One more thing, you'd better make it clear
that I'm not the one who refuses to divorce. It is Qin Yichen. I signed the agreement and moved out.
Qin Yichen tore the agreement and forced me to come back."

She hit the nail on the head. Every word of her was like a bullet hitting the weakness of Mo Mengshan.

She did see Qin Yichen tear up the agreement with her own eyes.

Why did he do it?

Was he still reluctant to let Mo Qinyu go?

"Yichen loves me. He said that he doesn't love you, only me. He must be under the pressure of his
family, so he didn't divorce you."

She couldn't let Mo Qinyu be complacent. She needed to hit her hard to ensure that she has been