Love in full bloom

Chapter 122: Get Into The Trap Obediently

Mo Qinyu's heart seemed to be pierced by a needle, and she was running through severe spasms.
"Don't expect me to be your puppet peacefully. If you have to let me sit in this position, don't expect to
have other women. I won't make Mo Mengshan and your other women have a better live."

He leaned slightly, two cold chills shot out of his eyes, "If you have the ability, you can try."

He had a vicious, deep and meaningful tone, which she could not discern, if it was an encouragement
or a threat.

However, it was likely that the latter. Mo Mengshan and the women were his treasure. If she made
them suffer any loss, she would be punished by him.

Unless he got tired and wanted her to clean up the mess.

"You said, if Mo Mengshan knew she couldn't take the place, would she cry?"

His deep black ice eyes flickered in the sunlight, passing a trace of sneering, "Your family name is Mo,
you are too far away from her, if you can have one tenth of her, I will be very happy. "

This resembled a slap her fragile self-esteem. "If you think she's good, you can leave me and marry
her." She said with anger.

He pinched the tip of her chin, and the burning anger ran down her face like a fire. "The more you want
it, the more I won't let you do it."

"Then I don't want to divorce, I want to be your puppet wife." She immediately changed her tone, like a
disguised provocation.

There was a hint of gloomy feeling on his handsome face, but instead of being angry, he slyly put away
the dissatisfaction, put a big hand on her head, and rubbed it. . "Good, this is what you should say."

Mo Qinyu stunned, she did not expect that the style of painting would become so fast. He must be
trapping her, and she obediently entered it.

Although she was smart, she was still inferior when she was in front of him.

"I'm hungry, let's eat together."

She stood up and tried to run away. But She was violently dragged back. He hadn't checked the
important part yet, she can't try to run away.

However, when he was thinking that her stomach was still not good, he presses the call button and
asked the servant to get the meal ready.

He must get her back in good shape to serve him vigorously.

"Do you have anything else?" She murmured, grabbed the pillow on the sofa and hugged it tightly, like
holding a shield.

He walked to the bar, poured a glass of whiskey, and added a few pieces of ice, shaking it, before
slowly opening his lips, "Ru Chen really looks like Shi Cong?"

She knew that he would still ask this key point.

"At first glance, it is a little bit, but it doesn't look like when you take a closer look. Mo Mengshan has
only seen him twice before. Of course, she will feel like that they are the same. I can imagine what
Acong looks like with my eyes closed. I think that they look like nothing similar at all. "

Her serious explanation, but Qin Yichen's face was getting more and more gloomy, his chest agitated
quickly, as if trying to suppress some emotion that was about to get out of control.

"Do you know what I look like with your eyes closed?"

She froze slightly, didn't understand what he meant, but nodded subconsciously, "Yes."

A little light flashed in his dark eyes, "Then draw me in your head."


She shook fiercely, surprised and confused. She really didn't understand what was going on in Shura
Demon's mind.

Was this a disguised punishment?

He frowned impatiently, twisted up the drawing board, and threw it to her, "Let you draw, just draw it,
don't make so much nonsense."

He liked obedient woman, and hated her like a hedgehog with a skeletal body.

She was helpless, knowing that if she did not obey the order, she was afraid she would not even have
food to eat, so she could only sit up and started to paint.

"Don't look at me, draw by memory."

He added, turned around and went to the balcony with his back to her, as if he had deliberately kept
her from seeing him.

She stuck her tongue towards his back.

She could draw him with her eyes closed, and she didn't need to see his face.

The room became extremely quiet, only the slight rustle of the paintbrush, shaking the air slightly.

Mo Qinyu quickly painted.

"Master, your portrait, please come and review."

Qin Yichen's graceful corner of his mouth evoked a slight arc, and her painting skills were still relatively
good, faster than he thought.

He walked back and glanced at the drawing board.

The sketch on the white paper looked like him, but he frowned and looked fierce.

"Why am I frowning?" His handsome brows frowned a little, but he was irritated by the one in the
picture and immediately loosened.

"Don't you want me to draw you in my head? This is how you look in my head."

Her frank tone sounded ironic in Qin Yichen's thought.

A nerve in his heart seemed to be hit, and he twitched for a while.

"Redraw, draw a smile on my face."

She shrugged, embarrassed, "I haven't seen you smile, can you show me a smile?"

He seemed to be angered, and flicked her forehead. "Imagine it!"

A woman like her, who was addicted to money and lies, was not qualified to get a good attitude, let
alone a smile.

She wanted to see him laugh, only in dreams or imagination.

Mo Qinyu's gaze moved to the drawing paper. In fact, she saw Qin Yichen's smile once, just in this

It was his first time that he really smiled at her.

His smile was like a snowdrop blooming on the iceberg, she was so dazzling that she couldn't open her
eyes. It was extremely short, and a breeze blew through, taking away all traces, as if it had never

She picked up the paintbrush and slowly drew it.

This time, she drew slowly.

Qin Yichen's patience was eroded little by little.

Was this woman lacking in imagination?

Imagine him laughing, was it so difficult?

He looked at his watch, the pointer slowly crawling forward like a snail.

At this moment, the door opened, and the maid came in with the freshly cooked meal.

"Put it aside." He frantically ordered, if this stupid woman not to finish painting, she can't eat it.

Mo Qinyu painted very carefully, because she liked to think his smiles in her mind, she wanted to draw
all the beautiful charm of him.

Qin Yichen couldn't help but walked in angrily, "Stupid woman, it's so difficult to draw my smile? Did you
only draw fifteen minutes just now?" Half an hour had passed now, and no painting was finished yet.

Mo Qinyu did not look up at him, her eyes stayed in her paintings.

His expression at this moment must be fierce, and she can't ruin the beautiful scene in her mind.

"When you are angry, your ferocious face is particularly scary. I don't want to keep the picture more in
my mid, so I draw quickly. But when you laugh, the picture is very gentle and beautiful. I want to keep in
my mind longer." She explained slowly.